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22. A Dream Realized

The triplets didn’t stay children for long. Their birthday popped up again…and all too soon if you ask me. Josh and I had somewhat been dreading their Teenage birthday. 378 more words

Generation 2

Generation 2.2

Well today is my birthday. I’m getting old… but I’m still going to be a gamer mommy.

Stuffy: Sunny cloud

Fluttershy: Sunny cloud!

Shining Armor: *innocently playing with the sheep toy* 152 more words

ISBI Challenge

Generation 2.1

Meet Spike Kellis who is currently making the first toddler fail ever. -5

What is going on with Kiwi here?

That’s a good looking adult. 512 more words

ISBI Challenge

Generation 2.0

Sorry for the long delay in updating.

As we last left Stuffy, he was gardening before I sent him off to spouse hunt.

Stuffy: She’s pretty. 160 more words

ISBI Challenge

The Scatterday Matriarchy 3.9: Can't Stop Won't Stop!

I swear I am still alive and that I plan on eventually finishing this legacy! Life has been busy over the past few months, with illness and moving halfway across the province and attempting to accomplish real-life things that I don’t want to get into on a ~public~ blog. 2,220 more words


2.2 ~ Changes ahead

While Grayson had a degree in science and medicine, Halley didn’t have her degree yet. She decided it was time to enroll in college with her 2 sisters Hayley and Hannah. 214 more words


2.1~ Different directions

Everyone was moving in different directions, with different interest. Grayson finally proposed to Halley. ” I want to make this official, Halley will you be my wife?” he asked. 452 more words