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Materialism is a Prison

…another great line from a song playing on WEQX out of the beautiful Manchester, Vermont.  Love that town!  That and Bend, Oregon.  Loved it there.

Lights On by Big Grams

General Spirituality

11:10 & 1:11

Of course I look at the clock on my computer when a triple digit appears.  Then I pull my phone out of my back pocket while walking my dog at the exact moment of another triple digit.   391 more words

General Spirituality

Do Meth; Hail Satan

Words on kid’s Tshirt passing me on the street today.  I told him I liked it and his solemn quick pace slowed and a big smile lit up his face and he said, “thanks a lot!”  And the scene was kinda comical as he was a black wearing skater punk and I was all glammed out today with thigh high boots, even higher socks sticking out, mini denim skirt, tight black cashmere sweater and Jackie O glasses!   284 more words

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"My pain is self chosen..."

Wow – the words on songs I hear these days are so poignant and profound.  I listen to a fabulous station out of Manchester, Vermont called… 454 more words

General Spirituality

Stress and anxiety

I have officially decided to leave stress in the past.  Officially.

It dawned on me how I run around each and every day in a state of constant rushing.   1,199 more words

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Divine Partnership

I wrote about Chris before.  Vacillated over whether to see him again recently after about 5 years of distance.  I’ve known him for 18 years now.   1,958 more words

General Spirituality

for the girls out there...

I was having Chinese chicken salad without the chicken and a glass of chardonnay at Comforts in San Anselmo.   I went late afternoon to celebrate the fact U.S. 492 more words

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