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Stranger Danger

Ho hum.  Introduce myself.  Yup.


I’m 30.  For a couple more months.  I’m from Kiln, MS but I live in Hattiesburg, MS and I pretty much hate it.   116 more words

Just Me

Hail to the Godless, and Well Beyond

So I haven’t posted anything in in two weeks, and I guess I’m sorry for that, but I don’t have enough people reading these posts to make a difference. 307 more words

General Weirdness

LOOK AT THIS AWESOME THING! Ft. Proof Copy and A Giveaway

Guys, look what my mum made me!!

This counts as fanart, right? Either way, this is some HIGH QUALITY MOTHERING. Thanks, Mum! :D <3

Speaking of  361 more words


#ThrowbackThursday: On the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Activism, and Hope

Hey kids! Do you feel that the crushing weights of political despair have prematurely ended your crusade to make 2017 a good year? Well, gather around the fire, because I’m going to tell you a story about a time the forces of good claimed victory. 753 more words

General Weirdness

A Few Words on Pleasure

Lately, I’ve been thinking: I like to burp. Why? Because it lets me relive the taste of the food I just ate. I don’t know if this is a thing people on the autism spectrum do or if it’s a secret epidemic, but for much of my life, I’ve swallowed up air and burped it back out under my own command. 213 more words


...Mr.? Hey mister, hello.

So this is the part where I’m supposed to introduce myself. But that’s harder than it sounds.

Look, let me just tell you that the world is fucked. 373 more words


2016 Week Forty-Nine: Christmas or Whatever

Well, I don’t think I’ll blow any minds if I make the observation that Christmas as an adult isn’t quite the unadulterated fun-fest it is when you’re a child. 655 more words

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