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What is love?

Stealing each other’s words before they escape from their lips is love. #love #stealing #escape #lips #words #ilarumjar


Anti-Corruption Laws

Anti-Corruption Laws

What happened to my country?

The land who got their independence without bloodshed

The land where there is understanding between the people and the government… 47 more words


Say No To Corruption

Say No To Corruption

The thing about corruption is this, it doesn’t just affect the lower class people, it affects us all.

What Happened To My Country… 72 more words


JC-based Goya gives food and toys to Catholic Charities

Goya, located in Jersey City and Secaucus, donated 120,000 pounds of food, as well as $10,000 from employees to food banks, shelters, and Newark-based Catholic Charities… 71 more words

The meaning of life

This is perhaps the most common question of all that we ask ourselves at some point in time. We often ask this when we reach a dead end at our jobs or when we realize that we have not accomplished anything worthy of note, that will leave a mark. 161 more words

Meaning Of Life

The next battleground district: PA 18

A few months ago, Republican House Representative, Tim Murphy, was busted by his former mistress who said he encouraged her to get an abortion. Curiously, Tim Murphy was one of those typical “family values/pro-life” candidates during campaign season and a typical movement conservative in Congress. 317 more words


Living the legacy

I’ve read (yes read all of it!) Creative Community The Art of Cultural Development.

Wow. It’s given me so much food for thought. I’ve made notes. 153 more words