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Pick and Shovel Work -- Generalizations

I have a trait that annoys the heck out of most people, so I’ve learned to keep it out of sight– usually. But it turns out that this trait is what makes a lot of my writing  useful in helping people see things in new ways and understand them better. 327 more words


The Millennial

Lately I’ve been coming across an ever-increasing number of articles about millennials. In case you don’t know what this term refers to, this article gives a nice description. 463 more words


Millennials: Are We the Worst?

There are plenty of articles, surveys and “analyses” given (mostly) by non-Millennials about the way people born between 1980 and 2000 are the chaos embodied: they are lazy, undisciplined, narcissistic and unrealistic. 478 more words

The Election's Over; Now How Should You Respond?

I encourage you to consider, just for a moment, how your words affect other people.

We can all agree that November 8th’s election results came as a surprise. 921 more words


Loveless Generalizations

You are bad at most things. We all are. What is something you are absolutely terrible at? Or better yet, what is something terrible that you cannot stop doing? 1,022 more words


Unconventional Thinking vs. Conventional Facts

Unconventional thinking can be seductive. It can be alluring to gain more knowledge than another. To those that fall prey to this conceit, I have one warning, quantity does not always equal quality. 2,116 more words


My Generalizations Are Better Than Yours

It is undeniable – the English language is constantly evolving, with the constant turnover of new words for old ones, as well as the reframing of various words. 519 more words