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Guys - Let's Talk Dating Profile Photos

Long time no post!  My apologies.  I’ve been doing something or other that’s kept me busy, although if I really had to stop and think about it I might have to admit I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time watching episodes of Chopped.  772 more words


Getting more excuses than sales from your team? You might be the cause

I found this post by Ben Horowitz from Andressen Horowitz to be one of the best pieces of management advice I have seen in a number of years. 304 more words

General Rants

All This Came From Watching a Movie

So I just watched the movie The Inception Game, if you haven’t seen it… go watch it. It stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Kiera Knightly and it is surprisingly intrigueing. 882 more words


So I went to my first appointment at HeadSpace (An organisation for young people with health problems both mental and physical apparently), after a two weeks wait I was officially freaking out. 488 more words

When noodles attack

Let me begin by pointing out that I am the epitome of elegance and grace. *snort* If you’ve read my previous posts about some of my concussions, surely you will agree. 395 more words


I wrote the shittiest poem. It was voted so.

For those that knew about it, I wrote the shittiest poem of 2015, according to readers of ChiZine.com. I’m pretty excited about that, because I was up against my published boyfriend who is damned good at writing good stuff… 298 more words


Tirade # 1

I am really getting pissed with KDP. I have received a damn email TWICE stating that they “have noticed, in their review that material included in the book… 283 more words

General Rants