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Things You Never Thought Would Happen

I have been around for a while now and I like to relate “how things used to be” to my son. Of course, times have changed and it is amusing to think back about predictions from my youth. 337 more words

Life Lessons...

Here’s a few things that I have learnt about life, so listen up the younger generation…

Kids, time may go slowly for you as you have to wait forever for your next birthday, or Christmas, or for some event you are eagerly awaiting but as you get older, time flies by, days just roll into one at times. 378 more words


Right way of living

First milk, not satisfied then yoghurt not satisfied then butter , then cheese, then ghee, then ice cream then looking for options and substitute for milk and shift to soya milk again with soya milk many more options and at the end these all products gives us lots of problems and some one advices us go back to original form the organic form that is the best option that is the healthiest way to eat food but we are humans the most intelligent species on the planet till we don’t go at the depth of anything we come across we can’t sit with peace cause we want the best out of every thing but while doing all this we all forget one thing that how many answers we try to find that many questions arises it’s good to live life with inquisitiveness but no at the cost that we become berserk.Everything is at its best when it is in its natural form whether food or whether we humans. 103 more words

From being judgmental to the shades of grey


A rule book is important for any society to draw a line but there is a reason we still have judges sitting in our courts and not machines to take decisions. 1,005 more words

Being A Woman In India

When your child acts out in public

What do you do or how do you feel exactly when your child acts out in public? My daughter seems to act up more if I am around other people or certain times in public. 214 more words

Child Care

Bridging the generation gap in the workplace

There are many ways we bridge gaps in our workplace environment from gender, race, culture, origin, and age. When it comes to age, however, there’s so much more that comes with it than the years we’ve existed. 726 more words


30 is the new 20

For the generation of young Europeans, the age of 30 might be the same as the age of 20 was for the older generations. Respectively, the advances in thinking and longer life expectancy allow them to start at 30 what they parents had to manage in their 20s. 435 more words

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