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Day 13, RPGaDay 2020: Rest

While I despise the rest rules in Dungeons & Dragons that allow characters to power through a major, life-threatening fight and slough off the damage with a wee nap, the concept of giving the players a break in the action is a well-advised one. 335 more words

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Day 11, RPGaDay (late): Stack

Well, that’s another day I missed trying to push out RPGaDay posts. Which brings me to the prompt: Stack.

One thing you can count on is life not stopping. 233 more words

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Found on the Housatonic: One Spiffy Landing Net

Someone lost a landing net on the upper Housatonic, and I have it. It’s a nice net, but it’s been in the water for sometime (it was mostly submerged). 22 more words

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Can you stop, 2020?!

I know I’ve been ranting here a lot recently, mostly about my health, and I’m afraid this is going to be just another ranty post. One day I’m going to write about knitting, I promise! 628 more words


It wasn't quite Wembley, but...

I was never sure about the Premier League or the Championship restarting again with the world the way as it is.

Even in the advantageous position Fulham were in, with a great shout of going up. 1,086 more words

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Don't belittle hope

(Geek Alert) While most of the recent additions to the Star Wars cinematic universe have been utterly awful – and by “recent” I mean anything after 1983 – the release of Rogue One was a welcome change from the Jar Jar Binks/Snope/your-mother jokes that have made the rest of them nearly unwatchable. 878 more words

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Day 5, RPGaDay 2020: Tribute

Today’s prompt is an interesting one. Let’s start with a definition for Tribute:

1a: something given or contributed voluntarily as due or deserved… 926 more words

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