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Chapter 2.5 Just in Time

Note: Though, I’m a great fan of Noble Doubt story, my Rachel isn’t in any way connected to that Rachel. I created her about year ago and just slightly edited. 1,184 more words

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Chapter 2.25

home base; 8:32 am

“Are you trying to recreate Dad’s pancakes?” Hawke asked.

“Yup!” I said brightly. I hummed to myself as I stirred the thick batter. 1,173 more words

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Generation 2: Chapter 10

The day has finally come: Ben’s space rocket was finished and ready to start. Ben couldn’t be any happier; Victoria’s greatest nightmare came closer. The last few days she had read tons of articles on the Internet about rocket crashes where all the passengers died. 837 more words

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Generation 2: Chapter 9

Ben and the kids decided to not tell Victoria a word about the fire. She already had enough to worry about. As she came home she congratulated Jana on her birthday. 709 more words

Generation 2

Generation 2: Chapter 8

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I really have to add this picture. Jana as a slob farted and Jasmin seemed to be shocked. And Jonas just didn’t care even though he was a neat Sim. 746 more words

Generation 2

Generation 2: Chapter 7

Now that all three kids in the de Barra household have grown up into children, daily life has moved in. “Do you really know how to play chess?” Jasmin asked her father. 907 more words

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Generation 2: Chapter 6

Jonas was an outgoing kid which shouldn’t cause any problems making friends. But he had to face the sad truth that in Oasis Springs are no kids in his age. 846 more words

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