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Don't Generalize Me

I found it to be infuriating when the Older Generation put labels on us; Millennials. We are often called narcissistic, lazy, entitled, trophy-kids and other mean names. 404 more words


Travel Photography: Tips and Tricks

I was never interested in photography when I was first starting to travel. For me, it took away from the experience and I secretly chided others who spent the majority of their trip behind a camera. 423 more words

Travel As Gen Y

Millennial Generation

I am a Millennial.

I haven’t self imposed the title on to myself. I AM ONE.

Us millennials, like the baby boomers of the 50s or the fictional millennials of Planetary (those born on 1/1/1900 possessing special abilities that change the world), have the potential, the need and the means to change this world. 196 more words



I am a grateful person. Somehow, even my most impossible wishes came true. Call it luck. I call it a mix between hard work and tons of luck. 485 more words


Why is Generation Y in such a damn hurry?

I’m sure I’m in the very same boat as many people my age now – that old group that the world now refers to as the Millennials. 473 more words


No, Liberal Arts Kids Aren't Screwed

Update: I got into my first choice law school and am starting in the fall. Sorry I was offline for a long while. I just had to sort that out and I am so happy to have a professional trajectory! 937 more words