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What Does Generation Z Want From Their Cars?

When they’re designing the next generation of vehicles, Ford looks to their team whose focus is analyzing trends and using those trends to reveal what direction the consumer base is going and, in turn, what direction the manufacturer must go. 500 more words


Scenes from the street:

Harsh scenes of garbage.

It’s not exactly a city of designer looks anymore.

It’s not really a city where it is easy to meet  people anymore. 87 more words


Local job openings:

Here we have 3 positions available.  One is for a hair stylist and the other two, for a fast-food delivery person. Notice that these employment announcements are not written in English (much less in proper Spanish).  146 more words


A city as severe as its streets.

 Cracked streets.

Icy conditions (in more ways than one).

Routine reminders of hard work (particularly of manual labor) realities.

Footsteps that race mercilessly forward.


River's Edge

Here’s a dark little ditty about unfeeling Generation X youth not feeling much at all and slowly zoning out of life. It’s as if they’ve all taken Valium and are just getting on with things while half asleep. 570 more words


Oh god not another dating disaster blog!

The advent of the internet and the modern trend to publicly reveal your deepest and darkest thoughts in the form of a blog has remained a slight mystery to me.  426 more words


Anatomy Of The Groove For 2/27/2015-Andre’s Pick: “Waterfalls" by TLC

As readers of this blog may have noticed? I’ve done previous little coverage of the 1990’s in Anatomy Of The Groove. My reasons for that,complex and subjective as they are,can be found over a number of my music reviews on Amazon. 390 more words