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Respecting Elders

“Kids today will never know.”

I hear this shit a lot.

Of course kids today
will never know –

If you are shaming a generation’s… 113 more words


My Realities: Making It Up as I Go

That’s it!  I have given up trying to make any plans. I get way too attached to them and I’m left completely shattered when they don’t work out as completely and as beautifully as I had imagined. 465 more words


Milk Tea, Between a Grandparent and a Grandchild

not my photograph…


The breakfasts at our house are usually made by Mama Chang, homemade breads, fresh milk teas.

One day, Loo Chang had a question, “Daddy, do you know how to make the fresh milk teas the fastest?” 144 more words

State Of Mind

Entering Religious Life in this Graced Time

Our Congregation Vocation Director, Sister Susan Francois, was invited to write an article on the generation gap in religious life for the Vision vocation magazine… 284 more words


...And I Turned Out Fine

“…and I turned out fine”.  Whenever anyone ends a sentence or thought with this phrase it usually means they really didn’t.  I always imagine an older person shaking their fist at “those meddling kids” and telling them to get off their lawn when I hear such silliness. 801 more words


Pilgrimage: Beyond Destination

Ismael Ferroukhi’s film Le Grand Voyage takes the viewer on a pilgrimage of soul, through subtle and striking transformations, writes MUHAMMED NOUSHAD.

There isn’t a thing called way; rather it is what you make when you walk, goes an Urdu saying. 953 more words

Film Review

Freezing Peaches

I’ve been thinking for a while about the biggest disconnect that seems to come up in what one might loosely term “progressive” circles at the moment — the issue of “free speech”. 1,254 more words