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Helen Simonsen - Major Pettigrew's Last Stand (2010)

This novel was such a pleasant surprise. I picked it up for about three dollars at the BMV and read it based on a recommendation from my grandmother. 291 more words


Of Insecurity

She bent forward and whispered in his ears, “Is it too necessary to go? Is it too necessary to be with her for the coming week?” Amidst the drunken crowd and fifty other odd men and women in the club, he knew not what to reply. 368 more words

Club Culture

Generation gap

My mom is a survivor of the WWII. She’s 95, with a clear mind. She endured in her youth forced labour, persecution and years of forced separation from her husband. 93 more words



My generation — the post-war baby boomers — had an unusually high percentage of dysfunctional relationships with parents. I thought it was a self-selecting sample. I had a pretty awful childhood. 970 more words


Media Mythbusting: How far is too far?

We live in a predominately digital age. Newspapers and magazines are slowly declining in production, privacy is no more there is nothing you can’t find out online. 814 more words

How to make your parents happy?

And someone asked … how do we make our parents happy?

Well I did have a laugh on it to begin with… but it was a serious issue. 624 more words