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No Generation Of My Own

I was 30 before I got into a ‘proper’ relationship and it was with someone younger. Someone asked my father,

“Doesn’t it seem like Ramya is five years behind her generation?”

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Chronic Thinker

The centuries' dilemma

Damn right the old deserve to be taken care of, understood and showered with concern. But the moment any one of them begins to judge young adults by their millennial tendencies, they remove a certain portion of their entitlement to respect. 78 more words


Procrastination Queen

As I’ve mentioned before, at the moment I’m coming to the end of my first year of a 4 year Bsc in Speech and Language Therapy. 760 more words

Where Kids Go

We were at this event with some friends, one of whom brought kids. That’s all right. The odd thing is the kids vanished now and then, but came back later. 881 more words


Boomer + Millennial = ?

What do you get when you mix a Baby Boomer with a Millennial? Assuming age before beauty, I suggest a BoomennialMy business partner and I have a… 380 more words


Haiku: A Different Tune

Once upon a time
Rhythmic rocking chairs on porch
Uncles, aunts spun tales.

Now new harmonies
Ear buds create inner beat
Grandkids deaf to past?



I’m part of the “Silent Generation” or more commonly known as a Traditionalist. We all have our pluses and minuses, but many of us old timers seem to think that the Newbies are on the road to destruction. 271 more words