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Prompt: Generalizations

The prompt this week was on stereotypes and sweeping generalizations. The comment “all red heads have fiery personalities” labels all red heads, but when applied to the individual may not be true. 497 more words


Hatred for sin is the only hate that belongs in Christ's church

Jesus Christ hated sin, but he loved sinners enough to confront them about their sin and loved us enough to die for our sins. Genuine believers in Christ follow that example. 501 more words


Who am I?

What are the labels behind the posts you read? Who is the person being unmasked…..

We all look at people, listen to people, observe… and generalize…. 503 more words


Some thoughts on GCSE and A-Level results

Having read various articles following the recent A-Level and GCSE results I cant help but think that schools and more importantly education in general needs to make a decision as to what we are seeking to achieve, and stop acting re-actively to limited data which has been used to draw generalized conclusions. 729 more words


The Danger of Compulsory Respect

Compulsory respect. It’s not a phrase that’s mentioned a whole lot, and not a concept that’s discussed a whole lot. While it’s somewhat self-explanatory, I want to clarify what compulsory respect means before we really get into talking about it. 4,709 more words

Fawkes Original


There are certain things that I do not tolerate. One of these things is generalizing people. Yes, we all have the urge to generalize, but we must fight it. 196 more words

By Their Works, They Will Be Judged

There are many interesting adjectives and phrases being tossed around during the 2016 election cycle. Some of them are quite familiar to the ones used in the past. 289 more words