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General Weirdness

Trump: “We Must Build A Wall To Keep Mexican Metal Bands Like Sepultura Out of This Country!”

Last night in Tupelo, Mississippi, the bizarre Presidential campaign of Donald Trump took yet another strange turn. During a 3-minute press conference Trump lashed out at several of his Republican rivals, Hillary Clinton, the Boy Scouts, the Boston Red Sox bullpen, comedian Sinbad, people who read poetry, women, dentists, those who are allergic to gluten and the entire country of Ecuador. 273 more words

General Weirdness

Luc Lemay of Gorguts Wins America’s Got Talent Season Ten

Last night, lead vocalist and guitarist for the technical death metal band Gorguts was crowned America’s Got Talent winner and received the one million dollar prize.   429 more words

General Weirdness

Former Iron Maiden Singer Paul Di’Anno To Star in Upcoming Transformers Sequel

Paul Di’Anno, the 57-year-old former frontman for Iron Maiden has been cast as the lead in “Transformers 5”. This may come as a surprise to many seeing as Di’Anno has no former acting experience. 474 more words

General Weirdness

I have a blackboard in my kitchen...

…to leave encouraging notes for myself.

It would probably be better if those notes encouraged me to do the dishes. Actually, that reminds me of this, which I drew not long after I finished uni and started doing battle with…  34 more words

General Weirdness

Former Night Court Star Richard Moll Introduced As New Vocalist For Napalm Death

Richard Moll, the actor known to millions as the hulking but loveable 6 foot 8 bailiff on the 1980s television show Night Court, has become the new face of one of the most iconic bands in all of heavy metal. 255 more words

General Weirdness

FDA Study Claims Shaolin and Wu-Tang Could Be “Dangerous”

After nearly 20 years of research, millions of dollars and 47 solo albums, the FDA has determined the Shaolin and the Wu-Tang, if combined, could cause hundreds of unwanted side effects including carcinomas, melanomas, vanillaromas, mumps, measles, pneumonia, walking kidney disorder, small pox, beagle imitation syndrome, death and even acne. 276 more words

General Weirdness