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Monte Vista Stories | 2.2. Lockpicking for Beginners

She spent the entire day feeling like she’d drunk too much coffee and swinging between being excited and sure that none of the boys were going to turn up. 1,693 more words

The Sims 3

The Keen Legacy 3.71: Making it Right

Harvey’s parents kept him home for a week after he got home, and the experience was almost overwhelming. Nothing was new, exactly, but even being able to open the refrigerator whenever he felt like it took some getting used to. 1,388 more words

Legacy Challenge

The Keen Legacy 3.69: Visiting Hours

The waiting room was only half full, but it was completely silent. Chelsey fidgeted like a mad woman, unable or unwilling to settle down, while Snapdragon leaned forward, staring off into space. 1,625 more words

Legacy Challenge

Chapter 2.3 Getting Things Underway

Last time we finished up at uni and Cruella graduated.

I hadn’t realised Cruella & Kilgrave had gone to university before high school graduation.

Oh well of they go.  870 more words


Chapter 2.3

“Everyone line up!” shouts Sera. The sweaty students do as instructed and she stares at the wooden pad in her hand: a sheet bearing a table filled with names, all assigned to departments, divisions and posts… except one. 1,635 more words

Ostracizing Humanity

Chapter 2.2

Later in the day, Emma, Emmett and I are casually walking to the cafeteria to get our lunch. Emma’s stomach rumbles loudly as we start to smell the food. 2,622 more words

Ostracizing Humanity