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Starting with the above word “vine”. My daughter told me someone was famous for their vines. I just smiled and then looked it up. Vines are six second videos. 255 more words

Black Lives Matter

I am so sick and tired of this bullshit. Black people aren’t the only ones who suffer from discrimination from law enforcement officers, if/ when it happens. 557 more words

Tomorrow is another day

An increasingly embittered older generation have decided to turn their backs on the theory of evolution, recent surveys have revealed.

The basic principle of evolution is that each generation adapts to their environment, improving and building on the foundations of their forebears. 382 more words




(2010’s | teenagese | “engaging,” “relevant,” “familiar,” “accessible,” “personable”)

“Relatable” is one of those expressions thrown up by our younger contingent. (Other examples: “ 666 more words


#Tech #Support

During my long-ago childhood I could never have imagined that a phone – a heavy, stable black object – would become a traveling computer weighing only a few ounces. 1,273 more words


Are We Becoming Like Our Parents ?

I made a strange dream last night. We were dining at my house with a couple of friends and we were complaining about the younger generations. 260 more words


Entry 579: My G-g-generation

Well, as I mentioned in my previous post, our lovely and talented daughter Casey turned 30 last week, which can only mean one thing: my wife and I are friggin’ old. 1,249 more words