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Friends with Benefits

“Mod it Monday”

Over the years I’ve come across a number of tweaks and mods for games that IMHO improve them quite a bit. These are usually decent games to start with but some clever folks have applied brain power and made them even better. 255 more words

General Rants

The Joy and Defeat of New Technology

I have a NEW phone. It is both a joy and a pain.

I LOVE that I do not have to wear glasses to read the small print … I can just enlarge it and not have to scroll back and forth like a typewritter to read something without specks. 283 more words

General Rants

Crap summary of the last 6 months

It’s been since months since I last posted, since I last read any of my previous posts as well… and to say the least, I cannot believe how friggen sad and lame I sounded. 807 more words

annnnd i'm back

I haven’t posted on my blog for what seems like a lifetime. I’ve been busy, like super DUPER busy. Sort of.

I think I last posted sometime around May, it’s now November. 254 more words

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Call of duty / duty of care

I remember as a child learning of IRA atrocities on the news, I was always ushered out the room or chose not to watch the broadcasts. 329 more words

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10 Theatre Superstitions for Friday the 13th

This Friday the 13th will you be spotted dodging black cats? Will you be caught hunting out a second magpie to pair with that first mischievous one that flies into your eyeline? 812 more words

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Waiting on a gray day

My parents are up from Jackson for a doctor visit. I am sitting at Kirckland Klinic listening to piano music and enjoying the downtown UAB view. 113 more words

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