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Who did it better?: Generalizations

Welcome to our first ever “Who did it better?” Our first contestants are none other than *drumroll* Donald Trump against members of the United States Congress. 1,658 more words

United States

Generalizations and Insensitivity

people who make blanket statements
never take responsibility for what they say
only that they never meant “you” directly


Math Reasoning Stages

Tracy Zager (@TracyZager) asked for some thoughts/pushback on these stages of math reasoning imagined as a flow, so here are my thoughts based on my experience in the classroom… 352 more words

Making Claims

General Izations

General Izations are quite convenient
one size fits all in a tidy package
black and white with no other shades
makes it feel like there’s real order to things… 42 more words


The Boss' Daughter

That’s me, by the way. Hi. *waves*

Daughter o’ the boss. My dad owns two jobs.

Being the daughter of someone who owns two businesses has its pros and cons. 721 more words


Where Are You From?

I decided to try something new this week…… YES, a video post!  (It was a spur of the moment thing.  LOL!!!)  OK, I am new at this so keep that in mind, but I am enjoying trying new things!  24 more words

Women's Issues

This One Trick Will Help You Solve Any Difficult Problem

Dear CM88,

In this lesson, I’ll discuss how everything in life tends to balance out, no matter how far outside the boundaries you feel. You’ll learn to: 1,024 more words