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Do you make the grade?

Firstly congrats on all those who received what they were expecting on their GCSE grades. So much work goes into this, I doth my cap to them. 394 more words

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Who's your boss?

Ah, retail.  I know it’s almost like beating a dead horse.  My job kinda sucks.

Okay, not really.  I really do like my job.  Have you ever heard that people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers?   934 more words

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It amazes me that the word riever is not in the spellcheck dictionary. while I know that it is a bit arcane, there is actually a college whose mascot is-gasp-a riever! 67 more words

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Same sh*t, different day

Same old shit on Facebook, honestly what did we do before social media? Stick our head in our hands and ignore the reality of what is really happening in our world? 81 more words

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An Author's Gripe

I remember reading an article where a “fan” of the fantasy genre stated that fantasy was getting too predictable. They complained about every fantasy novel or short story having the same plot devices such as prophecies, magic, a mission that the protagonist(s) had to perform, etc. 665 more words

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Close call..

Must be one of those days, driver of the car in front decided to keep his car clean and flicked his cigarette butt out of the window, which resulted in said item bouncing off the side of my open face crash helmet. 51 more words