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Pilot Episode

Ok, so here I am, ready to pour my thoughts and feelings out to a webpage. Apparently it’s meant to be cathartic, at least that’s what my bat-shit therapist said. 1,148 more words

Chronic Depression

Ireland! 50 Shades of Green!

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by lush green landscape all year long, I was skeptical about the idea that there could be anywhere more green, I mean just as green, sure, but MORE green, no way… Okay, I was wrong, Ireland has the PNW beat, because not only are there 50+ shades of the most intense green you’ve ever seen and then some, but there are castles too!   884 more words


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An Ode to Orgasms

O thou ravishing convulsions, Who lie dormant in the day,  And dream of freedom, honeyed revulsions, Yearning for your next lay. O thou bringer of joy and destroyer of woe,  138 more words


I wore this dress to one of my birthday dinners and have been finding all sorts of ways to wear it ever since.
You can tell from the texture it’s really lightweight and being satin makes it even more airy, both exactly what I need in this stiff August heat. 85 more words


Ready for Fall and 10 Strength Training Moves for Runners.

8 miles before 7 am with some gorgeous cloud cover. My legs were feeling so good too! I think it had something to do with the awesome cool breeze we’ve been experiencing lately. 189 more words


6 Most Valuable Life Lessons I've Learned

Disclaimer: Some of these are fact. Some are conclusions I’ve reached that I believe to be true. Take these- as I hope you take everything- with a grain of salt. 276 more words


The A-Z (or Y) of a Book Lover's Glossary

Who else agrees with me on this? That no matter where we are, it will always feel like we have been transported to a new destination whenever we pick up a book to read. 1,080 more words

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