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The Little Things...

I find great comfort and enjoyment from the little things, especially when life feels out of my control and the world does feel like it’s slipping into chaos, at the moment. 438 more words

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Secret Cinema: Moulin Rouge

Oh it was good. So, so good. The big problem is you aren’t allowed to blab (which I totally approve of, I should add!) so I can’t go into much detail but the Secret Cinemas staging of Moulin Rouge was equally as good as the Star Wars event I attended in 2015 (see… 772 more words

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Queen of Procrastination!

That’s me!!

So this is the post I’ve been wanting to write since early February. It has been a leader on my to do list every day for the last 3 weeks. 579 more words

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Why is nothing easy?

Nearly 3 hours ago I started to write a follow-up to my weight loss, It’s now 2.50am and I’ve only just worked out, having encountered a few technical misunderstandings, how to add the excel sheet (That I’ve taken nearly 2 weeks to learn and create!) in some form or other to a Blog post! 151 more words

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Well its been a while !

Watch this space..

Some interesting movements are afoot !

Raspberry Pi Retro Gaming Console

oooh I hear you say !

back in a bit !

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Going back to square one

I realized today that I haven’t worked on my Japanese grammar for several months. I have done a few exercises here and there. And I use it occasionally with friends. 124 more words

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The (almost) Bare facts!

Hey! As promised, I’ve returned to lay the facts out in regards to my weight and current situation. It’s a day later than I wanted but as most are aware I tend to get side tracked easily. 780 more words

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