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When I was a teenage, I vowed not to be like my parents, and keep trying to open myself up to our younger generations’ trends. Music is easy enough, as is literature. 250 more words

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Why are Millenials so entitled?

I thought I was going to talk about jobs today, but I’m going to save that for another time. Today, I want to talk about names. 1,519 more words


A blog post written in the doldrums

Being a minority person in a group is never easy.  You may be completely at ease with what makes you different and very interested in learning about people who aren’t like you; but you’ll never be free of those in the majority who say “oh come on, why can’t you be more like us, it’ll do you good.” 687 more words

Baby Boomers

We're Generation X & We're Not Stuck!

For our parents, the Baby Boomers, things were a little different. Their path to success was more clear. Go to school, marry, buy house, have kids, work, retire to happily ever after.  494 more words


It's Ethan HAWKE, Not Ethan "Who?"

Earlier this week I was telling Deb at work that I’d read in a Vanity Fair article that Bruce Springsteen did not hire a ghostwriter to help pen his new autobiography; instead, every word is his own. 519 more words

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Is it Inappropriate for Men to Ask Women Out at Work?

by Lee Desser

Comedian and late night television host, Samantha Bee, brought up something interesting on NPR’s Fresh Air about sexual harassment.

She started off with a couple of news stories of women facing discrimination for avoiding men’s sexual advances at work, and at the end of her segment she said, “Right now I’m actually picturing some guy saying, ‘Ugh! 538 more words

Kids These Days! (You’ll Understand When You’re Older)

If you are a Millennial with atypical opinions, like me, you have probably heard somewhere along the way, “Oh, you’re too young to understand.” Usually this is used when someone doesn’t have the facts or logic to win an argument, so instead they turn towards the arbitrary number of how many times they’ve orbited the sun. 382 more words