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MARVEL teases the return of the classic X men universe

Marvel has announced the  titles for the “ResurrXion” line: “X-Men Blue” and “X-Men Gold”  series  along with “Cable,” “Generation X,” “Jean Grey,” “Weapon X” and“Iceman.”


A Piece About Modern Teenagers

This current day and age posts so many threats and challenges for teenagers. There are overwhelming dangers we have to deal with, both through the media and in our physical interactions that just weren’t there before. 539 more words


So tickt die Generation X - W&V

Fast 2 Milliarden Menschen weltweit zählen zur Generation X, zu den heute 30- bis 49-Jährigen. Sie waren einst die “Faulenzer”-Jugend der 80er und 90er. Und heute? 540 more words

ResurrXion Teases Generation X #1

Marvel continues to roll out teasers for ResurrXion. Their latest is a beloved past from the past, Generation X #1. That’s on top of… 31 more words


Figure Out Your Own Work Ethic

I’m proud to be part of Generation X. We’re typically defined as individualistic, self-reliant, and entrepreneurial. We’re goal-oriented, philanthropic. We’re gritty. We’re skeptical and resourceful. We say we value work-life balance, but we work our butts off. 365 more words


A Letter to Generation Z from Generation in Between X-Y

By Tuhu Nugraha.

The Generation Z that was born after mid  90’s up to now, may be make their parents that of course Generation X will be very shocked. 711 more words



“The millennial generation is the generation of child born between 1982 and 2002.”

Begitu batasan yang diberikan sebuah sumber mengenai generasi yang saat ini sedang menjadi topik hangat pembicaraan: …

849 more words
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