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2016 Week Thirty-Eight: A Very Merry Blogiversary

It’s my second blogiversary! (And the first anniversary of the first time I used the word “blogiversary”, which I referred to last year as an ugly portmanteau, or ugmanteau, making this my first… ugmanversiteau?) 289 more words

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2016 Week Thirty-Seven: Nothing to report

I am very busy. (By my own low standards.)

I am also very, very tired and frankly it’s making me a little, uh…

*becomes distracted by a distant dust mote* 69 more words

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2016 Week Thirty-Six: Turn that frown upside-down!



Did you guys know that American frowns and British frowns are NOT THE SAME?

Me neither, until I saw a link to this… 306 more words

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2016 Week Thirty-Five: [Insert good title]

Well, it’s Saturday and I haven’t been able to think of a good blog topic this week, so it’s going to be another random collection of thoughts and updates. 461 more words

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Donald Trump Revealed To Be First Cro-Mags Singer

Presidential candidate and real estate mogul Donald Trump recently demonstrated that his New York roots run deeper than anyone would have guessed. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Trump remained characteristically unpredictable by revealing that he was the original singer of New York hardcore legends, the Cro-Mags. 663 more words

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2016 Week Thirty-Three: QUESTIONS

The magnificent Bronwyn Green nominated me to take part in the Liebster Award, which is a kind of blogging meme to help new bloggers get noticed (and serves the useful extra purpose of giving people who have committed to blogging once a week something to write about). 1,376 more words

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2016 Week Twenty-Nine: "I say, a room full of books..."

THINGS are HAPPENING today and not in a good way so this is going to be a bit stream-of-consciousness and SHOUTY.

Just found this in my blog spam: 240 more words

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