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A Few Quick Thoughts On ANZAC Day:

For those of us here in Australia today is Anzac day, a day where we remember the horrors of war and the sacrifices of our ancestors that fought to retain the freedoms which we cherish. 1,012 more words

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The Year of Change

This year has turned out to be the year that everything changes, for everyone I suppose.  Elections and what not here in the United States.  For me however there have been plenty of personal life changes.  362 more words


Introducing Equanimity

Of course, we are all on the lookout for happiness. We tend to try and mask out the obstacles of our happiness. But it doesn’t always work that well, right? 397 more words

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Nuclear Option

I’ve long struggled with my weight issues. When I looked at the scale and saw “274 lbs” flash across the screen, I determined something had to be done. 826 more words

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Do not underestimate People.

Most of the time, most of us will face people that are not ourselves (okay, and even ourselves) with preconceptions. If it is a stranger: What are they wearing? 370 more words

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The Ego, and its role in ideology:


Human beings commonly associate their very identity and substance as a person with their beliefs about various issues. Such association constitutes a false conception of self (the ego – noting that we are using the Eastern conception of the term here), in contrast to the true self (the indwelling Spirit), which is eternal and independent of changing physical, mental and emotional states. 1,561 more words

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Why I don't only believe in the "Now"

One of my most redundant-sounding revelations shortly after my Kundalini experience was this: “I am everything I ever was and ever will be all at once!” 468 more words

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