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Jewish vs. Christian Faiths

I wonder how much the difference between Jewish and Christian faiths–doctrine and practices–has to do with the fact that Christianity emerged quickly in a defensive environment. 344 more words

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Questions from a Comparative Religions Class

  1. What do you think of “ex cathedra” and are there any examples you don’t agree with?

“Ex cathedra” is Latin for “from the chair” and refers to doctrinal statements promulgated by the Pope as the Bishop of Rome. 2,312 more words

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What evidence proves there is only one God?

As usual, this is published a week after it premieres on my Tumblr (also titled The Ithildin Goddess), and includes some minor edits and additions. 361 more words

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Never Forget!

Firstly before I get into today’s post I want to you the reader to know that what I am about to say, although it may ruffle feathers or raise some hackles, this posting comes from a place of love, understanding and compassion towards all life. 486 more words

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Testation and Divine Plans

I’m not a big fan of the saying “the Gods are testing us”.
Mostly because I don’t think they really do.
I think the gods are wise enough to know that life in itself is test enough. 757 more words

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To do or not to do...

What has what you do to do with who you are?

In a society where time is money and actions speak louder than words, everything. 129 more words

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05.08.16 Sharing Christ’s Ministry 2 Corinthians 5:14-21 Sermon Summary

Thanks to evolution and revelation, we can see the world as a frog or as a Christian.

A frog can see only four things (from “Everything is Invented” in… 630 more words

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