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Bruce Jenner Claims Gluten Ruined His Life; Is Often Mistaken For Axl Rose

Nutritionists are calling for the FDA to reclassify gluten as a Class 4 toxin after Bruce Jenner went public with allegations that General Mills has been tampering with his DNA using the high dose GMO gluten found in Wheaties cereal. 357 more words

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The Alien Who Came to Party

Due to my obsession with train wreck aliens, It’s fitting that the first film I’ve involved myself with is about a dentist with an unresolved past who teams up with a hard partying alien to embark on a quest for redemption.   125 more words


Totally not evil

And we’re back for another insane and illogical installment of

When we last left our heroes (in chapter one, chapter two, and the somehow-worse-than-both-previous-chapters-combined… 2,740 more words


Lou Pearlman’s Former Boy Band Black Sabbath Enter Their 45th Year

Long before famed music impresario Lou Pearlman created famed boy bands like The Backstreet Boys and N’Sync, he left a more lasting and indelible impact on the world of music by creating the most famed heavy metal band in history. 626 more words

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New Showtime Series To Document Filming of HBO Series About Dave Grohl

(article contributed by Tyranny of Tradition Correspondent Joe O’Connell)

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON DC — At the opening of the Rockumentary Hall of Fame, Dave Grohl announced today that The Foo Fighters (Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, that old dude from the Germs, a guy who plays guitar, and some other guy who plays 4-stringed guitar) would be participating in a new Showtime series that documents the making of the HBO documentary series, Sonic Highways. 199 more words

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Kanye West Interrupts Grammys; Announces Behemoth’s “The Satanist” Should Have Been Album of Year

Kanye West’s unending stretch of boorish behavior at award shows continued on Sunday night when he rushed the stage during the presentation of the Grammy for “Aging Hipster of The Year” to Beck. 394 more words

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Chapter 3: Which is somehow worse than the previous chapters combined

Welcome back, eager readers, to the third installment of the thrilling, high-quality, not-at-all-silly science fiction masterpiece of my 13-year-old self,  Fighting For the Galaxy!

To get you in the right mood, here’s some heroic space battle music courtesy of YouTube: 3,354 more words