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Ultimate Booty, Thighs & Legs! Short and Intense workout. TABATA!!

Here is a great workout to get your booty, thighs and legs in shape in a very short time. Tabata Squats with weights. I would not recommend it to everyone. 69 more words


[Serious] What song, based on lyrics alone, touch you at a deep emotional level?

What song, based on lyrics alone, touch you at a deep emotional level?
I’m stuck on fortress around your heart by Sting.
Hum Tv Dramas Lyrics 2015
Submitted by yellerjeep


Die Zusage

This is a promise.

A promise to not let my depression control or define me.

I will not use my independence as a shield to cut myself off from the world. 85 more words



It is often said that we should “come apart” before we come apart. We should make sure we take the time to rest. If you are overwhelmed with your work for God, delegate, but don’t just do nothing while sinners sink into Hell. 77 more words


Number affected by gov’t cyber-breach soars to at least 18M

Fox News says the number of people thought to be affected by a pair of massive cyberattacks on U.S. government personnel files has skyrocketed to at least 18 million. 331 more words

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[Season 2] Theme Song Lyric Changed?!

Theme Song Lyric Changed?!
So I was rewatching the first two episodes and noticed a lyric change on the last verse.I searched around (truthfully just googled) to see if anyone has noticed and got that the last verse for episode 1 lyrics were:”The war was lost, the treaty signed I was not caught, I crossed the line I was not caught, though many tried I live among you, well disguised”And episode 2:”Never mind, never mind I live the life, I left behind There’s truth that lives, and truth that dies I don’t know which, so never mind”Any ideas as to why this was changed? 15 more words


What does this line mean?

What does this line mean?
Let’s talk about lyrics we don’t understand! I’m curious about the discussion this will lead to.So, “Praise Abort” – “I like to fuck, but no French letter.” “Home Sweet Home” – “Such a needle in your hair.”Noooo idea what these lines mean. 14 more words