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Spot Generation Rent in New Zealand

Source: Housing affordability: The Social Report 2016 – Te pūrongo oranga tangata from Perry (2015), Ministry of Social Development, using data from Statistics New Zealand’s Household Economic Survey.

Economic History

Generation Rent (Poem)

Some people can afford a mortgage,

But we’re not that lucky.

We’re living in flat shares we can’t afford,

Paying debts older generations

Didn’t have. 140 more words


Why I Love Being Part Of Generation Rent: Part Two

The 78 bus drives between Peckham and Shoreditch every 8 – 12 minutes 24/7, via my sanity, patience and right to a good night’s sleep. The bus stop was so close to my bedroom window, I’d wake up thinking that I was about to starfish the top deck window – nobody deserves to be the poor sod sat in the front seat in that scenario. 620 more words

40 Years of Failure

When you are walking in the wrong direction, the smart thing to do would be to stop, evaluate where you are heading, and change course if necessary. 1,024 more words

Paddy Vipond

Why British millennials feel like they have been screwed over by Brexit

Firstly, there is a generational divide. It is widely reported that older people generally voted to leave and younger people – to remain. A lot of people interpreted young people’s resentment as “they feel like old people should be be allowed to vote because they’d die soon anyway”. 588 more words

Home is the parked car I can't drive yet

A while ago, I compared my life in Bristol to the car I own but can’t drive: in perfect working order, ready to go at a moment’s notice and the key to impromptu adventures. 1,820 more words


The Bank of Mum and Dad is not the solution to Generation Rent's problem - lower house prices are

HOW much is your house worth? More importantly, how much does it matter? The current cover of Private Eye perfectly captures this very British preoccupation: on one side David Cameron, warning Brexit might lead to war, and on the other George Osborne, who chips in: “Or worse, house prices might fall!” 951 more words