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Discovering Podcasts - Four To Tide You Over Until Serial Starts Up Again

A few weeks ago, I wrote how I have just started getting my feet wet with listening to podcasts. I also shared some of the ones I have been listening to. 705 more words


"Aspirational," Self(ie)-Absorbed Teens

Now that “selfie” has officially been inducted into the Oxford Dictionary, which is either indicative of generation Y’s level of narcissism or propensity to use imagery as a form of self-expression, its propagation and normalization into day-to-day life has defined the ethos of social discourse in 2014. 175 more words

Generation Why?

Having No Time To Do Nothing

This week, our BCM contingent was charged with the task of organising a movie-date amongst ourselves. Not a bad piece of homework if you ask me. 694 more words


Deleted by a Married Couple

I successfully got deleted on all forms of social media by a married couple today.  Let me explain.

The husband made a post on Facebook regarding people complaining about minimum wage and people needing to take out student loans for their education so they don’t have to make minimum wage.   589 more words

Generation Y

Farewell Mr Anderson

I should start by saying that (generally speaking) kiwi men aren’t known for opening up and showing their sensitive side, unfortunately I’m no exception. Being open with my emotions is something I’ve only recently started to do so please keep this in mind as even now I’m finding this kind of hard to write. 444 more words


Generation "Why?"

The danger of asking Why? all the time.

It puts us in a vicious circle of confusion. When we are never satisfied with the answer we are given. 1,132 more words