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Generation Y 

I am so sick of hearing my generation, Generation Y, is this and that. So, I decided to speak up my mind.

We grew up learning to categorise, generalise and, most of all, judge. 349 more words


Emoji, WTF, and Jegging Have Officially Been Added to the English Dictionary

A few years ago, words like emoji, twerk, meme, WTF, and photobomb meant nothing to people not plugged into pop culture and the inner workings of social media, but now they’re an official part of the English language. 289 more words


Hi all!

Today’s post is by one of my friends Michelle, an accomplished writer. Several of her write-ups are being published on prominent websites.

You can find her work at sites like  926 more words

Generation Y

We Are the Smoke-Free Class of 2000

After receiving our diplomas 15 years ago, members of the Class of 2000 are doing great things, though that depends on your definition of great. 321 more words

West Virginia

My Momma Says..

My momma says that store credit cards are the devil. Actually, just kidding. My momma told me to get a store credit card for that 40% off sign up reward. 813 more words

Generation Y

Kids and Technology

So I have two boys at which I have experienced in two very different ways. They are eleven years apart so I guess you could say that they come from two separate generations Y and Z. 177 more words


5 ways to encourage collaboration between Generations X and Y

A great deal of the conversation in human capital management these days concerns the ongoing movement of generations through the American workforce. There are two undeniable trends happening in the present day – one, the baby boomer generation is gradually moving into retirement, and two, millennials are entering the office in full force. 462 more words

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