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After Grenfell, the government must ensure ALL homes are 'fit for human habitation’

Almost 12 million people, a third of which are families, now live in largely unregulated, private rented housing. Only last year Conservative MPs, many of whom are themselves landlords, rejected a bill that would require landlords to make their properties ‘fit for human habitation’.  1,104 more words

Renting and gardening

I am a failed Generation X. Somewhere along the way I ended up renting instead of being a Buy-to-let squillionaire. As the oldest millennial horticulturist, I needed to find a way to garden in a rented property. 635 more words


There is finally a glimmer of hope for renters

You belong to generation rent if you are a “young adult who, because of high house prices, lives in rented accommodation while being regarded as having little chance of becoming a homeowner.” 459 more words


Moving in, out, up, and down

There are times when I’m talking to The Mom over Skype and as she runs me through the details of her week, it amounts almost exclusively to something like: people came with stuff, left stuff, took stuff, brought more stuff, moved stuff around, and then left with less stuff than originally advertised. 776 more words

Moving Home

Moving on from home ownership for 'Generation Rent' - Richard Ronald. 

by Richard Ronald, Associate Professor, Centre for Urban Studies, University of Amsterdam

The inequalities and inequities that housing markets generate have become a cross-national issue in the last decade or so. 1,121 more words

Poverty & Inequality

Today We are 5 and other exciting things

Yesterday was rather momentous for us I was checking my emails when an alert came in telling me the blog was five years old. Well howdee down doodee and Happy Birthday I thought to myself. 243 more words