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How to avoid blank page syndrome

I spent a great time last week with an associate making three short videos about creating quality content for posts on Facebook Pages.

Trudy Ritsema’s… 740 more words


Student Ideas for New Stories

In my final year at Portland State University, I took an advanced writing class with  Mary Rechner.  In the class we brainstormed some ideas for generating characters, or stories of poems. 478 more words


FMP - Ideas for Designs and My Exhibition Space

On 27/04/2018, I was in work from 9am til 5pm again. At first, I did not think I had any work that I could do in just notebooks or small pieces (because, even though my work place is pretty relaxed when it comes to what we do when we aren’t busy, they wouldn’t let me start sewing samples of fabric at my desk!) as I had annotated and analysed the criteria during yesterday’s shift already. 814 more words


On Inspiration - by Foday Mannah

The question as to where writers get inspiration from  naturally differs depending on individual circumstances; suffice to say that real life usually significantly impacts what’s produced creatively. 768 more words

Living like a writer

Living like a writer
looking throughout the day
for a story to tell
a story only you can tell
telling it, not as an “anybody story” 222 more words

Social Revolution

When it comes to Zimbabwe there has been a lot of social change in the last couple years especially in the last 3-4 years with the use of social media. 215 more words

Generating Ideas