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Just a Number

This is my mother dabbing.

If you want to mortify my daughter (always very tempting), dab.

This mortifies her even if I do it in the privacy of our own home when there’s no-one to see. 1,028 more words

Random Thoughts

U3A:"The Night I Called the Old Man Out" (a song)

The Night I Called the Old Man Out

The dining room fell silent
I can’t believe what I just said
I just told my dad he’s full of it… 556 more words

Lesson U3a

CPB Entry 6

Kresge 80B
Reading Assignment Notes

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Denise Silva


14 November 2017

  1. Understanding Rhetoric
    1. We often have this association between intentional trickery or deceit and rhetoric.
  2. 558 more words
Educational Power Structures

New Millennium Soliloquy

We were told more technology would mean less work.

We were told we needed college; told the loan debt was a necessary evil.

We were told to look for dream jobs; told long hours and little pay can be a necessary sacrifice. 289 more words


Four frustrating “middle-aged man rules” that dictate life in a Japanese office

Are you an innovation-loving young professional? Brace yourself for the chance you’ll run into this aggravations working in Japan. 817 more words


Let's Build The Missing Connect!

As, I watch the sun rise and sip through my coffee, I get a thousand thoughts about where India is heading. Digitalisation is a boon to the society, with the help of Internet we are introduced to the world methods and techniques minute by minute. 794 more words

Generation Gap

The Voices That Count

In the sixties and early, pre-Watergate 70’s, we heard a lot about the Generation Gap.  It seemed that the schism between those who represented the Establishment, and those who had “dropped out” or represented what we called the… 1,227 more words

Musical Theatre