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We are the generation that gave Grunge and Hip-Hop a home.  The Gen-X years housed some of the greatest musicians and music of our time.  The Who’s… 418 more words

"Flash" stars to debut short film

Hmm, looks like Generation X and a Millennial rob a bank. Does a Baby Boomer get shot? * snerk * Here’s the official trailer:

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The Beauty of Paper Mail

I’m a micro-generation of a xennial – a blend between Generation X and millennials. I’ve often felt that I was in an in between state, relating to both generations partially and never fully identifying with one. 466 more words


Walk Boldly Into This Season

I haven’t posted anything of substance in awhile. Sure, I’ve put three seconds of thought into a few Haikus, but I’ve not delved deep into my soul to wrench out any coherent insights in quite awhile. 75 more words

Generation X

Social Media- the most personal choice you can make

I am a self-proclaimed pasta aficionado and consider myself a pretty good artist.

I have three dogs, two siblings and I love Instagram because ‘a picture says a thousand words’… 531 more words


Millennials Are Making Less Money Than The Previous Generation

Millennials in their early 30s earn less than their counterparts in the preceding generation, according to a new study.

Millennials on average make 4% less than people in Generation X did when they were the same age, according to the… 101 more words