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Labels are tricky creatures.

Used wrongly, they can be incredibly harmful. Used correctly, they have the ability to inform and helpfully categorize. In faith-based circles, labels are used to help serve as a spoken or written shorthand that summarizes what we believe much faster than a paragraph or a list. 914 more words

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On interpretations of Scripture: Why many religious conservatives and progressives misread ancient texts, and misunderstand religion in general:


The following is a (somewhat) condensed adaption of a recent add-on I wrote for my upcoming book “The Web Unwoven”, the last extra material I wanted to add prior to publication. 13,472 more words


Easter and Spirituality:

For quite some time I have been intending to write articles to deal with the origins and religious significance of Christmas and Easter. Every year like clockwork, out come the articles, videos and memes, some of which give a bad representation of half-truths claiming that Christmas and Easter are both pagan, and the others again giving half of the story in claiming that they are not. 1,403 more words


The wisdom of children:

On a lighter note to what I normally post on, I thought I would quickly explain something I have observed since being a parent. It seems to me that many adults have a somewhat backwards perspective on growing up. 876 more words

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Jewish vs. Christian Faiths

I wonder how much the difference between Jewish and Christian faiths–doctrine and practices–has to do with the fact that Christianity emerged quickly in a defensive environment. 344 more words

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Questions from a Comparative Religions Class

  1. What do you think of “ex cathedra” and are there any examples you don’t agree with?

“Ex cathedra” is Latin for “from the chair” and refers to doctrinal statements promulgated by the Pope as the Bishop of Rome. 2,312 more words

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What evidence proves there is only one God?

As usual, this is published a week after it premieres on my Tumblr (also titled The Ithildin Goddess), and includes some minor edits and additions. 361 more words

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