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22nd July - Generation gap

Not only did I go to the Gym but I owned 3…

But what was lovely was the random 8 to 10 year old boy who (was there with his mum) came over to talk, discus tactics and was so pleased we were on the same team and that he could add his highest to help defend the gym. 76 more words

Daily Photo

July: Dont look back in anger

As part of our July theme “Talkin ’bout my generation”, Karen Pollock explores why so many of the big names of LGBTQ+ activism seem resistant to change and new ideas. 875 more words


I wish I were deft as young chums
who know how to twiddle their thumbs
typing texts of their own
over cellular phone
as swift and correct as they come. 39 more words


A Retro Generation

Burnt Out Firecrackers & Faded Flowers

I was watching The Wonder Years. In 1968, a generation battled the one before it for identity, for a different set of values and for a new future. 878 more words

Chronic Thinker

Pressures on Pensioners

A recent study conducted by the ESRI entitled “Quality of life problems differ by age group and social class” was greeted by The Irish Times with the front page headline “Young faring worse than pensioners, study shows”. 585 more words

Doing it Right

Walking our dog in the mornings and evenings is a ritual undertaken every day. On such a walk, we came to a pedestrian crossing and the signal started to blink red. 729 more words


Lessons in Pokemon from the SheNANAgan Diaries

Technology Challenged Advisory: This post contains descriptions about a game (also called an “App”) played using a Smart Phone with GPS technology that tracks your exact whereabouts and you interact with characters as you walk. 529 more words