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UXD General Assembly - Linder [Full Report]


Have you ever learn any foreign language?  Have you ever learn something through video or podcasts?  You got some hands on learning a foreign language through vocabulary/phrases app and you are determine to take yourself a higher level. 2,151 more words


UXD General Assembly Week 7

High Fidelity Prototype

What’s the difference from Low-Fi?

It’s time to remove your lorem ipsum! Putting in actual information lets user to visualize better and provides a better feedback on your prototypes. 625 more words


UXD General Assembly Week 6


This was a technical week. It was time for us to turn our low-fi prototype(paper drawing) to medium fidelity prototype(Sketch, Axure etc). Instructor actually gave us some tips when we planned for our interfaces. 540 more words


UXD General Assembly Week 4

Tool: Invision |  Sketch


It is good to start with paper prototyping of your user flows because you will get input from users and if it doesn’t work well, you can rework again because effort in paper prototyping is small(you wasted just a few papers!). 1,010 more words


UXD General Assembly Week 3

Topic: Grocery shopping


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Through persona, you can relate more on how’s the persona behaves/ reacts to your product. Persona is the target group of audience that you aim to get your empathy with. 745 more words


UXD General Assembly Week 2

User Research

Before every class starts, we are given pre-work to let us have an brief idea what’s will be covered  for the week. Based on the given material,  UX has… 769 more words