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ZHU - Generation Why Review 

Since emerging onto the scene in 2014, Steven Zhu has put forward an enigmatic approach to pop, often with meaningful undertones. Now, in a debut that explores all things summertime pop, Zhu has laced GenerationWhy’s tracklist with clear-cut electronica – a refreshing sentiment amongst over-compensating and recycled chart-toppers, but also extremely dry. 456 more words


Doing the things....

Aloha! I just thought I’d post a little update on my rock n’ roll life up here in Donegal…

Listening: lately I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts, particularly Generation Why, an American podcast hosted by buddies Aaron and Justin who get together to discuss conspiracy theories, unsolved mysteries and various other topics such as the life of Elizabeth Bathory, Aileen Wuornos, the Amityville Horror House… they don’t claim to be experts in any field, they just seem to enjoy researching and chatting about different subjects and they’re really engaging and insightful. 369 more words



Today my blog turns 1.

I had attempted the podcast thing but limited resources and one-too-many-Serial-case-spinoffs put me on the short end. Speaking of Hae Min Lee’s case, Generation Why brilliantly promoted… 1,091 more words


Sword & Scale Florida Meetup

Sword & Scale remains as one of the most successful crime podcasts, queuing up 70 episodes to date. The man responsible for bringing engrossing true crime stories to our ears is Mike Boudet. 1,406 more words


The LDR - Long Distance Relationship

I’ve been in a long distance relationship now for a year and a half. There are many ups and downs that go along with being apart, but what makes it easier is counting down the time until we will see each other again. 360 more words


Dealing With Expectations - Theirs vs. Yours

Let’s be real. The first two weeks after I moved home were pretty much brutal.

I felt like I had lost all my direction and momentum, and effectively taken a few steps backwards. 595 more words


Welcome to Generation Why?

Welcome friends,

I started this blog shortly after finishing college and returning back to the basement of my parent’s house. I have no job, no money, no prospects, and a lot of student debt. 380 more words