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Rounding Up The Last Of A Deadly Cattle Virus

Rinderpest, or cattle plague, was declared eradicated in 2011. But many research institutes still have samples of the rinderpest virus in storage. Disease experts want those samples destroyed.

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So, viruses: living or dead?

This question has come up in my life innumerable times in the┬álast 40 years that I have been interested in viruses – and I find that debate on it often becomes┬átheological in its intensity, with proponents muttering things like “They’re just intracellular parasitic molecules!”, or “Of course they’re alive – they evolve, don’t they?” 1,354 more words

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The tree of life should be a garden. With bushes.

Biologists like to talk of and depict, “the” tree of life. This is shown here as in most places, with a bacterial and an archaeal bifurcation coming off a LUCA base, and then another bifurcation of archaea into modern archaea and eukaryotes. 489 more words

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New header graphic: something old, something new; something borrowed - and something blue

That’s right: a new header graphic after lo, these many years.

Something old: Maize streak virus, in all its geminate glory, on the left. Picture taken by RG (Bob) Milne in Cape Town, 1978. 32 more words

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Emerging Infectious Diseases 20-year Timeline - Emerging Infectious Disease journal - CDC

Emerging Infectious Diseases 20-year Timeline

Sourced through Scoop.it from: wwwnc.cdc.gov

It is well worth remembering that the CDC’s EID has been in the forefront of reliable reporting on emerging viral diseases – as well as others, of course – for a quarter century now.

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