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Podcasts and Kickstarters

Hello all! It’s been a while since my last update. I’ve been busy working on a new project this summer, and if all goes well, that should be available online soon. 222 more words

General Ramblings

Farmington and Housatonic River Conditions: Got them late summer, low-water blues

Despite yesterday’s storm showers, the northern part of the state is officially in a stage 2 drought. You don’t need me to tell you that — one look at the brown, desiccated patches (formerly known as lawns) in your neighborhood is the signature. 320 more words

Steve Culton

Low Impact Check-in

I write a lot about the problems of what I will refer to as “social sustainability” – rather the conversations that surround sustainability, green living, zero-waste and all that it entails. 688 more words


56 Times Actors Appeared in Music Videos

Originally I had each video listed below with an embedded YouTube player but I felt like it was getting a bit out of hand (it started out as a list of 20 videos!) and I think I’m probably going to be adding to this in due time rather than making a second one should I ever feel the need. 3,478 more words

General Ramblings

Day 13, RPGaDay 2020: Rest

While I despise the rest rules in Dungeons & Dragons that allow characters to power through a major, life-threatening fight and slough off the damage with a wee nap, the concept of giving the players a break in the action is a well-advised one. 335 more words

Roleplaying Games

Day 11, RPGaDay (late): Stack

Well, that’s another day I missed trying to push out RPGaDay posts. Which brings me to the prompt: Stack.

One thing you can count on is life not stopping. 233 more words

Roleplaying Games

Found on the Housatonic: One Spiffy Landing Net

Someone lost a landing net on the upper Housatonic, and I have it. It’s a nice net, but it’s been in the water for sometime (it was mostly submerged). 22 more words

Steve Culton