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The Danger of Compulsory Respect

Compulsory respect. It’s not a phrase that’s mentioned a whole lot, and not a concept that’s discussed a whole lot. While it’s somewhat self-explanatory, I want to clarify what compulsory respect means before we really get into talking about it. 4,709 more words

Fawkes Original

Meanwhile, during the Olympics

Even though we still feel sluggish getting back into our Brazil routine, after our US trip, the month of August filled up with events, every weekend. 701 more words



There are certain things that I do not tolerate. One of these things is generalizing people. Yes, we all have the urge to generalize, but we must fight it. 196 more words

By Their Works, They Will Be Judged

There are many interesting adjectives and phrases being tossed around during the 2016 election cycle. Some of them are quite familiar to the onesĀ used in the past. 289 more words


Heavy Hearts

To say that the recent events have no affect on my life would be a lie. Although they are not as personal for me as Pulse, I am a human being and as such, I find the amount of violence and death to be devastating. 546 more words