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Why British millennials feel like they have been screwed over by Brexit

Firstly, there is a generational divide. It is widely reported that older people generally voted to leave and younger people – to remain. A lot of people interpreted young people’s resentment as “they feel like old people should be be allowed to vote because they’d die soon anyway”. 588 more words

Home is the parked car I can't drive yet

A while ago, I compared my life in Bristol to the car I own but can’t drive: in perfect working order, ready to go at a moment’s notice and the key to impromptu adventures. 1,820 more words


The Bank of Mum and Dad is not the solution to Generation Rent's problem - lower house prices are

HOW much is your house worth? More importantly, how much does it matter? The current cover of Private Eye perfectly captures this very British preoccupation: on one side David Cameron, warning Brexit might lead to war, and on the other George Osborne, who chips in: “Or worse, house prices might fall!” 951 more words


Priced out of the city

I have now been commuting from my parents’ home for the last 6 months. Having initially only planned to move out of the city for a few months before I get back on my feet, I now believe I won’t be able to move back for another six months. 276 more words

Let all flowers bloom

Listen carefully – above the polite tinkling of teacups and the clip-clip of pruning shears, you might hear the faint suggestion of a row brewing at that most English of events, the hardy annual that is the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Chelsea Flower Show. 633 more words

Gender Equality

Londoners shame landlords over 'rip-off' rents

Londoners are publicly shaming their landlords over rip-off rent prices in a new online campaign. Renters shared their worst experiences of renting including horror stories of living with rats, cockroaches, damp and mould for upwards of 550 a month under the Vent Your Rent hashtag. 169 more words

Activism & Protest

A model to solve the housing crisis for 'generation rent'?

Policy Network, a London-based progressive think tank, hosted a breakfast briefing on 26 April to launch a paper proposing a new model of home occupation to solve the capital’s housing crisis. 913 more words

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