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Keep your generalizations away from my relationship


This is a place for me to voice my personal opinions and put pen to paper (so to speak). If you disagree with anything I say below, please keep your comments constructive and respectful. 801 more words

Question: No "effort" to make a living?

” Dear Ahnanda
somewhere you have mentioned that we are like small leaf in this river and leaf cant decide where to go and this river will take the leaf to particular place or to its destiny.
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The North American Big-Footed Lesbian

Today on Twitter, I saw an article called “What it’s Like to be Queer in Hong Kong.” *

After a cursory examination, it seemed to have a video of a young man explaining what it was like to be gay in his hometown in an effort for people in the US to know what it was like to be gay in urban China. 468 more words


Composite functions and applications

I’ve always been quite interested in the behaviour of iterative functions, and interesting patterns simple functions make when combined together. I am currently trying to create a program which will graph these results, however till then some simple background on this work. 84 more words

Pure Mathematics

All generalizations are false, including this one. – Mark Twain

User-Reviews, IKEA and Parallel Universes


This communication to you is so patently bizarre I often do not know where to begin. It also came to mind that email and the internet are still quite primitive for you, so the chances of you discovering any of these communications in this forum are remote for at least another 7 years. 1,391 more words


India's rape problem is neither unique nor something new

Two days ago a news broke about a German professor allegedly denying an Indian male student the chance to apply for an internship position in her lab at Leipzig University in Germany. 1,012 more words