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Cyril Cyan

Name: Cyril Cyan

Status: Alive, alone and lost

Occupation: Just a child for the moment

Relationship status: Single


Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Siblings: Thea Cyan… 44 more words

Generation 2

Time marches on

And it marches on really dang quick, because I apparently forgot to take any gameplay pics during the kids’ teen years. I don’t even have an excuse there. 1,119 more words

Generation 1

2.19: You Need a Break

After a long and exhausting day at work Hannes came finally home. Everyone in his family was already asleep but that was okay for him. In the last few weeks he had isolated himself more and more from his loved ones. 790 more words

Build Newcrest

The Keen Legacy 1.19: First Date

Today I left the island on my own. With a girl.

Chelsey is Daisy’s friend; or rather, she was Daisy’s friend because Daisy is mad at her. 153 more words

Legacy Challenge

Chapter 2.9 - Birthdays!!!

Welcome! To the last chapter of Generation 2! Last time Charlie and Wolf moved out and Iko got electrocuted right before prom. Today will be quite the packed chapter, as we have FIVE birthdays to get through! 2,243 more words


Chapter 2.8 - Moving Out

Hello and welcome back to another chapter of Losing My Sanity! We left off like a year and a half ago so I had to read through the legacy to see where we were at. 1,125 more words


2.01 - New New Beginnings

Congrats, Eleven! In this temporary dictatorship, you have been chosen as torch bearer for the second generation!

Eleven: Does this mean the readers get to watch me climb up my career ladder and be inspired by my ambition? 311 more words