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Tracing the bird flu outbreak in North American poultry flocks

(Reuters) – The United States is facing its worst outbreak on record of avian influenza as three deadly strains have hit North American poultry flocks since December, with the spread of infection picking…

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Viruses and Human Cancer: The Molecular Age

Hepatitis C virus

A suspicion that other viruses were involved in post-transfusion-(PTF) related hepatitis was first aired by Harvey J Alter and colleagues, after proof in 1972 that some PTF-related hepatitis cases… 1,437 more words

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Rinderpest and its eradication

Rinderpest virus infects cattle, buffalo and several species of antelope among other animals: it is a member of the genus Morbillivirus, family Paramyxoviridae, and is related to measles and mumps viruses in humans, distemper virus in dogs, and a variety of… 1,040 more words

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Maize streak virus: the early history

The history of maize streak virus research is generally taken as starting in 1901, with the publication of the

by “Claude Fuller, Entomologist”. However, in the Report… 720 more words

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Epstein-Barr Virus and Hepatitis B Virus

Epstein-Barr Virus

While the early discoveries of Ellerman and Bang and Rous might have predicted that retroviruses would be found associated with human cancers, in fact it was a herpesvirus that was the first viral agent implicated in a human cancer.  509 more words

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Papillomaviruses and human cancer

Human warts in all their forms – cutaneous, verrucous and genital growths and lesions – have been known since antiquity, and it was known since… 1,204 more words

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The Discovery of Filoviruses

The discovery of filoviruses: Marburg and Ebola

Marburg virus

In 1967, the world was introduced to a new virus: thirty-one people in Marburg and Frankfurt in Germany, and Belgrade in the then Yugoslavia, became infected in a linked outbreak with a novel haemorrhagic fever agent. 1,352 more words

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