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Generation X & Politics

Millennials complain about university fees, zero hour contracts and the costs of getting a home with limited hope of getting on the property ladder. The desperation that they’re never going to move out of their parents home or house share. 185 more words

Baby Boomers

Vail Valley Real Estate News for Wednesday, April 19

A strong start for April as the Vail Valley Real Estate Market Rolls into spring. Plus, a look at the real estate habits of the oft-overlooked Generation X. 20 more words

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Filling the boots of a past generation

In centuries past leadership was earned by people as they aged, survived difficulties, gained wisdom, and expertise through years of experience, or often it was grasped by ambitious persons with a touch of ruthlessness. 562 more words


Why is Ageism So Acceptable?

You can probably tell from some of the concerts that I reminisce about that I’m not exactly a twenty-something. I am one of the last of the Baby Boomers, born right before Gen X. 1,032 more words

BQB's Classic Movie Rewind - Fight Club (1999)

The first rule of this review is don’t talk about this review.

The second rule of this review is don’t talk about this review.

Fight Club.   979 more words


Sallie Mae and Me, in the Trump era

Back in 2015 and 2016, I made significant efforts to figure out what my Sallie Mae/Navient student-loan debt is doing to me financially, moreover how to alleviate or lessen those effects, and I wrote about those efforts in a series of posts titled  651 more words


Meet the Next Class of X-Men – A First Look at Generation X #1!

For the first time in years, the Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach throws open its doors once again – ready to foster the next generation of mutant heroes and diplomats! 236 more words