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'Millennial': An Insult?

Check out my first published article –  in collaboration with FourGoodsCo By FrancescaWho

The term ‘millennial’ has transformed from being a ‘generation definition’ to that of an insult over the past couple of years. 95 more words


The Dinosaur in the Room: Brick & Mortar Retail

I’m absolutely in love with Amazon. Whoever created it is a mythical genius. However, I know firsthand that my love for online shopping is quickly aiding in the demise of shopping malls. 341 more words

What Went Wrong With... Generational Stereotyping?

We’re living in a time in which we’re told never to generalise and not to stereotype, and yet the media seems content in putting generations into a box. 322 more words


The best millennial finance stories of the past fortnight

A selection of the best millennial finance stories from the past fortnight. Why millennials are less likely to invest, why older millennials may never recover from the crash and how some US parents have told their live-in millennial son that enough is enough. 454 more words


Poem of the Week: Generation Labels

Generation Labels
May 20, 2018

Generation labels
Generation titles
Titles handed out
Titles based on generalizations
Generalizations so broad
Generalizations so sweeping
Sweeping and inflexible… 172 more words


Generation Why Not?

Say what you will about our generation…But we are getting shit done. We are turning the tables. We are using our voices.

And even more importantly, … 707 more words

Life Coaching

This Day and Age

People claim that millennials are technology ridden individuals with nothing better to do than take photos of their food. Ouch. I will agree that technology has influenced millennials and all generations to a certain extent. 444 more words