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My Thoughts on Why We Feel Compelled To Travel, and the Changing Meaning of Travel

Why do we feel compelled to travel? If you ask any adult in Britain what their passions are, the vast majority will include travel among their list of passions. 2,087 more words

My Travels

F****** Megabus

Disclaimer: Keep in mind, as you scan my scathing review, that I use Megabus nearly every other week. It isn’t all bad. 727 more words


The Sorting Hat: Random Stuff, By Hogwarts House

Keep your eye out for owls! This week is big in the Harry Potter world: JK Rowling, Harry, and, of course, Neville Longbottom all celebrate their birthdays at the end of July. 925 more words


Summer Reading Challenge: 100 Places Every Woman Should Go

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Stephanie Elizondo Griest nearly a year ago when she was the guest author at my Goddard College residency. I fell in love, as does anyone who meets her, with her vivacious chicana personality and undeniable charisma. 200 more words

Summer Reading

Brisbane | Internet friends; a beloved band; happiness in a trip

Brisbane. Oh how it stole my heart (it’s not an exaggeration, I feel as if my heart still lies in Brisbane on some days).

I had been planning this trip to Brisbane since ages, it feels like ages. 682 more words


The Dreaded Post of Jer : Part 1

I’ve been anxious to write my next post but I haven’t had the time to write it.  Funny coincidence, I received a call from Pandora’s Box saturday night after I was stumbling home from the bar. 2,116 more words


San Diego, Lake Havasu and the Grand Canyon

I’m only just managing to write a blog post now because we’ve been so busy. It’s only day 5 of the trek and we have already done so much. 157 more words