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Peace and the Long Car Journey

Car Journey to Scotland-

One of my hopes and fears about this trip had to do with the slight lack of electronic entertainment for my teenagers.   594 more words


I fear I will die alone

Whattup Homies.

Ignore the bad English please. I’m in my gangsta mood. Actually no, I’m not. I’m in a weird funk these days.

I sometimes feel like I’m going to die alone. 219 more words


British National Party Bleeding out Defectors. Ahhh, Once they hit that Age....

I’d hate to be one of these people.

Then again, I’d hate to be loved by them even more… 6 more words

Square watermelons

We may have all seen the crazy and cool square Japanese watermelons somewhere. The process is very simple. A box at about the size of a grown watermelon is chosen and confines the baby watermelon inside. 531 more words


Oh Shoot! Grandma is Coming

Saturday night, dressed up in PJs, champing at the bit to watch the most awaited movie of the year. Being half way through the movie suddenly you hear a knock on the door, “You there kid?” 568 more words

Generation Gap

"Your Wrong! My Generation is The Worst...."

On a daily basis, representatives of each generation fight in the cultural boxing ring. Jabs of self-loathing and depredation fly all around. 221 more words

Generation Gap

Were the olden days better?

We often hear people reminiscing about the olden days. I am also a fan of old times (I’m very slow in picking up trends and I don’t fit in this age) but it is a little too biased to say that the olden days were ‘better.’ Firstly, we cannot really compare two different ages even though there is no harm is trying. 399 more words

Old Souls