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Emma-Frost-Focused Thoughts on Marvel's ResurrXion

Marvel’s next big X-Men event, Inhumans vs X-Men, will lead into a relaunch of titles in X-line, and—as IvX has officially kicked off—Marvel has started to release information about the various series in the upcoming rebrand. 1,563 more words


Unpopular Opinions: Jubilee

Here’s an unpopular opinion for ya: I don’t think Jubilee (of the X-Men)’s mutant power is lame. Never have and never will.

Whenever some comic book or superhero site makes a list of the lamest X-Men and their powers, Jubilee invariably makes the list, and I’ve never gotten that. 767 more words

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The Route

Recommended reading for Generation X:

“The Route” is an earthy and relatable trip down memory lane for Generation X. You’ll be pulled in by a fascinating portrayal of the Green River Killer from the perspective of a victim’s 8th grade neighbor – a tape mixing, bike riding, aspiring journalist who’s getting his start as a paperboy. 86 more words

Generation X

Musings About '80s Nostalgia

Vaguely recall receiving actual letters in the mail during the ’80s.

I remember trying windsurfing in the ’80s, but never looking this cool.  For my version, picture a small, waveless lake and the sail barely leaving the surface of the water. 85 more words


Some Snippets of the Past

As challenging as it was to be a Gen-X kid, there are so many things I look back on fondly. Times were a lot simpler back in the days of 8-track disco and Journey on cassette. 172 more words

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