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Generalizations are Generally Wrong (Reprise)

I will make one generalization here:  The black people I know personally here in Upstate South Carolina, amazingly do not seem to alter their sense of self-worth in response to how they are treated.   1,292 more words


Concept-based planning

The Grade 3 team created a visual map on how to integrate the different disciplines in our upcoming unit about simple machines. We used Dr Lynn Erickson’s approach on how to build from concepts to a generalization.



To Be or Not to Be -- The question of "Passing"

Passing is an interesting concept. Before I learned about autism and started reading up on it, I was familiar with the term only in the context of race. 515 more words


Who Has the Right to Define Me?

As an outlier even in what many consider a fringe population, I constantly find myself in opposition to some of the assumptions about autism and Asperger’s– 214 more words


Pick and Shovel Work -- Generalizations

I have a trait that annoys the heck out of most people, so I’ve learned to keep it out of sight– usually. But it turns out that this trait is what makes a lot of my writing  useful in helping people see things in new ways and understand them better. 327 more words


The Millennial

Lately I’ve been coming across an ever-increasing number of articles about millennials. In case you don’t know what this term refers to, this article gives a nice description. 463 more words


Millennials: Are We the Worst?

There are plenty of articles, surveys and “analyses” given (mostly) by non-Millennials about the way people born between 1980 and 2000 are the chaos embodied: they are lazy, undisciplined, narcissistic and unrealistic. 478 more words