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Bloopers and Outtakes: Family Portraits

I thought about showing more Arturo outtakes – and don’t worry I WILL, but I figured we should space him out. I’m not great at taking family photos at any time, but once in a while, I do. 351 more words


A Chance of a Lifetime.

I like to think I’m an intelligent and kind person. I help people study, help out around the greenhouse because my mother isn’t much help and my siblings don’t have much business sense. 1,479 more words

Hannah Snow

Chapter 2.01

AN: Welcome to generation 2 of the windsor legacy! :) Poll results show Saturday as the best day for updates, so expect weekly updates to be posted on Saturday! 1,001 more words

Sims 3

Chapter 2.3: Dear J, Growing Up is Hard

I was a goner, completely undone by the kiss. Had I known it would overpower me so completely, I never would have been careless enough to engage her in that way. 2,582 more words

Noble Doubt

Update + best day for posts?

Hi all! Just wanted to give you a quick update — I’ve written several chapters already and am trying to write as many as I can before school starts this fall. 43 more words

Sims 3

Huffman Legacy - The New House

I’ve always tried to keep the Huffman’s humble. This is not easy with a legacy family where I know soon they will be rolling in money. 927 more words