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What characters want: goals and objectives

All characters in your play must have goals: things they want, need, and desire.  Goals are necessary for creating conflict. When your protagonist and your antagonist’s goals are opposed to each other, that’s when you create conflict and tension, and the resulting outcome is the action that drives the play forward. 684 more words


Shakepeare's Best-Loved Sociopath: Advice on Villains

One of my all-time favorite villains in literature is Iago from Shakespeare’s Othello.  He’s out to take down Othello for any number of reasons, but his motivation for doing so is never entirely clear. 596 more words


Defining Moments, Critical Choices, and Pivotal People

The choices a character makes in her past combined with the people he has met have a direct impact on the person that we meet at the beginning of your play.   886 more words


Confusion Illusion

“When you get into a tight space and everything goes against you…never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will… 437 more words

Street Store: Donation through Dignity

Check out this novel street store concept designed to give the homeless a dignified way to choose their clothes from donations.

We often think providing for the less needy simply entails giving them the resources, without much thought for the manner in which they are given the help needed. 38 more words

Generating Ideas

Sesame Street's Autistic Character

Sesame Street, known for being a kids show at the forefront of teaching inclusiveness with its characters, has added an autistic muppet to the roster… 24 more words

Generating Ideas

Caring for the Elderly

Caring for the elderly doesn’t need to look a certain way (think old folk home visits, food donations, senior citizen roadshows etc.)

Here are seven creative ideas… 29 more words

Generating Ideas