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Afterthoughts on Oculus Anubis

A few weeks prior to Christmas 2014, I checked out Oculus Anubis for the first time and definitely left with an impression.  Curious if our local occult compound bedazzles their gates with holiday decorations, I drove back the next Christmas to find out. 276 more words


Random Thoughts

Target Department Stores have come under fire for their transgender bathroom policy. Per their “inclusiveness” policy, any person that identifies as the opposite gender is allowed to use the restroom of their choice, i.e., a man that identifies as a woman can use the women’s restroom.

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2016 Week Sixteen: I found £35!

I am having a prolonged spring clean at the moment.

I don’t remember this but, based on the available evidence, I have to conclude that I spent the winter building up an impressive stockpile of Total Crap while living in my own ever-increasing filth. 673 more words

General Weirdness

2016 Week Fifteen: What it’s like to date *my* blind person

Carl is my boyfriend. He is awesome and we are awesome and I love him. You can see us hanging out and being awesome in… 881 more words

General Weirdness

how strange

how strange
this companionship –
stealing her sock
the puppy 
curls in a corner

C‌arpe Diem:  Companionship

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

2016 Week Thirteen: Apathetic Soup

I like cookbooks and I like cooking but for some reason (laziness. It’s laziness.) I never use the one to do the other. In fact, what I do in the kitchen is not so much cooking as it is “guessing with food”. 515 more words

General Weirdness

General update re: moving, stress, and snot

Greetings, crickets and tumbleweeds.

Many long ages have passed since the last time I updated, and since I’ve just had some tea and thus find myself in an unprecedented state of lucidity, I thought I’d  mosey on over here and make a post. 401 more words