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One of the biggest complaints of my job is the amount of support I get.  I don’t feel like I am completely unsupported but I feel as though I don’t get adequate support, especially when it comes to little things that should be supported. 921 more words

General Rants

My Views on Current Events...and stuff.

I have a fair amount of “friends” on Facebook and such that are moms.  Most of them are normal moms that post photos of the fam and kids and all that.   1,500 more words

General Rants

Crying at the 'Barber - Pretentious moi?

Prepare yourself for one of the most pretentious sentences you will likely ever read. (Unless you’re holding a book by Will Self. ZING!)

I’m not saying I always cry when I listen to Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings, just most times. 708 more words


Those horrible youngsters and their young ways

Another little piece from the back catalogue, I never had the nerve to post. To avoid confusing family members, I should point out that I wrote this piece back in 2013. 691 more words


When I Am Old...overheard in a dressing room

The other day I went for lunch with an old friend who I hadn’t seen for some time. I ordered a large plate of pasta which came with a side of garlic bread. 614 more words

General Rants

Parallel Tracks

Wakes up at six!

Does the daily Chores!

Sends the Kids to School!

Finishes the Cleaning and Washing!

Waits for the family to come Home! 342 more words

I Let my Mind Wander!

I let my mind Wander.

It was surreal. With no Power and body aching after the long drive, it wasn’t the ideal way to start my New Year, until I came out. 431 more words

General Rants