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the Uss Enterprise B and the PBY Catalina

Today’s sketch is of the final design of the Enterprise B, The B came to be because of budgets reasons on the production and there was just not enough cash available to make a new ship and shooting miniature for Generations so the USS Excelsior model from previous films was recruited to be the B. 223 more words

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the 45th anniversary of Star trek, the original series

Holy smokes 45 years!!!!! Who ever would of thought that this little show would have spawned into what it has today!!!! The 12th movie is now in the works, we’ve enjoyed 5 television shows, and lots of cool merchandise, and out of geekdom bought lots n lots of bad merchandise. 306 more words

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and the winner is!!!!! astral avaline, Kendell clements's new name

WOOOOOOOOO-WEEEEEEE,,,, Thanks everyone for entering the “help name Kendell’s character” contest. This was a very fun event and there were so many awesome names submitted. Kendell spent quite a while looking at everything before making the final choice and in the end she combined to names from two different entries to come up with “Astral Avaline”. 126 more words


the wrath of comicon, 2011 part 3

Wow what a week!!! had our big garage sale, making the final pack for Wyoming, getting ready for the fair, and just started on Star Trek Monday morning, life is good but a bit blurry in the high speed lane, HAAAA anyways I’m takeing a coffee break and trying to get up as many con pics as I can this morning,,, there will be a part 4 if I don’t make it today.  122 more words


she needs a name!!!! It's the give Kendell a new name contest

Hi all, Several months back I posted  some pictures of Kendell in the pin up update section and since then we have done quit a few different themed shoots. 494 more words


2011 and the wrath of comicon, part 1

AHHHHH!!  I am finally home! Directly from the con, we spent a week packing for our first big, long drive to Wyoming to get our first load of stuff from CA to our new home.  1,017 more words


Why I'm Holding on for a Hero

It strikes me as I look at my massive DVD collection that I am abit of a nostalgia fan. I have DVDs of all types of programmes that I used to love when I was growing up. 979 more words

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