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Pause and Pray

There’s an ongoing crisis in the Philippines that’s worse than the Maute group attack in Marawi City. Yes, it’s greater than the Filipino fascination with heroes and cursing of villains. 151 more words

Current Events

On the Outside of the Outside

I’m giving serious thought to closing down this blog. As has happened so many times, I find that it’s difficult to keep more than one blog going with any regularity. 998 more words



Standing on the edge of a cliff looking down at two ways to fall. They are both similar paths but lead to different destinations. One is more desirable than the other, and might actually be a likely outcome, but until I know for certain, I am somewhat floating in this invisible soup of unsurety. 402 more words


Cut the Clichés...(Please)

If there’s anything I can think of that can consistently make me cringe, it’s a good-old, classic, cliché. I’m really not sure why but any predictable, happy ending, whether it be in a book or a movie, just leaves me with such insatisfaction. 670 more words

Generalizations are Generally Wrong (Reprise)

I will make one generalization here:  The black people I know personally here in Upstate South Carolina, amazingly do not seem to alter their sense of self-worth in response to how they are treated.   1,292 more words


Concept-based planning

The Grade 3 team created a visual map on how to integrate the different disciplines in our upcoming unit about simple machines. We used Dr Lynn Erickson’s approach on how to build from concepts to a generalization.



To Be or Not to Be -- The question of "Passing"

Passing is an interesting concept. Before I learned about autism and started reading up on it, I was familiar with the term only in the context of race. 515 more words