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And the Award Goes to...

And the award for Most Useless Advice Given to Generation Rent goes to….. Strut and Parker for their recent article on how Generation Rent can save for their deposit. 398 more words

The long-term consequences of falling home ownership

A report today from Generation Rent predicts that the number of pensioner private renters will increase by 169% in England over the next 20 years at a cost of an extra £3.5bn in housing benefit. 802 more words

Housing Benefit

Power To The People

If you haven’t heard, Generation Rent is growing in the UK. Soon there will be more renters than home owners. This is not necessarily a problem if the rental stock is affordable, of high quality and if the support structure is in place like in… 384 more words

Myth-Buster: The (Apparent) British Obsession With Home Ownership

British people are obsessed with home ownership.

In my role, I attend several housing and property events. One of the things that keeps being repeated by some industry correspondents, which, I am sure that you have also heard in the media is that the British people are obsessed with home ownership.

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What is Generation Rent? - And Whose Fault is it?

Generation Rent is the term used to define a particular demographic in our society that, due to high house prices and rents, are unable to save for their first home. 734 more words

Blogging...? But Why?

First post… so what is this about?

At RenKap we are here to help those who have been locked out of the housing market by soaring house prices and sky high rents. 85 more words

Tory conference: much more radical solutions needed to tackle housing crisis

Andy Green

Theresa May pledged at her opening conference speech on Monday that Government would invest a further £10 bn by 2021 in the Help to Buy scheme which allows people to purchase homes with five percent deposits supported by twenty percent equity loans from the state. 510 more words

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