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Weirder, and weirder, and weirder still...

So the dream thing is pretty much taking on a life of its own…

Two nights ago, I had a dream about visiting a shrine to a religion that was far more akin to a cult than anything. 676 more words


YouTube made me install Adblock

What’s that? You think I don’t like viewing video ads? I actually don’t mind. Some of them are quite intriguing. But I do mind when I get to view the same goddamn ad several times in a row. 98 more words


Fingal Film Festival 2016 Open for Submissions

As the dust settles on the 2015 event the dedicated team at Fingal Film Festival announces the opening of their 2016 submissions. The end of this year sees the beginning of the submission process for the fifth instalment of Fingal Film Festival’s annual event, which will take place in the month of September 2016. 286 more words

Stuff To Do

More mod it Monday

Cash and Guns is a pure party game. It was out of print for a long time and the new version is a fine game. However we can make it better… 392 more words

I know what he asks of me...

He has convicted me, I can think of nothing else. This multitude of events that have happened were no accident. He brought me to him in the most wonderful way, the perfect way, his way. 144 more words

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Amazing Fragrance

Yesterday, violent storms rolled in off the gulf of Mexico. One bad little swirling-tornado-ish cloud rolled over us requiring a brief stay in the closet. When we finally came out of the closet, it wasn’t a long stay, we were blessed to find our little slice of heaven had been spared any damage. 434 more words

General Rants

Open letter to Charlie Sheen

Dear Charlie Sheen, it is devastating that you have HIV and have chosen to come out with it years down the line. I am sorry that you felt suicidal and decided to go on a no-holds barred, white knuckle ride adrenaline rush bender that lasted for years, during which you probably snorted more white stuff up your nose than your dealer could provide….it is devastating that you have reportedly bedded 5000 women…It is equally galling that you have had to spend millions of your hard earned cash keeping your ‘friends’ quite. 122 more words

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