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2016 Week Forty-Seven: Here is what is up

Okay, so clearly I’m not feeling the whole blogging thing quite as much at the moment as I have been at other times. I’m glad I set the goal of posting once a week this year, and I’m proud that I’ve nearly achieved it, but I’m thinking of loosening it up next year and just aiming to write 52 blog posts in 2017. 349 more words

General Weirdness

2016 Week Forty-Six: Oops

Somehow after 46 weeks to get into the habit I managed to forget to make a post this week? But it’s still kiiiinda Sunday… not in my time zone, but some… I’m gonna say that counts. 144 more words

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Those funny things we say

In the cassette player: Bloodhound Gang – Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo

When it comes to SLex, it is usually a rather silent endeavour on my side. 960 more words

2016 Week Thirty-Nine: Let's go house shopping!

Well, I don’t know how you guys like to relax, but round these parts, we like to make a cup of tea in one of our extensive collection of Disney mugs… 596 more words

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2016 Week Thirty-Eight: A Very Merry Blogiversary

It’s my second blogiversary! (And the first anniversary of the first time I used the word “blogiversary”, which I referred to last year as an ugly portmanteau, or ugmanteau, making this my first… ugmanversiteau?) 289 more words

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2016 Week Thirty-Seven: Nothing to report

I am very busy. (By my own low standards.)

I am also very, very tired and frankly it’s making me a little, uh…

*becomes distracted by a distant dust mote* 69 more words

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2016 Week Thirty-Six: Turn that frown upside-down!



Did you guys know that American frowns and British frowns are NOT THE SAME?

Me neither, until I saw a link to this… 306 more words

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