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Getting older: What every old fart will say at least one time.

Neil Newton: Author of “The Railroad” on Amazon

“You’ve never heard of her?”

Yes, every old fart has said that about someone who was once famous at least fifteen years ago. 355 more words

Showing Star Wars

This is how I felt when I showed Star Wars to my kids. That is to say, when I tried to show it to my kids. 87 more words


The Arrogent One

These Millennials-

Can’t act like adults,

Never listen,

They need so much praise

and never take a step of their own without Mommy’s permission.

Those arrogant Millennials- 612 more words

The Gulf Between Generations 

Author: Priyanjana Das
The day I came to know about grandpa’s illness I was anything but shocked. At the age of ten the only thing I was sure about was that there are two kinds of people in this world- good people who always go to the angels and bad people who always go to hell. 1,108 more words


A Tale of Two Grandmas

What I have learned so far from a sappy novel and my formidable Korean grandmother-in-law about filial piety.

Ever since reading a story about a woman named Park So Nyo who goes missing at a train station I can’t stop thinking about another woman named Nam Pib Han. 2,024 more words


The myth of the Millennial leader

We are experiencing a demographic shift in the United States — Millennials now outnumber Baby Boomers. In the coming years, Millennials in the workplace will increasingly influence decision making and… 312 more words

Ibm Study

Inter-generational work force

With the world becoming more closer and connected than ever before thanks to the advent of technology, getting information and data across the country borders has never been easier. 1,143 more words