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The Keen Legacy 2.52: Tribute

Kingston had been dead for two months, and the Keen family still lived in a haze.

Rose, barely aware of sleep, woke late in the night to bake, and the next day the kitchen would be full of food. 260 more words

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2.6 - You Can Paint With All The Colours Of The Wind

Welcome to the last chapter for Generation 2!! Can you believe we’re here already? I can’t.

This chapter took me longer than usual to play through, because 1) I spent a bit of time preparing for the next heir to take up the torch, 2) I’m really against endings, and I have a tendency to drift off from movies and TV shows before the final├ęs, and 3) The Winter Olympics are happening now, and figure skating is a massive distraction for me. 3,675 more words

The Keen Legacy 2.51: After the Funeral

After the funeral, Kingston was cremated. Vivian had come home from the hospital, but her drugs left her in a fog. She grasped that she was sad, that Kingston wasn’t here to help her feel better. 70 more words

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The Keen Legacy 2.50: Kick

Oh what would end up being the final day of his life, Kingston Keen woke up at dawn and began tending his garden. He ambled through slowly, enjoying the feel of sunshine on his tired bones. 1,036 more words

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2.5 - Well, Now I'm Sad

Back again!

Last chapter, we welcomed two new Kalayas – Disco and Science Blue – and we had some difficulty with Bedtime Stories and the fact that mourning over the death of your Romantic Interest from years before equals cheating on your husband, apparently. 3,443 more words

The Keen Legacy 2.49: Everything's Coming up Roses!

It was good news. Rose continued to remind herself of that. Yes, Chelsey, who she hated, was married to Snapdragon and living with them. Yes, with her mother back in the hospital, she was doing more around the house. 106 more words

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2.4 - Hate Is Not Too Strong A Word

Welcome to the fourth chapter of Generation 2 of the Kalaya Legacy, a chapter in which we really explore my occasional hatred towards children, specifically Sim children who apparently don’t know how to go to sleep without a bedtime story. 2,767 more words