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Scoopy Scoopy Brain Brain

Carl and I carved pumpkins for Halloween. It’s taken me this long to edit the video.

Always end on an oink.

General Weirdness


When I was a kid, I was fiercely resistant to the idea of growing up. I thought it would mean having to be mature and sensible and hang out with other mature, sensible people all the time. 49 more words

General Weirdness

A Movie to Give You Nightmares By

Happy Halloween, friendo!  Here’s a movie I made to give you nightmares by.  Laugh now, scream later, and if you hear chop chop chop as you’re falling asleep tonight, it is already too late.


The Marty Mask

  Because even your true face is just another mask.

via my (defunct but still popular in Russia) blog A Stranger Constellation 7 more words


The Allen Telescope Array: Solace for America's Introverted Explorers

Nestled in the pastoral drift between Mt. Shasta and Lassen National, the Allen Telescope Array plugs away at space looking for radio waves in all the wrong places.   241 more words



I haven’t really talked about my boyfriend on this blog. His name is Carl. He’s weird. He’s blind. He shares my love of Lego and puns and he is fully prepared for the zombie apocalypse. 25 more words

General Weirdness

Dreaming the Moon

…Even the man in the moon disappeared
Somewhere in the stratosphere…

~”Second Chance,” Smith & Bassett of Shinedown

Sleepy Cat Mermaids who trust their spells above all, suspicious-and-rightfully-so Sunflower Elves, and stoic Slit-Eyed Bats who never complain about anything. 241 more words