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I'm Back!

See? I told you I don’t do blogs. Here’s some of what I’ve been up to the past six months:

Fireball Run comes to the Mahopac Street Fair! 13 more words


Small office requirement

  1. Set up PaloAlto1 and 2 to be active passive HA.
  2. Set up SW5 and SW6 as HSRP routers, vlan 100 towards the external and vlan 10 towards the internal.
  3. 461 more words
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5 Movies You Should Bookmark For Later

Got another Friday listicle hot and fresh out the Crizzion Press.

I know you’ve probably got a list of movies on your proverbial “to-watch” list. We all do. 446 more words


Unedited Footage of a Bear

I haven’t posted in a week, because I haven’t felt posting in a week. Sue me.

To make up for it, here’s one of the best videos of all time containing some fascinating, informative footage of a bear. 36 more words

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My Most-Viewed Posts/1000 Visitors

Happy Friday! Today’s list-ticle is a little different, because as of last night, I reached 1000 unique visitors to my blog. 1000. Wow. More experienced bloggers and writers might chuckle at such a small number (I’d bet some of you are getting 1000 visitors a month), but it’s a HUGE milestone for ya boi, Chrissy B. 553 more words


Classless routing vs classful routing

Router routes traffic based on the longest prefix, and cannot find any match traffic will be dropped.

Classless routing

The routing that we normally understand is classless routing. 266 more words


Anyconnect VPN using local account

Network diagram

Configure inside and outside interface

ciscoasa(config)# int gi0/1
ciscoasa(config-if)# nameif outside
INFO: Security level for "outside" set to 0 by default.
ciscoasa(config-if)# ip address dhcp setroute
ciscoasa(config-if)# no shut
ciscoasa(config-if)# int gi0/0
ciscoasa(config-if)# nameif inside
INFO: Security level for "inside" set to 100 by default. 1,150 more words
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