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[TOMT][Song] Hip Hop Song that has doo doo doo dooododo chorus

Hip Hop Song that has doo doo doo dooododo chorus
Not sure about date, but thinking relatively recent. The song has a rapper singing throughout, and I dont remember the lyrics but I think he’s talking to a girlfriend. 24 more words


Noah's Week 1-5

So for all of you that read my last post, you will be aware that my son suffered an infection that caused his oxygen levels to range from the 40-60% region up to 95%. 971 more words


Good Doctor, ending verse: Thomas or Albert?

Good Doctor, ending verse: Thomas or Albert?
Lyrics sites are conflicted on this. I’ve always thought it was Thomas, and was surprised to see a lyrics site saying it was Albert at the end (after Thomas sings “with these hands we will rebuild!”).Upon closer listening, the voice certainly changes pitch, but not enough convince me it’s not just Thomas adding gusto. 85 more words


Topiramate and Motivational Enhancement Therapy for Cannabis use among youth: a randomized placebo-controlled pilot study

Sylvia Okoma, Mercer University College of Pharmacy

It is stated that topiramate is a medication that treats depression and alcohol, nicotine and cocaine addiction.

It has been noted that topiramate shows a high efficacy in the treatment of alcohol dependence and has a unique pharmacodynamic profile that gives it a broad range of effects in substance abuse related disorders.  691 more words