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Generation Gap

I have my differences with my parents.

They think rules are made for a reason.

Why, they are made to be broken!

They say bungee-jumping can kill you. 83 more words

Random Musings

Taking it out on Millenials

Oftentimes, I hear the older generation talking about millennials this and millennials that. Today, someone was talking about how kids these days KNOW how to interview, but they have terrible work ethic once they’re hired. 157 more words

Rant: On Analog Clocks

A ninth-grader asked me how much time was left on the state biology exam.  Thinking the answer obvious and the question unnecessary, I pointed to the start / end times I had written prominently on the board and then to the big clock on the wall.   287 more words


Generation Gap: haibun by Raamesh Gowri Raghavan

Generation gap

Mother gave me a patch of garden when I was eleven. I ploughed it with a trowel and seeded it with dahlias, geraniums, marigolds and chrysanthemums. 175 more words

Haiku, Tanka, And Japanese Forms


Thank God! The young and old at least agree to disagree.

Happy Realizations

Ah, Millennials.

When I check  my Facebook wall I almost always see some social media post about Millennials.  The posts from people in my generation usually accuse the younger generation of being lazy and entitled.   593 more words


Losing A Generation

“Why won’t the young people come to help?”

“Young people these days feel entitled to all the things we worked hard to get. They’re not willing to sacrifice anything.

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My Life With God