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A Trade of Staple

People are more excited to find about people in my life and imagine them taking everything I have in this world, in a way.  Like, I’m excited I play music.  70 more words

Classical Music

"No Child Left Behind"

It’s strange people beat out everything in Generation XY in high school to hide the bad kids’s relative failure.  However, try to do something “up old” like in your teens and you won’t be ready.  13 more words


Pathetic Particularities and Memories of Misery

Did you know Late Boomers are like robots more comfortable showing love and affection for Generation YZA?  Actually, people of any age are.

I’ve grown up suffering being treated like I “don’t matter.”  It’s funny I got slow and tired. 77 more words


"What came first, the chicken or the egg?"

Generation Y takes out their wrath on Generation X.  It’s their Early Boomer parents who said it wasn’t their fault how the world was for people younger than them. 30 more words


Instant Gratification from Generation-Y

While I was encouraging my baby to walk her first steps into a big city before years, I didn’t imagine that, one day, I will learn from her how to do things better. 142 more words


Future Trends in Social Media

Curious about the upcoming trends in social media? Continue reading below:

Influencer marketing. As expressed in a Forbes article, an influencer does not have to have a huge social media following, but rather is someone that has power to change someone else’s thinking or behavior. 282 more words