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The Magic of Reality

I used to think there was nothing more dull than reality.
There were times when I preferred my dreams at night to my waking life. 244 more words

General Spirituality

Mandala's teachings

I pierce a little hole into the perceived middle of the piece of paper.
Draw a circle, pierce another hole onto the circle’s outline and proceed with the same radius, punching a hole through the paper on each occurring intersection. 309 more words

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Yoga, day after day

There is an analogy that came to my mind to give an idea about the importance of daily practice to people that find it extreme, dogmatic or simply cannot imagine to fit it in their lives. 297 more words

General Spirituality

Touching trees

I sometimes get the feeling I want to touch the earth when I’m out.
It’s a childish manner that shouldn’t be hidden but nourished.

Go and touch a tree sometime. It’s worth it.

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What is that spiritual practice for?

Malicious tongues might say, we all turn to spirituality out of despair.
This is in fact true for a great number of people, including myself. 233 more words

General Spirituality

An Update to Ujjayi Breath

I originally had meant to post this weeks ago when I first recieved it from my Yogini, but life events came up and pushed posting this quite a bit.  1,034 more words

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