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2.14 - First Contact

Fresh air, cake, sunshine – what more could a woman want? Lissa opened her eyes and looked over at her wife and son, who were debating whether or not her son’s shirt counted as ‘too low cut’ or not. 1,675 more words

2.13 - Feelin' Good

It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new life for me… and I’m feeling good. 1,214 more words

Gen 2 Ch 11: Making Connections

I was woken up by a loud conversation the next morning. The voices were those of my family members and of two other people. One voice was familiar, the other one, not so much. 4,140 more words

Our Different Paths

2.12 - Is This Normal?

“What was it you said to me before, Mal? Oh yeah, I remember. ‘How does it feel to be an old man now?’ ”

“Well, for starters my back is aching. 1,309 more words

Chapter 2.06

July rolled around with startling speed. Hawke had landed an internship with a famous artist and was preparing to leave this fall while Alistair and I were beginning preparations for our junior year of high school. 1,126 more words

Sims 3

2.11 - You're Timeless to Me

Lor got out of bed and wiped his eyes blearily. Where on earth were his glasses? He had no idea where anything was in this room anymore. 488 more words

Chapter 2.7: Dear J, We All Fall Down

Dear J, it was almost 4:30 in the morning and the dark sky was still sprinkled with stars. They glimmered, draped in cirrus clouds, reminding me of childhood dreams of space travel. 2,447 more words

Noble Doubt