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When I was your age...

Whenever adults (primarily parents or teachers) talk about kids, it usually begins with, “Kids these days…”. They talk about kids these days having gotten everything all messed up. 793 more words


1960s-1970s fashion

1960s, 1970s are the periods which are known as pop music and Hippie movement  that influence all countries especially States. People lived in this period were radical, rebellious and promoted the love and freedom. 449 more words

1960s 1970s Fashion

The Way of Youth

Youth is attitude. Youth is a state of mind. Being youthful means having big dreams, having aspirations. Youth is a way of life.
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Generation Gap

Why are young adults not treated as "real" adults?

We are often told that we, young adults, must respect our elders. But do we often say that they must also respect us? Unfortunately, there are many young people who don’t respect adults and it is a common society complain. 1,408 more words

It's Happening Now

The weak ones 

Is it the Generation Z already? Omigosh… Haven’t got over dealing with the Generation Y yet. *faints*

CW : I feel so stressed out.

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Fashion Illnesses : Generation Y Struggles

As I stepped on the scale this morning, I knew something was wrong. As my feet reached the measuring tool, I felt a thrilling excitement at the idea of seeing a small number appearing on the scale, which was mixed with the menacing anxiety of seeing a number higher than usual. 776 more words


It’s the end of the world as we know it.

Ah. The age-old generation gap. It just refuses to curl up and die doesn’t it?

I’m a member of the notorious Generation X.  I remember being a teenager, sitting around feeling disenfranchised and disillusioned with the establishment. 1,109 more words