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10 Ways to be an Amazing Friend to Chronically Ill People

Chronic Illness Friendships:

Source: 10 Ways to be an Amazing Friend to Chronically Ill People

So very true, friends move on with their busy lives and I’m here, 40 years old and I’m lucky if I get a conversation out of my very tired hubby once a day! 161 more words

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08/01/2016 ABOUT ME

You might be thinking, Hey! Who’s this kid? What’s she doing? What’s she about? Or you might be like hey!, I don’t care! Well, my friend you have come to the right post for here you can learn a few facts about little ol me even if you don’t want to cus I’m just that nice… 253 more words

About Me

The Plan and How Christmas Went

This is how I’m planning to approach the New Year!  Ha ha, although I do admit that The Linen Cat is due for a very big shake up. 970 more words

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And that was 2015!

Hello 2016!

Happy New Year to all.

I wonder what you have in store for me? These past 365 days have been…..long! I can’t say its been a very bad year, there’s been worse yet I’ve had better. 768 more words

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A seasonal challenge: can you find 'The Worst Christmas Song Ever Written'?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s almost-nearly Christmas.

Here in the UK, it’s been nearly Christmas since the start of October. This is because the shops like to think that the public will buy more stuff when it’s on sale for longer. 589 more words

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R.I.P Amy Reynolds (Another Angel gains their wings.)

Sorry I’ve been away so long,  I’ve got a bad organisation/time management issue, I blink and days (possibly weeks) have gone by and all I seem to have accomplished is more little jobs and projects still not finished?! 1,321 more words

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Lest We Forget...

And I did, which I hate as I’ve always taken my moment’s silence to remember very seriously, even when I’m working from home and there is only me to be silent.   23 more words

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