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Keeping up with the Millennials

The co-founder of HAYDN talks publicity stunts, designer traffic cones, and why he dropped out of university.

Photography and words by Dani Cole

One night at 10pm, Jules Skinner decided he’d had enough of the small Devon town that he’d grown up in. 944 more words


Private renting?

If you rent privately in West Norwood why not drop in to Knowles ( 294 Norwood Road SE27 9AF)  at 7pm on Thursday 25th January. 128 more words

Community / Voluntary

i spend a lot of time on rightmove when i should be working but anyway here's a blog.

There’s a woman stood on the platform in the rain. She’s shouting about bombs and yelling threats to people waiting on the opposite side. She shouts what are you going to do threaten a young girl / I’m homeless / I’m scared / I’m scared / I’m scared and the anger in her voice is almost bored but slightly desperate, as if she’s yelling to make sure she’s actually there. 960 more words

Homeowner Dreams

There was once a time when owning a home was a milestone that the majority of people reached. It was a milestone of growing up, something you did before starting a family. 452 more words

It's your move or more likely mine, week 35

This is the last post for this particular blog because on 4 December we exchanged and on 14 December we completed.

When I started this blog in January 2017, all I had was a small financial lifeline that went towards a 15% deposit. 427 more words

The Housing Crisis, The Mortgage Maze

And the Award Goes to...

And the award for Most Useless Advice Given to Generation Rent goes to….. Strut and Parker for their recent article on how Generation Rent can save for their deposit. 398 more words

The long-term consequences of falling home ownership

A report today from Generation Rent predicts that the number of pensioner private renters will increase by 169% in England over the next 20 years at a cost of an extra £3.5bn in housing benefit. 802 more words

Housing Benefit