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Hello there my lovelies! Today’s post is a little different as it is not actually book related! It is however about something that has found it’s way into my daily routine, and that is podcasts! 585 more words

Break the Internet

In honour of Swear To Me releasing on the 24th, I am posting poems from my previous books every Tuesday and Thursday before release. Today’s selection is “Break the Internet” from 2016’s Generation Why. 181 more words


Generation Why What Happened to Brain Carrick, episode 96

It’s uncommon for anything major happen in McHenry County Illinois. In 2002 Brian Carrick went missing after he went to Val’s Foods. He was to pick up his check. 56 more words

Capping CrimeCon 2017

Returning to my Airbnb from CrimeCon, my mind swirls with flashbacks about this jam packed three day weekend. So much to see and hear. Where do I begin? 2,044 more words


To Hell I Must Go - Rod Sadler

Alfred Haney had suspected there was something peculiar about his young wife for a very long time. The conversations she had with no one in particular had become more and more frequent. 236 more words

If you liked Serial, try these True Crime Podcasts

Serial and Making a Murder started a true crime craze. If you’re a fan of either, I recommend all of the following podcasts. They can be found on any podcast app or the Apple Ap store. 1,190 more words

True Crime

My Favourite Podcasts

Confession time…I LOVE true crime podcasts. Yes it may seem dark but I am fascinated by the debauched, evil and seedy underbelly of the human race. 520 more words