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Filtering traffic with vlan access list


Lab setup

  1. Linux 2 belongs to vlan 10. Linux 3 and 4 belong to vlan 20.
  2. Router is the dhcp server for vlan 10 and 20.
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no service config

It is very irritating to have this message

%Error opening tftp://

To disable this message use

131#conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z. 6 more words
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Private vlan



  1. Assign Linux2 in isolated vlan 200.
  2. Assign Linux 3 and 4 in community vlan 300.
  3. Assign e0/0 of Sw in promiscuous vlan 100.
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[cisco] dhcp snooping configuring example

The topology

Dhcp snooping is a technique to prevent rogue dhcp server from being used to allocate illegitimate ip addresses to client.

A rogue dhcp server can be used as a tool for unsuspected clients to obtain illegitimate ip addresses and routes its traffic towards the rogue dhcp server and hence a man-in-the-middle attack is established. 298 more words

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Servers could not obtain ip address from dhcp server after ip dhcp snooping is enabled.

The topology

In SW, ip dhcp snooping is enabled on vlan 999 which Linux-Lubuntu and Linux-Kali belong.


After ip dhcp snooping is enabled on SW, Linux-Lubuntu and Linux-Kali could not get ip address from dhcp. 68 more words


Wow, Wordpress Has Changed...

So I haven’t blogged since November. I’m kinda digging this new minimalist look.

Anyway, here are some pictures of a baby and a jasmine plant. Both of them belong to me. 60 more words


I can never quite get my timing right.

(I’d suggest listening to this whilst reading the post, it’s my mellow music. Dumfoundead really calms me down and gets my head in the right space to focus – or gets me in the mood to pretend I can rap and gets me slightly distracted because I use my pen as a mic and this caption has become was too long and awkward to stop. 753 more words

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