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Torn Apart [Covidomance 2]

So I’ll start with a brief dating history of mine to give some context on this story. I’ve always been the type to ‘fall’ into relationships. 1,290 more words


I Excel, Always

Command Your Day

Daniel was a teenager when he began to serve the King as one who was 10 times better than others and he continued serving successive Kings till he became a very old man. 191 more words


New Collection Time!

So there’s not much left of the Disney painting, so I’m adding a new “collection” Dreams and Fantasies. Most of these will be sexual in nature, you have been warned!


Year of the rat

This year I have had a rodent problem in the garden, two years ago it was an ant problem. Now the ants are under control but the mice and packrats are out of control even though I continue to trap them and I’ve gotten a lot of them. 509 more words


I'm Not the Only One

Fellow Canadian Ryan Reynolds 😜 sent this in for the Friendly Friday Challenge: MORNING RITUALS.

… and no, he didn’t really send it in 😜

Toronto, Canada. September 2020


Learning from Corona: nō videos

In a recent interview for Tokyo Shimbun, Hōshō Kazufusa, iemoto of the Hōshō school, has commented on the current coronavirus crisis, saying that (I paraphrase) many pepole think that the tension perceived in a nō performance cannot be transmitted through videos, but there are things such as the breathing of the performers or the sweat dripping from their chins that film techniques can capture in order to convey the “drama” of nō performance. 120 more words