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18. A Bonded Pair

It was brought to my attention last night that I am not the only one in this house with more-than-friendly feelings and haven’t been for a while. 880 more words

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LTW: Possession is Nine-Tenths of the Law

Ming hates her family, hates her hometown, and wants to live her life without constraints. 342 more words

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2.9 Dōngtiān ~ Xìngfú

Winter ~ Happiness


“Ew, why are you making them kiss?”

“Because they’re in love. This one is mama and this one is baba and they’re living happily ever after in a giant mansion.” 1,631 more words


Chapter 2.44 Four Letter Word

Friday night, spent inside, building a house of cards. How exciting.

Melody didn’t mind all too much though. The house was mostly empty as her mom and Tyler had gone out, Ash was over at his girlfriend’s place and Nate was out somewhere with his somewhat girlfriend, so it was only her, Belle and Juniper in the house but Juniper was asleep so it was more like just her and Belle. 5,618 more words

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Chapter 2.43 Something Special (Reprise)

Alyssa hated seeing Belle this way.

She didn’t leave her room all too much, which was worrying. She didn’t leave the house all too much either, which Alyssa didn’t like. 3,529 more words

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Chapter 2.42 Big Girls Don't Cry

Belle didn’t tend to use her phone at school.

This was a different occasion though. She was panicking and she needed someone to talk to that wasn’t directly related to her but someone who she could trust. 5,030 more words

Generation 2

Chapter 2.41 Prom

Melody had found a solution to her lack of a prom date problem.

It wasn’t like she would mind going stag, her cousin Elvie was going stag, but she would much prefer to have a date. 5,692 more words

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