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The Amazing Hollander | 2.8. Baby Bella

Louise: Welcome, welcome, welcome back to this travesty, this car wreck, this madness that is the Amazing Hollander. Last time, another Hollander was born, my insane little darling, Esmée and you’ve been thinking: “Louise, will that even make a difference?” And after seeing what Kristy’s swim wear is like, I’m inclined to say: No, not really. 765 more words

Leslie Hollander

The Amazing Hollander | 2.6. Bobby Share

Louise: Welcome, welcome back to this stinking pile of legacy known as the Amazing Hollander. Today, our honourable heir is standing outside the library looking like she’d rather be anywhere else in the world. 797 more words

Leslie Hollander

The Amazing Hollander | 2.4. Sacre Bleu!

Louise: Welcome back to the Hollander legacy. Last time, everyone grew old, Flo died and the twins aged up and are thus a little closer to becoming the soul sucking menaces we all know they’ll be. 929 more words

Leslie Hollander

The Amazing Hollander | 2.3. To Be or Not to Be Wrinkly

Kristy: I can’t heeear you, boys and girls! You want to see another magic trick?

Louise: Can you magically make this legacy make sense?

Kristy: I’m a magician, not a miracle worker. 696 more words

Leslie Hollander

Generation 2.1 : New Beginning

Aries’ POV

When Lyra and I became legal adults, I moved out of the house with my high school sweetheart. Her name was Chasity and she was very unique with her mannerism and cat attributes. 773 more words


Chapter 2.55 Teenage Kicks

“I’m relieved I can talk to you alone, Mrs Buckingham.”

Only in her visions had Juniper ever seen Belle so… Angry? Disappointed? She wasn’t quite so sure of the emotion, but it certainly wasn’t relieved, and the begrudging tone in Belle’s voice gave that away. 2,219 more words

Generation 2

Chapter 2.54 Never Been Kissed

Alyssa liked her house a certain way.

She liked her house being clean. She liked her house being organized (but not to the point of seeming crazy). 3,286 more words

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