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2.66 - A Beautiful World

“Are you sure this is going to work?” Ellie said, forcing the handle of the wrench downwards once more, just to be certain. She couldn’t risk the navigation system coming loose during flight. 2,195 more words

My Ideal Generation 2 Pokémon team

I’m on a bit of a Pokémon hype at the moment. I’ve managed to get into the grind to beat the Elite Four on Pokémon Blue and am looking straight on ahead at my next Pokémon venture: Pokémon Soul Silver! 951 more words


2.65 - A Little More Conversation

Al was more nervous than he had ever been in his life.

Actually, that was a lie. He’d been afraid of everything once – so deeply, completely afraid that it had been nearly impossible for him to function outside of the house. 2,064 more words

2.2: Little Miss Do Not Speak

On the weekend after Willow’s birthday she asked Julia to sit down with her. She took a deep breath before she began what she had been planned to ask her stepmother for the last few days already: “Has dad talked about it with you yet? 975 more words

Build Newcrest Legacy Challenge

2.1: Life Outside the Basement

Adam was sitting in the living room of their new house. His father had decided that their old home was too small for all of them, after all they were six people in the household. 1,186 more words

Build Newcrest Legacy Challenge

Gen 2 Ch 21: Tragedies and Miracles (Gen 2 Finale)

Author’s note: Mention of death.

Upon returning home, things fell back into the usual swing of things.

Millie was once again attached at the hip to Sherlock, David and I were back at work and busy, and our friends still always wanted to meet up and chat. 2,997 more words


Gen 2 Ch 20: China Living

Author’s Note: PG-13 for NSFW towards the end.

Even before we stepped off the plane, I knew coming to China was a great decision. The beautiful countryside that could be seen from our illuminators was mesmerizing to say the least. 3,780 more words