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This will be a short post. Only because I’m so tired right now – I never normally wear my glasses first thing when I wake up but my eyes wouldn’t adjust. 120 more words

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This coming month for me holds a lot of change – and I don’t mean exceeding amounts of shrapnel from menial purchases. I won’t go into the finite details, but let’s just say new locations, new challenges and new people. 201 more words

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Testing on netconf with Python ncclient module

Cisco router
On the cisco router I need to enable ssh version 2, netconf will only run on sshv2.

Also I need to create an ACL to allow Netconf over ssh. 375 more words

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1am Thoughts

It’s 1am, and I’m struggling to sleep – Might be because of the 4-hour nap I had today. Or the fact my brain is whirling 100 thoughts per minute. 71 more words

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The 'Awkward' Train Flirting

I was going to post this last night as it was happening, but I held back temptation. I’ll explain.

So it’s 9.30, and I’ve boarded the train at South Kensington station after to going out for a dinner date and a chill walk. 621 more words

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Coffee Mornings 3

One more day here. Wish I could say I was excited to leave but I will miss this place.

One thing I am excited for is when I get to see my parents – … 7 more words

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Coffee Mornings 2

Very much drained today. I didn’t want to move from the pillow fort I had made last night.

Double espresso to indulge my bitter soul.


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