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My Opinion On Social Media

If someone were to ask me if I genuinely like social media my first response would be, “absolutely not,” I hate it. I loath how much of my attention it consumes and the time I dedicate to being concerned about other’s lives just to end up comparing them to my own. 814 more words

Why is Written word disappearing? Pt. 1

The worst Advice ever given to me by a Public School Teacher: “Don’t worry about her spelling.”

Actually, it went something like this: “I’m not worried about her spelling, or hand writing. 413 more words

Written Word

The Me Generation?

I think any kid in any generation could be the “Me” kid.  But this fast-paced world makes it seem as if it’s really that generation of children we’re seeing raised and raising. 156 more words

generation z

they’ll scream our names on rooftops
and carve our stories on the walls of abandoned buildings.
ad astra per aspera:
we are shooting stars who’ve shot… 67 more words


Emotional Intelligence & Empathy

In an earlier post about Emotional Intelligence and marshmallows I referred to the findings of a Demos think-tank report which reported on an increase in social mobility between the end of WW2 and the 1970s followed by a period of stagnation up to 2000. 428 more words


Retirement is Not in My Future

It’s always reassuring when I discover one more way my brother and I are similar.  At my graduation lunch with my nannying family and my real family, Roy answered questions about his career. 584 more words