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Interlude 4: A Confession

Note: Sorry, no pictures for this chapter! :(

(Unknown’s POV)

Retrenched? I’m bloody retrenched after all these years?! Neither Nick Alto wanted anything to do with me. 446 more words

The Moonglow Legacy

2.9. Happy Family?

Delia: Gardening helped to kill time. Though there wasn’t much to be done after the gardener.

Maybe I should get a job. After all, I did enjoy mixing drinks at the bar. 1,189 more words

The Moonglow Legacy

Chapter 2.17

Five Years Later

Warning: brief reference to suicide

Violet Frost, private eye and investigator extraordinaire, raced through the snow, her sandaled feet kicking up plumes of icy powder. 1,316 more words

Sims 3

2.47 – Moving Day

SimNaWriMo is messing with my head.  I’m writing like mad for both the Mayfields and the Diabolicals, but I’m only posting for the Diabolicals.  Maybe I’ll just post for the Mayfields as well…hmmm. 561 more words

Sims 3

Interlude 3: Happily Ever After


Spouse: Johnny Zest
Location: Oasis Springs

“I love you, Johnny…”

“As long as we both shall live…”

This is home, at last.


Spouse: Morgan Fyres… 22 more words

The Moonglow Legacy