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Adulting: Moving out and growing up…

This month Lorry and I moved into our temporary home with Lorry’s family until we figure out the next steps (i.e. figure out life). For Bagel this also meant a big change: two new canine roommates, Pixel and Milo. 584 more words

Male + Math = This Report

Special guest post by Jessie Nagy

“That’s just generalizing” – said the general female. Females generally don’t know how to generalize because of the fact that they generally lack higher mathematical skill. 833 more words


W.H.O.R.E A woman is a whore

What is a whore, who is a whore

A whore is a woman,

a woman is a whore …

When she says no to your bullshit… 322 more words

Poetry, Teens, Help


There are certain things that I do not tolerate. One of these things is generalizing people. Yes, we all have the urge to generalize, but we must fight it. 196 more words

Middle Aged Mutant Smelly Turtle

RJ’s brain’s likes to stay on the beaten path of least resistance. It’s safer there and mostly downhill.

Comic Commentary

He said,"Butt."

No. I don’t know where all those other raccoons came from. Other than the necessity to make the joke work.

Now that they’ve served their usefulness I promise they’ll go away.

Comic Commentary