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Retirement is Not in My Future

It’s always reassuring when I discover one more way my brother and I are similar.  At my graduation lunch with my nannying family and my real family, Roy answered questions about his career. 584 more words


My Thoughts on "GENERATION ME"

I find myself in between 2 generations. I don’t feel young enough for one or old enough for the other. More times than not, I am always grouped with the GENERATION ME crowd. 237 more words


The SAE Scandal Is Another Example of Plummeting Tolerance for Bigots

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon frat members who were expelled from the University of Oklahoma last week after they were caught on tape chanting a racist song are more than just bigotry — they’re also an example of a new kind of out-group. 679 more words

10 Reasons Why All Counselors Are Not Equal

What my 14-year old step-daughter has learned from her “counselor”:

1) You can “cry wolf” about suicide, and then enabling grandparents and bio-mom will get you a horse. 454 more words


Generation "Me"...Just how bad is it?

The generation of baby boomers, because of its narcissistic nature, has become known as the “Me Generation”.  Well, the millennial generation that has followed them has followed suit.  83 more words

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Millennial's and The Slow Death Called Living

Recently I decided to pick up my life and take a job in a different town. I packed my bags, quit my job, and got my own place. 527 more words


My Generation

and the reality that love is a whore.
that’s my generation
drowning in their own
lack of inspiration.

Without any goddamned

something almost heartless… 67 more words