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Hailey and Lotus Galloway 2.4b

Hello, Hello! Are you surprised that this post is only a couple hours after part a (even though part a took 15 days to write)? I finally went on to the Galloway household and had to do a couple makeovers for them (3, technically more than a couple). 618 more words


Hailey and Lotus Galloway 2.4a

Hello! Welcome to Part 1 of chapter 2.4! I absolutely loved playing this chapter so I hope you enjoy it. Part b should be up later… 730 more words

Evansdale County

Athena Mortem Chapter 9: Stress

“Hey Zeus, do you think you could watch Jj for a bit? I’ve been with him all day and I really need a nap.” I carried my son out to the living room where my boyfriend was sat on the couch. 1,586 more words


Transformers Combiner Wars: G2 Stunticons Box Set by Hasbro, Part III: Dragstrip and Breakdown

Transformers Thursday continues to chug along thanks to this multi-part feature on Hasbro’s Generation 2 Stunticons Boxed Set. Today I’m checking out the last two limbs in the box, Dragstrip and Breakdown. 584 more words

Huffman Legacy 2.4 - Family

“Wake up!” Sam heard the shout from deep within REM and was awake before he fully processed the words. He looked up, Karen was already out of bed, her eyes wide. 297 more words


Huffman Legacy 2.3 - Domestic




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Author’s Note: Huh, just realized it’s been a while since I did one of these. I hadn’t planned on the sudden disappearance of Izzy, and rest assured we will see her again soon, and she will get her own feature as well. 83 more words


Huffman Legacy 2.2 - A New Life

Sam looked over the small room. There was still so much work to do. The walls needed painting; the floors needed sanding. And the furniture, a crib, cabinets, curtains. 360 more words