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Different Generations in the Work Force: Our Base Separators in 3 Words

Me: Why do Millennials act like they don’t need to earn their place?
Mom: … Aren’t you a Millennial?
Me: *glares* No.
Mom: Yes, you are. 400 more words


Generation X Part 4 - I'm the Only One

If you haven’t seen it, Reality Bites was a film about a bunch of twenty-somethings trying to figure out what to do with themselves after college. 2,429 more words

Gender Politics

The Generation X Definition of Success

What is success?

At this point in my life I am 32 years old and a proud member of generation X. Here is our definition of success. 361 more words


From baby boomers to millennials: Which generation speaks to you?

The Great Depression, the civil rights movement and the rise of the smart phone — society has made drastic changes over the years, shaping the culture behind generations. 1,158 more words


Video Killed The Radio Star

The year was 1981 and I was 8 years old. The anticipation was almost palpable, for most everyone it seemed. MTV (Music Television) was going to change the world by bringing artists into our living rooms through music videos. 1,017 more words

Personal Stories

Suicide and Generation X

Why are so many people of my generation killing themselves? I began writing this blog in May after hearing about the death of Chris Cornell and did not finish before learning that another high-profile musician from my era, Chester Bennington, tragically took his own life this past weekend. 1,041 more words


Three things Boomers can teach GenX and Millennials at work

Decades ago, there were dire warnings about the crisis that would be caused by Baby Boomers retiring en masse. The crisis was averted, thanks in no small part to another crisis called the Great Recession. 541 more words