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Legend of Legaia is a PlayStation action role-playing game developed by Prokion and Contrail. It was followed by a sequel, Legaia 2: Duel Saga. The game takes place in the eponymous world, populated by humans and objects called Seru.  172 more words


Lotus Boutique Trend Report: Spring 2018

With the change of each season, new and old trends seem to make headlines. It allows the fashion industry to evolve and adapt to what’s going on around us, gathering inspiration from current events and an ever-changing society. 1,925 more words


It was Friday night. Frank, Jim and Ed were at the game ready to watch 26 infected zombie girls tear each other to pieces.

Tied around the inside of the arena, the infected girls are labelled A-Z, with fresh meat tied to their backs to entice them to fight. The winner is the last one standing.Over 50,000 spectators watch from the stands behind a wire fence, betting slips in hand and eager for the fight to begin.3…3…3…2…2… 2…1… 1… 1…The foghorn sounds and they are released!The infected zombie girls CHARGE into the arena. 146 more words


Week 9 [F]

I thought the article “How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat” was very interesting, as well as very disappointing. It was interesting to see that the researcher from the University of California, San Francisco was able to actually uncover such a blatant sell out of scientist with the sugar industry. 149 more words


Experiment in Transmission

Interesting experiment. No new info here but its good to see this experiment to vividly illustrate the loss of information within a chain of “transmission”. 122 more words