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A Poem on "Serious" Adulthood

by Abigail Taylor

Three Serious Adults

Last night, three serious adults
danced to pop songs in my living room.
Down half a bottle of Jameson, 173 more words

Lenoir NC

Is this how pants are supposed to fit?

Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015
Is this how pants are supposed to fit?
I got some new pants recently and when I wear them, something always looks “off” to me. 56 more words


Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Action Items: N/A

Action Items Completed Today: N/A

Gallery Opener(s) (names): Nick

Gallery Closer(s) (names): Nick

Final Blogger (who entered guest #s, and all misc. 83 more words


a fervent defender of freedom

Today, a freezing cold but sunny day. Sitting at my desk at the office, working and furtively reading Le Monde online, I came across an article similar in its free-thinking to the writer Kamel Daoud (see previous post.) 33-year old Fatym Layachi is a Moroccan actress and theater director. 1,097 more words


word count

Why do I put myself under a pressure of writing a certain amount of words? Is a text’s importance measured by its words?


Prepper alert

It goes without saying that the next few days (and weeks) are critical.

Be prepared.


First assignments

OK, here is what I assigned today in class. Get subscribed to lynda.com. You can do the monthly subscription (not the annual – unless you really like lynda and plan to use it beyond this class). 269 more words