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Hey everyone!

My apologies to those who were spammed with multiple versions of what was essentially the same thing. I’ve now set up Google Groups through which to contact you all (ty Kristin), since Google is displeased with me for contacting too many people at once. 153 more words

General Updates

Well This Is Awkward.

Or, The Epic Fails, They Just Don’t Stop

I think my car is screwing with me.

Yes, I know. Last time it was my Wii-Fit. Clearly I have paranoia issues when it comes to inanimate objects. 430 more words

General Updates

It's Not Always Pretty

When you don’t live in the city…

WARNING!!! This post contains graphic pictures that some sensitive people might find offensive!!!

My husband Bill and I have been living as full-time RVers for almost four months now. 974 more words

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The Show Must Go On!!! Wicked GT 2016 coming in March!

The Show Must Go On!!! Everybody that plays Warhammer knows full well about all that has happened over the last few months with Games Workshop and the state of the game that we all know and love so I won’t go into too much detail about all of that. 1,094 more words

General Updates

Being a Lazy Gamer

As many of you may know I am an avid PC gamer. A couple of years ago I used to go for the most immersive experience when playing games; such as using a keyboard and mouse, using surround sound and trying to set up a system with multiple screens for a better viewing angle etc. 487 more words

General Updates

For as long as I can remember, this is what i’ve wanted to do. If I couldn’t play basketball, being a musical artist was definitely next in line. 188 more words

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