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So, viruses: living or dead?

This question has come up in my life innumerable times in the last 40 years that I have been interested in viruses – and I find that debate on it often becomes theological in its intensity, with proponents muttering things like “They’re just intracellular parasitic molecules!”, or “Of course they’re alive – they evolve, don’t they?” 1,354 more words

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The tree of life should be a garden. With bushes.

Biologists like to talk of and depict, “the” tree of life. This is shown here as in most places, with a bacterial and an archaeal bifurcation coming off a LUCA base, and then another bifurcation of archaea into modern archaea and eukaryotes. 489 more words

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New header graphic: something old, something new; something borrowed - and something blue

That’s right: a new header graphic after lo, these many years.

Something old: Maize streak virus, in all its geminate glory, on the left. Picture taken by RG (Bob) Milne in Cape Town, 1978. 32 more words

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Emerging Infectious Diseases 20-year Timeline - Emerging Infectious Disease journal - CDC

Emerging Infectious Diseases 20-year Timeline

Sourced through Scoop.it from: wwwnc.cdc.gov

It is well worth remembering that the CDC’s EID has been in the forefront of reliable reporting on emerging viral diseases – as well as others, of course – for a quarter century now.

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Laurie Garrett on Ebola: the recent history

20 years after I first posted something by Laurie Garrett – who has written two of the the most thought-provoking, informative and frightening books I have ever read (The Coming Plague, and Betrayal of Trust) – I see she has just published possibly the… 164 more words

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How should we preserve old viruses?

I was reminded via Twitter by Vincent Racaniello, he of “virology blog” fame, of the problem of preserving stocks of old viruses.

Particularly, in his case, of stocks of a virus that may be eradicated in the wild in a few years, and then – according to him – will need to be destroyed. 253 more words

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