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Generation Rent, the voice for young renters, needs your support

At the very time that we need an in-your-face, effective campaign to promote the interests of people living in the private rented sector, news comes in that Generation Rent, the campaigning group that has set itself up as the voice for young renters, is struggling to secure funds for its future. 46 more words


Twenty-somethings: Experts don't know our next move

I read an article online which claimed that people aged between 18 and 34 years old appear to have not moved from the parental home, despite job prospects and salaries improving since the housing crash of 2008. 268 more words

Being Twenty

“Social Housing is only for the poor” – revealing, unpleasant, counterproductive

I drafted this piece just before George Osborne’s recent budget (you can see my piece on that at http://www.cwuyouth.org/view-blog.html?blog_id=417 ). Then other stuff got in the way and it languished on my laptop for a bit.  712 more words

One in four households privately renting by 2025

One in four households in the UK will be privately renting by 2025 – that’s the conclusion of research by respected business consultancy PwC. 

As house prices have risen much faster than earnings and social housing supply remains constrained, the number of households in the private rented sector has more than doubled since 2001, says the consultancy. 197 more words


Why are we not angry? – The London rent rant

Imagine going to the shop tomorrow. You pick up some eggs, a bun or two and some fruit. You walk past the self-checkouts not willing to hear dreaded ‘unknown item in the bagging area’ again. 694 more words