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3D, 5D and Reiki.

Read a very good explanation of people, the planet, etc. moving from the 3rd dimension into the higher vibrational levels of 5th dimension and beyond this morning. 261 more words

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Three days of darkness?

Ok, I think this will be my last post of the day before heading out to test drive sports cars.

I had first read about three days of darkness in Drunvalo Melchizedek’s book ‘Flower of Life’.   603 more words

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Longest day of the year?

Heard on the radio this morning today (June 30, 2015) will literally be the longest day of the year.  Scientists are adding 1 second to the day to match up with the Earth’s rotation or some other crackpot “science” are spouting.   280 more words

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No mind control for Blacks or Indians.

Saw a cute movie over the weekend called Dope.  It was very smart, engaging and had several plot twists.  I really liked it. There were some good previews of a bunch of African American movies too.   340 more words

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Jurassic Park & the Raptors.

Saw Jurassic Park today and was looking forward to seeing what new clues were embedded in this new summer blockbuster. Thanks to Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, I knew to expect the raptors were going to align with the humans to save the day. 181 more words

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Random thought - quit the FEAR.

Watching some random videos on the Alcyon Pleiades website and it reminded me of something.

Those on the “dark” side literally feed off of people’s fear.   249 more words

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Confederate Flag Nonsense.

Current events these days revolve around a debate over the removal of the Confederate Flag after the shootings in Charleston, South Carolina.

The big picture behind this is what I am going to attempt to write about today and is what also plays into any belief structure, including the belief structure around money. 472 more words

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