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PHDinMeBlog- Money Monday

Hey Scholars!

It’s Money Monday!  Couple things I want to talk about today!

  1. We are still using Mint as our budgeting software, but were as we normally update/reconcile/balance the budget on the weekend, we didn’t this past weekend and will instead be doing so on Tuesday evening so I will let you know how Mint is holding up as we try it for a month at least.
  2. 182 more words

Sophfronia Scott on Writing About a Generation

I had the opportunity to interview Sophfronia Scott for the Festival of Women Writers. She is the queen of outlining, and her discipline makes me realize how structure can actually free up creativity. 317 more words

Beat Generation

The Summer

I’ve learned a lot of things this summer… A lot of things!

2015 will hereby by known as “the summer of learnin'”.

I learned a lot about myself… 300 more words

Kimberly Manky

PHDinMEBlog-Money Monday! Generation X and Money

Hey Scholars!

So Around April or May I was talking to a lady and she was speaking of the Millennials.  She was talking about them with that title as if they were a new rock band.   283 more words


"What Fresh Hell Is This?"


This article in Forbes, “American Millenials” being among the world’s least skilled workers. I read a bit that Brett Easton Ellis, the celebrated novelist, wrote for Vanity Fair, it was called “Generation Wuss” – very amusing, I thought I’d lead with this because it goes back to the source. 185 more words


Say it with me: Generation X

Well, say hi to Beeps. Thanks, Lolabipola, for the new nickname! Nicknames are COOL (she says with a fez on and a bow tie around her neck – if you don’t get that reference, ya don’t deserve to know). 1,150 more words

#TBT #Occupy

By request, this month’s TBT post tells about the three months I spent with the Occupy movement in five different American cities.

“It ain’t a middle finger on a t-shirt, the establishment’s tryin’ to sell. 1,297 more words

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