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Let all flowers bloom

Listen carefully – above the polite tinkling of teacups and the clip-clip of pruning shears, you might hear the faint suggestion of a row brewing at that most English of events, the hardy annual that is the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Chelsea Flower Show. 633 more words

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Londoners shame landlords over 'rip-off' rents

Londoners are publicly shaming their landlords over rip-off rent prices in a new online campaign. Renters shared their worst experiences of renting including horror stories of living with rats, cockroaches, damp and mould for upwards of 550 a month under the Vent Your Rent hashtag. 169 more words

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A model to solve the housing crisis for 'generation rent'?

Policy Network, a London-based progressive think tank, hosted a breakfast briefing on 26 April to launch a paper proposing a new model of home occupation to solve the capital’s housing crisis. 913 more words

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Let's get some things clear

Up until now I had been using codenames for friends and places to remain anonymous. While Saffron’s friends will remain the same with their codenames, let’s get a few things straight: 70 more words


You could need 106k salary to afford your first home by 2020

Typical first time buyers will need to earn over £100,000 a year to afford to purchase their own property by 2020.

New research by housing and homelessness charity, Shelter, shows an increase of over a quarter on the £80k required for a typical mortgage today. 215 more words

Multimedia Package: Generation Rent

Generation Rent – young people nowadays seem to be doomed to a lifetime of tenancy. According to the newspapers, London will become a city of tenants by 2025, and by that year, only a fourth of adults will own a home in the UK. 456 more words

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LGA First | Helping residents in the private rented sector

April 2016

Helping residents in the private rented sector

Betsy Dillner

Over the past decade, the housing market has undergone an earthquake. With house prices out of reach in much of the country and a shortage of social housing, increasing numbers of people have no option but to rent from a private landlord. 578 more words