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September 25th, 2018 - Washed Up Athlete

A. Shoulder Routine

B1. Hammer Strength Machine Row 4×12

B2. Hammer Strength Machine Low Row 4×12

C. Barbell Bent Over Row 12-12-10-10

D1. Seated Cable D-Bar Row 4×12… 20 more words


Formulated Fungi vs. Nematodes!

Our colleague Johannes Hallmann (JKI in Münster) published our new research article. Together we developed a formulation with the nematophagous fungus Hirsutella rhossiliensis as the active ingredient with the potential to control the nematode… 23 more words


Nederlandstalige boeken

A new colour of labels is now to be found in the school library: Oranje (orange) (-:


Postpartum depression

Being a new mother is a challenging phase as lots of adjustments are needed. Hence dealing with disruption of sleep wake cycle, responsibility of the baby, breastfeeding irregularities and recovery from the delivery is difficult. 614 more words



“Let us sing, sing as travelers, sing along the road but keep on walking.”

Heart Transplant

Welcome That Sunshine for A Healthy Living

Vitamin D, also called the Sunshine vitamin, as the name suggests is photosynthesized in the skin on exposure to sun rays.

Due to the understanding of this fact, it was thought that Vitamin D deficiency occurs in areas where there are short days and severe winters. 599 more words


Generalised anxiety disorder

Feeling anxious during any stressful event is a normal human tendency. However excessive anxiety and worry without any reason which is difficult to control and interfering with daily activity may indicate generalised anxiety disorder. 505 more words