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Draft Graphic Collage

Each Element

For my graphic collage, I wanted to make sure that each specific photo would describe a certain aspect of my life. Every place and item in this collage illustrates different hobbies and activities that show who I am and what is unique about me! 396 more words

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How could we not? Tribute has been with us as Festival Presenter from the get go. We honestly would not survive without them. Tribute, this is our starry-eyed love letter to you. 83 more words

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It’s no secret we love beer, but perhaps you didn’t know how much we love Nelson Brewing Company. They’ve been an integral member of the Nelson community since 1991… before a lot of our festival goers were born! 76 more words

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Here are some great images of sports teams from members of HMNZS IRIRANGI.  Thanks to Bill McLauchlan for the images.

RUGBY Team 1949

Back Row RR Packman (Coach), G Hayward, AH Hennessyt, RM MacDonald, GG Chapman. 84 more words

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Word Of The Day -Insolent

Insolent adj. Showing a rude or arrogant lack of respect. “The child’s insolent behavior was unacceptable.”

हिंदी में मतलब : ढीठ

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Programming Rant

This is something that I need to get off my chest and out into the open. This might be very opinionated and from someone that is still green in the field. 430 more words

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Erde Physics

While developing the engine it was becoming more and more apparent that I could not put off working on the physics engine. Seeing as many of the physics engines out there work for primitive objects and meshes rather than distance fields this was a little tricky to figure out. 383 more words

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