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“You’d really hate an adult to understand you,” one girl named Susan is quoted as saying. “That’s the only thing you’ve got over them—the fact that you can mystify and worry them.” 728 more words

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Like, gag me with a spoon!

The younger generation – more specifically, my teenage daughter – has me stumped. Because she does things that simply don’t make sense. And it frustrates me well past my usual state of composure. 530 more words

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Selling to Generation X

Today’s vast markets made up of diverse generations can make a salesperson’s job that much more difficult.

There are four main generations in the work place and every single one prefers a different channel of communication. 337 more words

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Connecting x to y

June 29, 2015

Something in the news last week provoked my daughter to ask about the naming of generations.

“Why the name “baby boomers?”

“What is your generation called?” 450 more words

Generation X to Millennials: We feel your pain

I was born in 1977. Three years later, I’d have been a Millennial: I wish. I had no idea I was in Gen X until Gen Y (a.k.a. 461 more words


Broadway, NYC.

I think it’s his birthday.  I hope so.


World changers

So anyone who watches the news or reads the paperjust knows that every once in awhile there is a hype about the generational differences. Its this idea that groups of people born at certain times have a certain way of viewing life. 439 more words

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