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The Robot

Wonder / Click / Scroll

Feel inadequate / Exit / Wonder

Reopen / Click / Scroll

Important thought / Scroll / Forget

Exit / Real World / Still wonder

Obsess / Obsess / Obsess

Generation Y Love of Vintage Lifestyle

Seems like millennials are more into slow cooking, walks and classic board games. Remember when our used ro say, “You dang youngens are too wild nowadays.” I guess they can’t say that about millennials. 43 more words

Planes, planes and more planes with some delays

I have now spent a year traveling for work. I mean I am not in my home state for 90% of my work time. Monday out. 396 more words


It's Been Awhile...

Well, it has been about a year and a half since my last post. Life happened: I got promoted, got promoted again, moved across the country (well technically just halfway), promotion delayed 4 weeks post move, different job (90% traveling, which we will get to), moved a quarter way across the country, bought a house, remodeled it, job falling through, need new job and here we are! 69 more words


1963 was the year.

The year that a man with a strong desire for change gave a speech that was driven from the injustice he saw around him. 157 more words


Would you Shhh or Share? Hot Topic

If you’ve been in a relationship then this might appeal to you, I don’t know if it happens to other generations but I’m fully aware of it happening to mine. 1,493 more words