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I always have shorter-longer gaps in blogging. I do have it in my normal diary as well, and by normal I mean hand-written.

Anyhow, basically my emotional state is quite…rolling. 734 more words


Adulthood is coming, so is the Vengabus

Like many of my friends, I spent most of my childhood pretending to be an adult. From fake marriages in the playground to building the perfect house on the Sims, growing up in the 90s saw crop tops, tamagotchi’s, transfer tattoos, platform Skechers and more make-up than the Spice Girls put together as my vital tools in the experimentation of being a grown up. 306 more words


Lack of financial literacy could hold Canadian millennials back: report

Canadian millennials are better educated than their parents, have more skills, and are more likely to spend money on philanthropy, according to a BMO Wealth Management report… 563 more words


I’m Not a Good Person. I’m Not a Hard Worker. I’m Not Special.

Being born in 1981, my childhood was fully infused with an overdose of the teachings of the Care Bears and The Get Along Gang. I’m referring to that mantra that all adults (and Smurfs) seemed to further convince us of, during that Ecto Cooler drenched decade: 543 more words


From Cuban Blog

I am just going to copy one paragraph from the Generation Y Blog.  For some reason this paragraph is speaking to me and so I wanted to share with whoever might stumble on my blog. 50 more words

Being a Millennial: Why it doesn't suck

My generation, technically Generation Y, has been given the name “the millennials.” Even just reading the word can make me cringe sometimes. So, then why did I title my blog and even kind of title myself using that word? 969 more words


Clap back from a ‘lazy’, ‘entitled’ Millenial.

I’ve heard it all about generation ‘Y’. We’re lazy, entitled, narcissistic and selfish. And at this point in my life as a twenty something year old, married homeowner and  working mother of 2, I’m getting really tired of hearing the same moans of our older employers and employees. 428 more words