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Chapter 2.4 – Time’s Up

I really love my new job as a technician but it’s hard getting a promotion in spite of my hard work and genius. I have to compete with so many others to get to become a Command Centre Lead. 942 more words

The Sims 4

Athena Mortem Chapter 2: Weak

*A Few Years Later*

Despite how much I wanted things to change as Artemis and I got older, they didn’t. In fact, things got worse. I tried everything I could to get my sister to like me, but no matter what she always still hated me. 1,596 more words


Chapter 2.48 One Hundred

Throwing up was the last way Alyssa pictured starting her wedding day

It sucked; she certainly didn’t miss it one bit. Clueless to why was another reason why it sucked this particular time. 2,946 more words

Generation 2

Chapter 2.3 – Promises

So, after all my hard work I’ve finally reached my goal weight. Many long hours of jogging, treadmill running, swimming, salads and no-carb dieting went into me finally slimming down. 1,204 more words

The Sims 4

Chapter 2.2 – First Date

We finally renovated the house. Now Adrienne and I no longer share a bedroom, we each have our own. It’s still a work in progress but it looks good. 911 more words

The Sims 4

Right, what is art?

So Since I can remember I have had an emotional connection to music and art.

Music has always been my emotional outlet. Since then I have discovered cameras and the world became my canvas. 64 more words


2.10 Chūntiān ~ Hūnlǐ Yào Jì Zhù

Spring ~ A Wedding to Remember

“Maman, Jun is here to ask you something.”

Colette put down her teacup and smiled. “Ah, ma petite, I figured as much. 1,729 more words