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It was no use. 
No matter what he tried, Helmut could not imagine happiness. 

He faked a smile – but in his heart he knew it was only a shadow – a grimace – a cheap forgery. 133 more words


Government to Decommission Nikki Sixx; Plans To Build Nikki Sevenn

One of the military-industrial-entertainment complex’s most talented warriors has been targeted for termination. The lovable, alcohol and cocaine fueled robot-musician known as Nikki Sixx was created in 1981 by the Pentagon in order to help distract teenagers from engaging in issues that actually effect their lives and keep them focused on the fantastic illusion of limitless excess. 516 more words

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The best part of waking up is toothpaste in my lungs

So, here’s a fun start to a Saturday morning: I somehow managed to get the hiccups while in the midst of brushing my teeth, which caused me to inhale some toothpaste, which led to five solid minutes of hacking and coughing in an attempt to rid my lungs of minty fresh fluid. 164 more words


Is Chuck Mangione Leaving Slayer?

When most fans of heavy metal think about Slayer, the first word that comes to their mind is often “flugelhorn”. However, many heavy metal websites have noted that other heavy metal websites might have indicted that Slayer’s 2015 release, which will be called “ 1,167 more words

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Millions Of Heartbroken Tweens Mourn Abbath’s Departure From One Direction

Tweens everywhere were shocked and horrified by news yesterday that singer, songwriter and pop icon Abbath had left One Direction. Reactions have run the gamut from mournful posts on Twitter to self-immolations. 533 more words

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Genredome! Two Men Enter, One Band Leaves

I have also seen children successfully surmounting the effects of an evil inheritance. That is due to purity being an inherent attribute of the soul.

406 more words
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Which involves rats and Rendar

After a brief hiatus, it’s my pleasure to welcome you, once again, to Fighting For the Galaxy Fridays!

…on a Saturday, for some reason. 3,244 more words