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02.31 - Who You Gonna Call? GHOST GRANDMAS!

“Well, you’ve both been busy.”

Malik jumped, startling the baby in his arms. “Morgan?” 1,361 more words

Chapter 2.12: Dear J, a Stranger Returns

Dear J, as you’ve probably guessed from the announcement card above, we’ve had the delight of welcoming Thea Capra Drummond into the world. There is something really magical about babies. 1,796 more words

Noble Doubt

Chapter 2.12

As school rolled around, Hawke became less and less present in our home. She was busy making preparations from her internship, and I’d slowly gotten used to her absence. 823 more words

Sims 3

2.30 - New Arrivals

“Do I have to go to school, Dad? What if the babies are born while I’m gone?”

“I’m sure they’ll be willing to wait until after school, Ellie. 1,231 more words

Chapter 2.11

“–and I think they’re all connected!” I finished. I beamed expectantly at the purple-haired teenager before me. Even Violet Frost, the notoriously picky editor of  1,004 more words

Sims 3

2.29 - Tact and Distractions


“Yes, Ellie?”

“How has your tummy not exploded?”

Lor felt like banging his head on the table, but he had a plate of food in front of him and he wasn’t planning to start the day off with mushrooms in his hair. 903 more words

Huffmans 2.18 - We're Almost Adults

As children, Evelyn and Elisa had been pretty close to identical. Sure Elisa was eager to talk to anyone and everyone and Evelyn spent most of her time on the monkey bars. 440 more words