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Generation gap

Well here is an interesting term. Absolutely love it! Why? Because everyone seems to be aware of it, and everyone knows it is happening every time, to every generation, since we could differentiate tree from a banana, no exceptions. 493 more words

The political generation gap

The recent general election has thrown up attitudes towards and expectations of politics into stark relief – highlighting the growing generation gap.

Here’s my unscientific, non-evidence based look at some of those differences. 32 more words


The day I taught dad the meaning of LOL.

Stirring the milk while it boils. Makes it creamier. Dad walks in. He lives to eat. Looking for food. Checks the kitchen shelf. Moves me to see if I am hiding some snack. 274 more words


Of Waiting

She woke up. It was still dark outside and yes, just as she thought, he has left. She could still smell his perfume- on her body, on her bed. 347 more words

Want to tell which generation a person grew up in? Hand them an N64 controller!

Released in 1996, the Nintendo 64 game console not only eventually gave us such hit titles as Mario Party and Super Smash Bros., but it also had one of the most unusual controllers of all time. 410 more words


The Generation Gap

The adults and elders of this generation who were once young had open minds ready to absorb facts and ideals which later became their beliefs slowly their open mindedness reduced and their beliefs(filtered facts and ideals) grew stronger and soon the youth of today have open minds but collect different facts and ideals which are contrary to the beliefs(facts and ideals) of the previous generation, the key thing here is that “open mindedness” later turns to “beliefs”(a form of close mindedness), both aspects are good but with time they slowly become contrary to each other..

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Images from Turkey

During the last two weeks I have been sharing posts from my trip to Turkey with my Facebook friends. The trip was one year ago, so each day I have been sharing the post from one year previous. 373 more words