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You Can't See What You Can't See

You can’t see what you can’t see. Such an obvious statement right? The implications of that statement aren’t obvious though. You base everything off of what you do see, so when it comes to making rational discussion and having constructive debate, it can quickly become an issue if you can’t understand that deceptively simple statement. 1,667 more words


The problem with generalizing situations: lack of data

I write on Quora. Today, someone asked why autistics have such trouble generalizing.

A bit of clarification is in order. Generalization is the skill that allows you to figure out (for example) that a classroom pretty much has the same set of social rules as any other classroom you’ve been in. 509 more words

Adult Autism

Why Generalizing is an NT Thing

My inability to generalize loses me friends on the average of about one or two every six months.

It always happens the same way, but I’m never prepared for it. 701 more words

Adult Autism

Why Generalizing Isn't Always So Bad

Muslims and liberals often become enraged when someone generalizes about Muslims. I largely agree and feel the same way. This is because the people generalizing often don’t know much about the variances between Muslims or in Islam and are often out to mock, unfairly judge and stigmatize the whole group. 289 more words


I am grateful to my teachers!

Dear Friend, Apart from many myths you have, one of those that really bothers me is, when you say “People who couldn’t become/do anything else, become teachers”. 668 more words


Dishonest About My Religion

I’m not really sure how to respond to this. I only watched half of the interview, but the only thing I found troubling is to say that Christianity is wrong. 774 more words