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中環價值一 郵政總局 central value - general post office






好端端一幢老實的公共服務建築,為何要殘害?更惹人擔心的是如此美好的空間 — 從前這裡臨海,扣連兩旁 :向西有統一碼頭和卜公碼頭,東面是大會堂停車場、大會堂,它們前面有天星碼頭和皇后碼頭 - 拆了郵局,那旁邊的停車場應該會牽連,那大會堂呢?真的不敢想下去。

several years ago, renowned taiwanese cultural critic lung ying-tai brought up the term and discussion of “central value” when she was at residency in the city. 749 more words

Hong Kong 香港

Ireland: Part 3

On our third day, it was time to road trip across Ireland. We were going to go due west to County Galway and County Clare. 792 more words


Stones of Mumbai

Soiled clothes are discarded against the ornate iron railings of the impressive General Post Office
Wrought corkscrews, cast finials and gilded leaves
A septic wound slides from beneath a vest as its torso flexes in pain… 205 more words


The Easter Rising - Video Essay

Welcome, one and all! Please learn about an event that was caused by building tension between Ireland and Great Britain, and has affected the independence of Ireland!


#OTD in 1916 – Pádraig Pearse wrote an entry into a manifesto on this date.

‘I desire now, lest I may not have an opportunity later, to pay homage to the gallantry of the soldiers of Irish Freedom who have during the past four days been writing with fire and steel the most glorious chapter in the later history of Ireland. 89 more words

Irish History

Ireland - Dublin and Newgrange

Normally I prefer to get the ferry to Ireland, but as it’s winter I decide to get the plane. It’s a hassle, and sadly Aer Lingus is no longer much classier than Ryanair – but as we come in to land, the sun is setting and shafts of rose gold light stream down between the clouds and the mountains – oh, Ireland, how could I have left you for so long? 1,516 more words

United Kingdom & Ireland

Dar es Salaam's Watchman

Photo courtesy: mwanasimba — Wikimedia Commons

Askari monument, in the middle of a roundabout in Dar es Salaam, was a statue I passed every day on the way to the General Post Office. 91 more words

East Africa