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5 things people should/shouldn't do on a Sunday


A Sunday is a day given by the world dedicated to sleep. You maybe hungover?(very likely) you may just be tired (you have every right to be) or you may but want to ignore everyone outside your room. 213 more words

What do I write?

omg first post, here goes 

Sooo I have never blogged before, and tbh I thought it would be a lot less confusing than this… Does that make me really stupid ? 119 more words

Rush Calls It Quits

A word from Alex Lifeson

Rush Is Over: ‘We Have No Plans to Tour or Record Anymore. We’re Basically Done’

The band closest to my soul for 40+ years now, and whose music has helped me through countless rough periods in my life, is dead. 14 more words

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A Tribute To Mr. Christer Karjalainen

This post is to express my sincere thanks to a close compadre, Mr. Christer Karjalainen.

I really knew next to jack taco about mixing studio sound until I was lucky enough to meet this master engineer online, one fine day. 620 more words

General Posts

My First Post

So following months of actually having this blog, I’ve decided to stop putting it off and finally use it. My thoughts, advice and ideas surrounding veganism are scattered across my social media and I have been encouraged by my boyfriend, my friends and my family to make a blog and keep it all in one place. 453 more words


What would you do?

Crack your brain time!!

Imagine your Mum left your dad when you were just 8months old because he had no money. Your dad remarried a lady because he needed someone who will take care of you. 128 more words