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"New Virus Breaks The Rules Of Infection"! No - no, it doesn't

I was prompted to this post by the breathless and much-hyped response to the discovery – the repeated discovery should I say; there was an earlier one that gets glossed over – of a multicomponent flavirus-like virus, this time in mosquitoes. 1,301 more words

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So: will smallpox come back to kill us, from the melting permafrost??

There has been a lot of tweeting today about how Smallpox Will Come Back From The Grave And Kill Us All: see here, here… 395 more words

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AIDS: 35 years old this month

I was alerted via Twitter this morning to the fact that the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly report that reported the first recognition of the syndrome we now know as AIDS, was published on 5th of June 1981.   294 more words

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Thabo Mbeki rides again. Let's knock him off his horse, then!

Sixteen years ago, two colleagues and I wrote a letter to Nature expressing our concern about our then-President Thabo Mbeki’s denialist views on HIV and AIDS – views he then tried to push into national policy, and which almost certainly were highly influential in delaying the rollout of ARVs in South Africa.   732 more words

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Your next DNA vaccine might come from tobacco

We don’t have much practice at this sort of thing, but seeing as we just got something REALLY cool published, and the man who largely made it possible is now a science writer, we decided to ask him to write a press release.   858 more words

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"Online 'recipes' for bird flu virus add to bioterrorism threat!" No. No, they don't.

The means of engineering potentially deadly avian influenza is freely available on the internet.

Despite continuing global efforts to contain avian influenza, or bird flu, the means of engineering this potentially deadly H5N1 virus to render it transmissible to humans is freely available on the internet.

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