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In This Broken World, We Must Learn To Love

We balance
on the slippery edge
of epiphany and madness.
Ignorance and venality
are everywhere we look,
assaulting our senses,
whether they are spewed from an angry mouth… 219 more words

Oh, I'm Back

How do people do this without forgetting about it for 3 years? Well, I guess I’m back for now. Let’s see if I’ll actually commit to this thing now.. 108 more words

Social Media Storytelling

This week in class we have been assigned readings and discussion points on word-of-mouth marketing and opinion leaders in media.  Of course word-of-mouth marketing is how we spread messages to one another via word of mouth.   995 more words

Communication Theory

Generation Lost

There are professors,
Working night and day,
Trying to find out,
Why we lost our way.

They say my mom and dad,
had too much fun, 260 more words


You all are probably thinking “Stef, this picture totally contradicts your title..“. Baby boomers I can reaaaaad your mind, each and everyone one of you – yes I see you mom. 652 more words


Relationships? Nah, No Longer In Fashion!

I accept (and have moved on), that we are at a point where stable solid relationships are dying. I don’t blame this on social media anymore, but on our lack of will to try. 429 more words

My Story

4 Things I Wish I Could Tell My 20 Year Old Self

Being the wise age of 26 years old, soon to be 27, I find myself looking at this generation of 18-21-year-olds with a fun sense of nostalgia. 616 more words