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A Small Question for Gastronomers

People are becoming absolutely crazy in order to reduce even the slightest amount of calories from their food. Less of everything is apparently better for the body. 382 more words


Room 101

Many moons ago, my GCSE English teacher made us write a persuasive ‘Room 101’ speech. At the time, I had few cares in the world thus I threw some completely frivolous things into the pit of eternal damnation: namely, seagulls, feet and… something so pointless I can’t even remember it. 702 more words

General Wonderment

Setting the record straight

Who am I? According to the internet

Let’s face it, we all love to give ourselves a good google.

Let us hark back to 2001, a simpler time, of dial up tones and ‘please can I use the internet mum?’ ’no, I’m on the phone’; I was nearly 7. 754 more words

General Wonderment