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Congrats to the Hubster!!!

So my husband hit target last week so we celebrated with a bacon double cheese burger, chips and coleslaw at the hungry horse.  I was quite surprised I couldn’t actually eat it all. 236 more words


Gamers Unite: Freedom from the Financials!

While listening to some of my favourite gaming podcasts and playing Doom this weekend I found there was a moment where I had to pause the game and stop the podcast I was listening to. 424 more words


We broke up!

So I ended my relationship with slimming world for a week or so as I was sick of my husband and son commenting on everything I put in my mouth. 64 more words

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Hi, I'm Vicki and I'm 20ish weeks into my millionth attempt at slimming world

A little bit about me, I am 34, married, have 1 son, 1 temporarily adopted dog and 1 cat.

I have wanted to lose weight since I was 22 and every attempt has left me heavier than the last. 117 more words


Can't stop thinking about food!

Today didn’t start as planned, I had meant to get up at 6 to have time to have breakfast, nope, my duvet was far to snuggly. 159 more words

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Only ice cream can bring about world peace

After recently saving the Church of England from declining into oblivion with an ingenious idea involving clergy and stickers, I thought I might try to solve an even greater problem than increasing Anglican attendances. 724 more words

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The New Day: it's called a newspaper - so, where's the news?

Earlier on this week, a new ‘standalone’ national newspaper was launched, the first, it is claimed, in thirty years. The title is called ‘The New Day’, and despite the fact that it sounds like a religious group’s newsletter, its aim is to attract people who have stopped buying newspapers by giving a brief rundown of the day’s news in an easily and quickly digestible format. 788 more words

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