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Generation 2 Heir Elected

After a few days of having the heir poll up, we have the Generation Two torch holder, Stuffy Kellis will be taking over once he hits YA. 29 more words

ISBI Challenge

6. Am I Awake? (Part One)

“Hail to my ancestors, who fought for my right to life.” 

“Hail to Kasar, long gone but not forgotten.” 

“Hail to the Void, the true source of my existence. 1,112 more words

Generation 2

Chapter 2.11 – Not According to Plan

Ethan Sloane was born only a few feet away from where his big sister was born. The last time I gave birth it was in the living room, this time in the hallway. 1,469 more words

The Sims 4

5. Breakfast Cake

After spending the morning with dad at the base we headed home on home for my sister Delora’s special birthday breakfast.  Breakfast cake had become kind of a tradition in our house since my dad and Morgan shacked up. 1,632 more words

Generation 2

Chapter 2.10 – Big News

Balancing motherhood and my aspirations were not as challenging as I imagined. Danielle was so well behaved and she hardly ever cried. She made it easy for me to focus on my chess moves even while she was in the room. 1,602 more words

The Sims 4

Chapter 2.51 Double Act

So far, there have already been several bad things about staying over at Melody’s boyfriend’s place

First one being what they did. They went all the way that night, and even thought she was fine with it then, now it made her feel rather cheap. 3,523 more words

Generation 2

Chapter 2.12 - Love is in the air

Hello everyone, Bru here!

When Julliana turned into an elder, I was surprised with how fast time has passed and how little attention I’m giving the grown ups. 751 more words

Legacy Challenge