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Blog 2: Out of the Binder, Into the Kitchen: Working Women and Cooking

After reading Maria Godoy’s blog, “Out Of The Binder, Into The Kitchen: Working Women And Cooking,” I started thinking more about her use of the concept “guilt-trip casserole.” Godoy quotes… 405 more words

I’m not crazy, I’m a Generation Y Hypersensitive Scorpio - that means passion, a lot of passion (part 1)

I read a lot about adventurers (age does not matter) who had either taken the time to travel when they graduated or they quit their jobs to go and explore the world. 953 more words


Do we want conversations or NOT?

There is this issue that’s been spiralling in the back of my head since at least 8 months. I’m only trying to address it now because I don’t want to leave my snugly heated room or my bed. 549 more words


Staying Grounded

The ‘quarter life crisis’ is really a thing. It’s probably called that for a reason.

We all go through it. Well, at least everyone I’ve talked to (my friends from different circles who are in that age bracket) have mentioned in one way or another how they have felt like they don’t have their life together. 252 more words


Don't Give Up on Forever

I was talking with my boot camp leader today casually about my 40 year marriage pact. When I tell people about it, people think I’m crazy but hear me out. 467 more words

The Power Of A Conversation

What is Our Purpose as Millennials?

While we may live our lives day to day, we often throw in the back of our mind that “we” as a generation are known as millennials. 454 more words