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Give A Class 'One' Book To Write Through And You've Taught Them For A Day. Teach Them How To Use 'Any' Book And You've Taught Them For A Lifetime.

This article is written with the intention to inform and provide reflection. With the Book Trust’s ‘The Write Book‘ research summary coming out in March – we were excited to see what it concluded. 3,294 more words

Nursing Home: A New Normal

Staff at Peacehaven nursing home came up with an incentivising model of care where the 120 nursing home residents and 40 daycare residents there have to “earn” money before they can “spend” it on activities they enjoy. 10 more words

Generating Ideas

various lattice setups together

I set up still lifes for everything.  Having a still life doesn’t mean that you have to depict it literally, either.  You can use it as a platform for generating ideas.  109 more words


Heineken #OpenYourWorld

So after this sad and ignorant commercial by Pepsi that trivialized genuine protests and movements around the world, Heineken has turned up a gem of an ad that explores how we can sit and have a decent conversations with one another despite deep embedded differences in values or opinion. 19 more words

Generating Ideas

What characters want: goals and objectives

All characters in your play must have goals: things they want, need, and desire.  Goals are necessary for creating conflict. When your protagonist and your antagonist’s goals are opposed to each other, that’s when you create conflict and tension, and the resulting outcome is the action that drives the play forward. 684 more words


Shakepeare's Best-Loved Sociopath: Advice on Villains

One of my all-time favorite villains in literature is Iago from Shakespeare’s Othello.  He’s out to take down Othello for any number of reasons, but his motivation for doing so is never entirely clear. 596 more words


Defining Moments, Critical Choices, and Pivotal People

The choices a character makes in her past combined with the people he has met have a direct impact on the person that we meet at the beginning of your play.   886 more words