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Generation X Movie

Thanks to YouTuber TheX-MenFiles’ channel for hosting this video.

Also, thanks for making this one big video instead of the two different parts ones that I’ve been watching (or trying to watch) for months now.  215 more words

Fun With YouTube

Generation X: The Last Link to the Past

Recently, I went with my oldest child to his High School Orientation Night. I’m not sure how I became old enough to have a son entering high school, but I find myself obsessed with the thought that in less than 5 years, he will be going off to college. 822 more words

Millennials earning less than their fathers

Recent research has shown that by the time millennial men reach 30 they are earning about £1,500 a year less than their fathers were. The same doesn’t apply to women. 221 more words


Generation X and the Silent Revolution

There is a lot unsaid and overlooked about my Generation X. As an “Xer” born in 1974,  I was heavily influenced by a variety of teachers. 745 more words


Millennials and Boomers feel like they're living in two different Americas—and that's a big problem

The recent US presidential election highlighted the need to understand growing divisions in US society. A surprisingly overlooked, yet particularly urgent divide is generational.

America’s social contract has long held that you get taken care of when you’re young, you pay your dues as an adult, and then society takes care of you when you’re old. 680 more words

Why Do Older Generations Scorn At The Lifestyle Of Younger Generations?

As a member of Generation Z, I have experienced my fair share of lectures explaining how life is too easy for me. The youth of today comes under a lot of criticism (as I am sure many previous generations have too) from people of the previous generations. 444 more words

Generation X