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Students in the Kettle

Last week I posted a copy of a letter I wrote to our State Superintendent of Education on my blog and learned a few things. 629 more words

Why Free Time Is Overrated For Our Generation

You’re young and you have all the time in the world. You’re not worrying about taxes, social security, or mortgages. You can just party all night and play video games all day, but don’t. 580 more words

Generation Y- 9 things we DO have

Being part of Generation Y can be seriously depressing sometimes. We get told constantly the generation before took the glory years. They have the mortgages, the pensions, the savings. 803 more words


I'm a gentleman

I’m a gentleman of gentle deeds,
I was raised by a beautifully kind woman and a man with so much pride and honor, even when he had to work on his hands and knees. 159 more words

Life Is What You Make It♥

The fear of the real world

In just two short weeks I will be packing my bags and leaving Eugene forever and college forever. It is both exciting and absolutely terrifying. Many of my friends that previously graduated have found themselves with jobs not related to their career field or bottom-of-the-totem-pole jobs, with the exception of few who have discovered their path toward success. 246 more words


Lessons in Belonging with Erin Lane launches today

Lessons in Belonging, from Erin Lane’s new book, Lessons in Belonging from a Churchgoing Commitment-Phobe, speaks to a real — and pressing — issue in the Church: everyone’s deep soul-need to belong, alongside a culture that is increasingly reluctant to actually do so.  168 more words