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1.13: Open the Floodgates

“I am so disappointed in you. So ashamed! Galen told me that you should not be left alone and I should have listened to him! I should have hired a babysitter. 1,403 more words


The Keen Legacy 2.16: The Talk

Snapdragon stared off into the distance, not seeing anything.

“This had better be important,” Chelsey said. “I don’t know why it couldn’t wait.”

“I’m sorry,” Snapdragon said. 412 more words

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1.12 And Out of the Woods

Mom and Galen left for the week to go on some woodsy retreat for Galen. Since they didn’t hire a babysitter it means they’ve left me in charge of my sisters. 801 more words


1.11: Into the Woods

Penny decided to surprise me with a week-long camping getaway to the woods. She thought that getting in touch with nature again, living off the land, and returning to the simpler life that I first moved to Windenburg to experience would refresh me and give me a break from the chaos that is our house. 601 more words


1.10: Growing Pains

The first years of parenting were hard. The girls were always crying and just as one went down for a nap the other got up and woke up the third. 643 more words


The Keen Legacy 2.15: Deal With It

“I can’t believe she won’t come,” Rose fumed.

“You know your mother,” Kingston told her.

“Can we not yell?” Snapdragon asked.

“I spent a lot of money on this ticket, and I can’t cancel it now,” Rose huffed. 198 more words

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The Keen Legacy 2.14: Broken

When we were kids, Daisy and I promised to be friends forever, and now she’s dead.
Daisy’s dead.

And has been dead for three years. Some sort of accident, Rose said, and couldn’t say anything else. 121 more words

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