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Chapter 2.40

the syndicate: ever city; 10:50 pm

The sky was a lurid green, the vibrantly stained clouds eerily resembling a fresh bruise.

We stood outside the small, hidden entrance to the Syndicate’s underground lair. 1,279 more words

Sims 3

Gen 2 Ch 15: Home Sweet Home

Our return home couldn’t have come sooner. The motel was nice enough, but sleeping in your own bed? Priceless.

Ever since that night at Blue Moon Lodge, things between David and I have changed. 3,033 more words


Chapter 2.39

deathless hq

The painting hung innocently on the wall, the vibrant red-purple hues standing in stark contrast with the sleek grays of the modern apartment. 755 more words

Sims 3

1.8 Finally

The Spice Festival!

Turns out I have 0 tolerance for spicey foods. With my new promotion I guess I had better learn how to make these spicy dishes. 337 more words

Lewis Legacy

1.7 Starbucks

Here lately Juniper seemed to have a lot of nightmares, she kept insisting there were monsters under her bed. Of course I knew there weren’t any there. 512 more words

Lewis Legacy

1.6 Triple Birthday

After the romance festival and the failed attempt of a date, I had random men come to my door.

“No thanks, I’m not interested!”

Jeez, I’m not that desperate. 382 more words

Lewis Legacy

Chapter 2.38

the frost mansion

The next Tuesday morning, enough rain fell to flood the streets. Arthur bravely volunteered to return to Violet’s house upstate to take some photos of any evidence of the scuffle with Cain. 792 more words

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