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Guinea Pigs...

I keep starting to write blog posts, but then never get around to finishing them or I don’t get the photos together to support the writing (and goodness knows, my writing does need supporting ;) ).   567 more words

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Politics Unboringed

Over the past few months, I’ve been helping to write a series called Politics Unboringed.

I often hear people complain that politics is dull or irrelevant. 201 more words

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A Quick Note

From teatunesandtryingtoleavethehouse.blogspot.ie

24th July, 2014

Guess what? I haven’t in actual fact fallen off the face of the planet. That may not have been evident, what with the lengthy stretch of radio silence and all but rest assured I’m getting my act together and will be back shortly. 58 more words

Up In The Attic

Thanks to us, the leaders' debate will be a complete waste of time

Jesus. This election’s going to be a slog, isn’t it? I’ve never seen so much debate about a debate. There’s been more twists, turns, and utter banality than you’d expect on a guided tour of Swindon’s Magic Roundabout. 940 more words

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You are Perfect in Every Way

Hello Internet,

I don’t really know how to start this… but here we go.

I know I am new to the whole blogging thing and connecting to audiences but I just want to explain fully the reasoning behind my blog and what I want it to progress to. 274 more words

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Today Tomorrow Always

Hello Internet,

It’s me again… I really should have thought what to write seeing as I waffle anyway. A subject will come to me just give me a minute… 298 more words

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Web 1.0

Ever wondered what the first versions of the main political parties’ websites looked like? No? Fine. Well I’ve gone and found them anyway.

I used the… 584 more words

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