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Doctor Days ... Uuuhhhhgggg

 I am not a fan of going to the DOCTOR.  It went well, but still, I had heart palapitations.  WHY??? I don’t know, but I just like to go to a doctor that actually believes what I am telling him.   378 more words

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Big Kids 1

My four year loves board games (it’s was destined) So does my eight year old. I could yammer on why that’s a positive but let’s cut to the chase here’s the three step plan… 610 more words

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Mikey is on his way home

So this broadcast is going to be interrupted today. Hehehehehehe

That is my cousin’s hubby there in the background … We KNOW how to pic Good’ens! 20 more words

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Rode hard and put up wet ...

This post should be renamed, Diary of a Whiney Fat Woman!

I’m draggin butt, like a horse that was rode hard and put up wet!! Lord Help me! 496 more words

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Is it wrong????????

That I love to dumpster dive?

Actually, if the truth be told, I don’t like to go into them or even dig through folks garbage sitting on the curb, but I LOVE being able to find trash that I can make into a treasure. 194 more words

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I RODE!!!!!  Yay!!

Fat Woman Riding! Try not to feel like you are being beaten to death by the polls! I was so excited that I was able to ride. 47 more words

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