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No, Millennials, You Actually Don't Need 'Adulting School'

We’re going to start this one real slow for everyone whose head is already throbbing just from reading the headline: Millennials, currently the most reviled generation… 1,227 more words

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The marriage trend... has it skipped a generation?

I’ve been quiet for a while, so apologies for that. But recently I’ve noticed a lot more marriage announcements happening amongst my family and relatives. The majority of these people happen to be much younger than me, which isn’t that surprising seeing as I’m now technically in my late 20’s. 1,140 more words


४९४) मत / सल्ला :



४९४मत / सल्ला :

आपल्याला रोजच्या आयुष्यात पदोपदी मत देण्याचे प्रसंग येतात. आपल्याला हे कळत सुद्धा नाही की आपण जो संवाद साधत आहोत, त्याचा मुख्य गाभा हा  मतप्रदर्शनाचा असतो.

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So where are you going for Thanksgiving? When are you coming over for Christmas? Are you coming over for Easter?

As a man, I can understand that from a primitive standpoint, traditional gatherings are clan-like in nature. 272 more words

Growing Up

Not yet an adult but no longer a child
In this liminal space of confusion
Puberty and adolescence
The teenage awkward stage
Of changes, hormones and talks… 49 more words


Baby Incubator to Ventilator- A Father Son’s Journey

The German novelist Franz Kafka expressed his feeling about his father in “Letter to My Father.” He Said, 

“What was always incomprehensible to me was your total lack of feeling for the suffering and shame you could inflict on me with your words and judgements.”  943 more words