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Closed Minds and Country Music

Country music is a big deal where I’m from. When tuning into local radio at any given time, you’re most likely to hear gospel music, sports broadcasts or country hits. 812 more words


Respect is a privilege and not a right

Everybody is aware that there are vast differences between generations but the previous generation (that of our parents and uncles) has still not come to terms with it. 1,084 more words

Generational Branding

There comes a time in every major leading millennials chains existence where they are struggling to connect with their clientele and this time is now. Indeed, various internationally renown and outstandingly successful fashion brands are actually facing comparable store-sales coming in flat in their most recent quarterly results. 891 more words


May 22nd.

If you don’t already know, I believe you should; that the Marriage Equality referendum is being held on May 22nd in Ireland.

As a student, I know that young people are quick to blame the older generation for the reason that there is a referendum on the matter of marriage equality in the first place. 207 more words


Millennials Are Changing How We Work Training Part 2

Millennials are changing how we work. For example:

  • A performance review once per year is no longer enough.
  • Working long hours with only a 2 week vacation is no longer enough.
  • 750 more words

Why I’m Better for Having a Relationship with my Grandma.

Over the year that my Grandma was in a nursing home due to her stroke and heart attack so many people tried comforting my loss with the phrase “you’re lucky to have such a strong connection with your Grandma; most people your age don’t have that”. 1,348 more words

Quantitative studies of student “knowledge work”

In addition to the NEA studies about reading and the UC San Diego study of information consumption, here is some data from a study of academic performance by college students… 19 more words