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Creating Culture Change

It is hard to accept you don’t know how to listen, as an adult with plenty of life experience and knowledge. We all think we know how to communicate well, right? 388 more words

Thinking Environment

Do you NaNoWriMo?

You might have thought about writing a novel, maybe you’ve already jotted down some ideas, made a start on your first chapter, or plotted out the story from beginning to end. 291 more words


How To Get The Most Out Of ‘Free-Writing Fridays’

Why do we have free-writing Fridays?

I think and worry about this a lot. I have no doubt that most of us will think children enjoy these days – at least at first. 1,434 more words

4 ways to kick-start your writing

We all know what it’s like – you finally  manage to carve out a couple of hours in your day to sit down and do some serious writing, and then you find yourself in front of a blank page (or screen) and your mind goes blank too. 288 more words


Growing Acorns

“Sometimes … the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”  –A.A. Milne

Through my career, I have often been asked by newspaper reporters or newbie writers how I get ideas. 773 more words

Thursday Tip: Calming the mind

I am the impatient sort.

I don’t like waiting too much. When I think I have worked hard enough, I’d like to see results please. I suspect that most of us are like that. 341 more words

Inventing a film script

Only four of us today: but I only had one set of dice. I had three dice, one six-sided, one eight-sided, and one twenty-sided. This will become relevant later. 354 more words

Wednesday Writing