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Hell Is For Children

Window of time — years ago —


The birth-givers disrobed and produced babies to throw

into the abyss where they would not grow.


But grow they did, from seeds to weeds, 128 more words

The B.U.R.N.O.U.T.S. Chronicles™

Helter-Skelter, the Thoughts of a Parent

Because they’re, getting older now, and, they’re, leaving you, behind, step, by step, little, by little, translated…

Are there parents that you know, who’d complained on, how they seemed, to have less and less in common with their own young? 605 more words

Experiences Of Life

'D' day

Dudley day. A.k.a. We’re all dead day.

Can’t understand how we all end up so much more tired on the days that D-dude is here. We ran the usual amount. 627 more words

Daily Update

What's the Word?

I think it’s just par for the course that children will find their parents to be amusing. My kids have a great time standing my husband and me in the middle of the kitchen and cranking up some song so they can show us a new dance move. 338 more words


The Generation Gap is Alive and Kicking

I had the idea for this blog whilst sitting in our hotel’s restaurant on New Year’s Eve. A particular radio show was blasting through the speakers as we were trying to eat. 559 more words

Haddon Musings' Senior Salon

America: Land of the Soft and Home of the Victim

I begin my 2017 musings in a minor key, but addressing an issue that I believe is important if Americans in general, and Christians in particular, are going to make any kind of difference in the world today. 1,234 more words

Christ And Culture

Communications in the modern age: You can relax, Grandma!

As we roll out of 2016 into 2017, it’s fitting to think about one of the things that’s changed a lot and will keep changing a lot–communications. 1,339 more words