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2.1 The Grim Reaper Has a Two For One Special

I welcome you back to the Olympia legacy with Clyde grumbling about trash.

Clyde: “I hate parties, they always end with dirty dishes everywhere, stinking up the place, and who has to clean it up, that’s right we do.” 1,310 more words

Generation 2

2.29 – Ce Que le Cœur Veut

Courtesy of Google translate, the title is “What the Heart Wants” in English.  Feel free to correct if you actually understand French!

Chloe’s PoV

True to his word, the agent had the rights to Donovan to us within a week. 1,044 more words

Sims 3

5 Steps to Success

The self-penned biography of Aurad Settler


Growing up on another planet almost guarantees that I’d be seen as, well, Insane to other Sims. 779 more words

Damien Settler

Ultimate Rainbowcy: Blue 2.11

Me: Ummm? Are you guys forgetting someone?


Me: Nope looks like that got a replacement…

Bella: I’m starting work again soon after my like 16 year maternity leave, the more charismatic I am the quicker I am to getting all of the government’s alien secrets! 544 more words

The Sims

2.23 Rose becomes a beautiful Girl

Lauryn decided to make a delicious lamb for dinner. Surprisingly enough, the popcorn maker always seems to be full, and never seems to spoil. It’s kind of amazing. 333 more words

Sims 4

2.22 Scorpius Goes Out

Abigail hasn’t let her age stop her from working on books. She’s actually been more dedicated to trying to finish her writing aspiration, being on the computer as much as she’s able to be, between taking care of her needs. 377 more words

Sims 4

Ultimate Rainbowcy: Blue 2.10

Me: That wouldn’t surprise me honestly.

Me: Bunny literally rolls around nonstop, everywhere, all the time.

Cherry: Really, Coral? A rematch? I play video games 24/7 you don’t stand a chance. 575 more words