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2.20 – Run Like Mad!

Hope everyone had a great day yesterday, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving Day or not!  I had a great day!  I ate until I could eat no more!   981 more words

Generation 2

2.4 Birthday Joy

Day two on my new job. Treating patients has been an exhilarating experience. It’s still stumping me when I analyze their samples, but the other doctors on call say that soon enough I’ll have a better grasp of it and be able to diagnose my own patients. 425 more words

Legacy Challenge

Athena Mortem Chapter 5: Don't Say It

“And then, after all that time Anson and I put into nursing that dog back to health, we had to give him back to his owners. 1,344 more words


Boys of the 21st century 

Men ,boys,fellas,guys…anyone with a penis,an actual and not surgically done to be ftm(female to male ) trannies.. Nothing against transgenders just trying to keep my silly self going at times in my writing and how I am in general as an individual..I have my moments . 659 more words


2.3b - Small Words

So, I know I passed this blog onto Draco, but I couldn’t help but sneaking in a quick post because of what happened the night he had his fiancee stay over. 383 more words

Legacy Challenge

2.19 – The Return of Madness

I’m back?  Please don’t hate me!  T_T  I know this is really, absurdly, unexcusedly late!  T_T  And I’m sorry!

I’ve been really sick as of late, and whenever I get better schoolwork (and regular work) try to drown me and I get sick again.   1,172 more words

Sims 3

Extra Stuff | Gen 2-3 Family Album

Jeebus Creebus, guys, I’m sorry for how long this is taking. But before I lose you all for good, I’ve added some family album pictures from generation 2-3 – first pictures of the new generation. 141 more words

The Hartfields