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Topic chosen - Rise of acid attacks

For my chosen topic that I am going to be doing research on the rise of acid attacks. This goes underneath the section of Social Revolution.

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Research choice: Modern Day Slavery

Slavery is any system in which principles of property law are applied to people, allowing individuals to own, buy and sell other individuals, as a de jure form of property. 92 more words

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Possible questions for essay

  • Stuck in a vice? Does our society need a revolution in regards to our attitudes towards our tax system? Our we thinking socially, economically and politically enough about who is responsible for what?
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Finalising Ideas

I have been looking at the tax system and whether there needs to be a revolution in attitudes and thinking socially and politically. Should we pay more tax to pay for services for all or should we pay less tax and ‘incentivise’ people to work harder to be able to afford what they want. 34 more words

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Discussion with Danielle

Ø  Start by looking at our current tax system – who pays what? Class/wages. E.g. 20% tax are for lower working class/30%-50% are for higher earners. 535 more words

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Economic Reveloution:British monarchy





 People have different political beliefs about the British monarchy such as republicans believe that the monarchy are a drain on the tax payers money and they do not do anything for the country they may also believe that they do not want to be a subject to a certain person however on the other hand there are people that believe that the monarchy are ambassadors for the Britain and are building relations with other countries and that they are helping us build connections with other countries. 42 more words

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Political revolution: Russian Constructivism 1913-40


Russian Constructivism 1913-40



The basics of what I understand about Russian Constructivism is that there is power through graphic design but in an abstract way. 58 more words

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