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So What's Going On Under There?

Under where you ask?  LOL I made you say underwear! Forgive the childish silliness I could help myself with today’s topic of bridal lingerie.

I do want to apologize for my absence the last 2 1/2 weeks. 333 more words

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WedSite Wednesday

Hello folks! I do apologize again for being late. No I am not going to make a habit of late posts. As mentioned previously my sister is coming to town and prep for her arrival is like a mad dash. 256 more words

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Ahhhh My favorite answer to so many things. GFGI. Also known as Go Fucking Google It.

Yep I said it. But really Google is an amazing tool that can really help. 101 more words

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Thank you all for joining me on this very late entry for Website Week. Still working on cleaning and it is HOT out. It was another 100 degree day here in the Chicago and thanks to the heat the fuse powering 2 of our A/C units blew. 398 more words

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Website Week Is Here!!!!

Welcome to Website Week here at That Wedding Blog! I hope you will forgive my absence on this past Friday. Life was a little crazy. I just got news that my baby sister will be coming to visit next week! 566 more words

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To the DIY Brides...


With the economy in the condition it is currently more and more couples are going the DIY route for their wedding. I think its fantastic.  167 more words

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Themes are fun right?

I both love and hate themed weddings. I love them when they are done well and near everyone at the wedding is on board. I hate them when they are thrown together with little thought and or there are a bunch of party poopers or there is no cohesion.   179 more words

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