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Deathspell Omega Sues Ministry of Magic

POITIERS, France — Bible metal group Deathspell Omega filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Magic (MOM) for trademark infringement Sunday afternoon.

In a strongly worded sermon delivered at the Post-Christ Church of Blackened Genesis today morning, Deathspell Omega alleged that the MOM, for an improved version of the infamous Killing Curse, has stolen their name. 531 more words

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Which is full of love for Roger

Alas, my jury duty illness is still going strong, so I spent the majority of today convalescing at home with cat, blanket, and television.

Some of the things I did today, for anyone in desperate need of knowing: 401 more words


In which I totally keep my promise

It appears as if there’s one more cause for celebration today:

This blog has now officially reached 100 followers!

(Yeesh, I’m running out of happy/excited gifs.) 226 more words


Supreme Court Rules Man Has Right To Marry Vinyl Copy of Dokken’s “Tooth and Nail”

When 49-year-old Charlie Ronce first heard Dokken’s seminal metal record “Tooth and Nail”, he knew loved it. Now, thanks to a 5-4 decision by the United States Supreme Court, he has the right to marry it. 376 more words

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Mike Browning Rejoins Morbid Angel, Announces Split With Band

Former Morbid Angel drummer and vocalist Mike Browning has rejoined and since left Morbid Angel, according to a press release earlier today. Browning’s lasting contribution to the death metal group was his appearance on the band’s shelved first album, Abominations of Desolation, which was subsequently released after Altars of Madness. 84 more words

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New Iron Maiden Album Cover Pays Tribute To James Franco In “Spring Breakers”

Iron Maiden set the metal world ablaze this week by releasing the cover art from their soon-to-be-released double album “Book of Souls”. While many fans of the band were impressed with the artwork, some were surprised to learn that Eddie’s new look is based on James Franco’s performance as the drug dealing hooligan known as Alien in Harmony Korine’s 2012 film “Spring Breakers”. 308 more words

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Trey Azagthoth Parts Ways With Morbid Angel

Founding guitarist Trey Azagthoth announced today that he is parting ways with death metal titans Morbid Angel. The news follows in the wake of the dissolution of the current lineup, with bassist/vocalist David Vincent, drummer Tim Yeung, and guitarist Destructhor all dismissed by Azagthoth. 93 more words

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