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I am in the process of writing up a post with some music tag questions and film ones too, I just have to actually write the answers down – … 214 more words

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[CISCO ACI] Inter tenant contract

The ACI configuration for inter tenant contract is complicated.

A contract provides two functions:

  1. Provide filter.
  2. Provide route leak.

A tenant is considered a VRF itself. 214 more words

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bigip snat automap

You created a forwarder virtual server for your servers behind the bigip appliance to access the internet, your server could not get a respond back. You troubleshoot the problem and found that: 162 more words

General Stuffs

Is bigip packet filter stateful or stateless?

Packet filter
I have allowed vmnet5 to http and dns to any destination, and drop all for the rest.

Nmap from client

Actually nmap could not determine whether port 80 is opened or closed because there is no response. 42 more words

General Stuffs

Upgrade bigip image in active/standby HA

Import the latest iso to both the active and standby bigip

Install latest iso on standby bigip

On command line:

config # tmsh
root@(bigip2)(cfg-sync In Sync)(Standby)(/Common)(tmos)# /sys software image…
237 more words

General Stuffs

bigip tcpdump

Capture inbound and outbound from an interface

config # tcpdump -nni 1.1

This command disables ip address and port resolution and from interface 1.1.

Capture inbound and outbound and filter by address and port… 425 more words


BIGIP virtual server status

Virtual server is enabled but is unavailable

Although the virtual server is enabled, is unavailable. This is because a pool member has reached its connection limit. 218 more words

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