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Brands Woo Millennials Using New Strategies

Brands Woo Millennials

In all of my marketing classes, one concept always stood out: relationships. Any good business has a relationship with it consumers whether it’s through a loyalty program, or a contest is irrelevant. 314 more words


Socially awkward with age

Does this happen to anybody else or is this a ‘me’ thing? As I get older I feel conversation comes just that bit harder. Shouldn’t I be more comfortable and proficient at it by now??? 67 more words


The generation gap

Children from birth to around twelve years are virtually captives in their own home.  Their parents control them entirely.  The child is told what to do and what not to do.  502 more words


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Millennials' Inverted Reality

Baby Boomers created Millennials. Why can’t Boomers understand the inverted reality Millennials find themselves in?

Millennials In The Workplace

I am fresh out of college and currently job hunting. Why am I telling you this? I read this article on Forbes website about how Millennials are changing the workplace and thought it was perfect for today’s post. 365 more words