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Sigh to Remake "Scenes from Hell" in White Metal Style

Sigh will remake their classic album “Scenes from Hell”, Hollywood Records announced today. The remake will feature re-recordings of every track in the white metal style, and will be mixed and mastered by a white producer with a degree in white noise engineering from White University. 285 more words

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2016 Week Nineteen: COVERED IN LEMURS

Nothing much happened to me this week.


Carl got me a “Zookeeper for the Day” experience for my birthday and this week we actually did it and it was awesome. 213 more words

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Putin to Obama – 'Swedish Metal Is Superior'

Russian President Vladimir Putin responded to Barack Obama’s public comments about Finnish Metal bands last Friday, calling the outgoing President “a wimp” and “a poser”. 324 more words

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What is in a title?

Come out of the garden, baby

You’ll catch your death in the fog

Young girl, they call them the Diamond Dogs

~ Diamond Dogs, David Bowie… 228 more words


2016 Week Eighteen: Look at this bunny

I’m up to my neck in a sudden attack of PLANNING on my novel (not ideal two years into writing it but better late than never, I guess) and have nothing to say to you, so please enjoy this teeny tiny toy rabbit. 58 more words

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2016 Week Seventeen: OOOOWWW

I got my ears pierced the other day. Kind of a lot, actually.

I didn’t have any piercings at all before that. When I was younger I was all OH NO I DON’T THINK PEOPLE ARE MEANT TO HAVE HOLES IN THEM THANK YOU but I’ve been gradually changing my mind and then all of a sudden I decided to do it. 249 more words

General Weirdness

Afterthoughts on Oculus Anubis

A few weeks prior to Christmas 2014, I checked out Oculus Anubis for the first time and definitely left with an impression.  Curious if our local occult compound bedazzles their gates with holiday decorations, I drove back the next Christmas to find out. 276 more words