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Signal Processing: Spectral Analysis and Analysis and Applications. Generalizations of Cyclostationary Signal Processing addresses Dr. Jerome Schultz, a clinical neuropsychologist who has provided clinical services, consultation, and staff development to hundreds of schools around the world, has Presents the underlying theoretical framework, accompanied by details of their practical application, for the mathematical models of generalized almost-cyclostationary processes and spectrally correlated processes; two classes of signals finding growing importance in areas such as mobile communications, radar and sonar. 150 more words


Journal Entry-Discovering Culture

After going through the different exercises on “What’s up with culture?” the first exercise was similar to the ones from Maximizing Study Abroad but the last exercise was determining whether I was an individualist or a collectivist. 529 more words

No Matter What

No matter what degree, expertise, title, history, experience you have you Do NOT know what is true and correct for the other. Ask questions, stop making assumptions and generalizations.

Beautiful Life

The Infinite War: Skin Color

Skin color is an contentious topic for many. It is truly arbitrary but has evolved to have incredible meaning across cultural and ‘racial’ lines. The literal determination of pigment in skin is simple- it’s the amount of melanin that your body produces. 377 more words


Daily Inspiration: Learn Beyond Your Prejudice

Nas Daily is a world traveler that posts videos on Facebook about the people he meets and interesting concepts about those places. His videos are informative and can be fairly moving. 72 more words


Defender of the indefensible

I have seen and heard it so many times now, I am no longer surprised. But it still shocks me just the same, or more, every time I see and hear it. 768 more words



I haven’t posted in quite some time. There’s a reason – I’m exhausted. All the time. I hardly get free time to myself and when I do, I end up dozing on my couch in front of the television until bedtime. 348 more words