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Dear China

Dear China, I miss you. I miss you more than I would have thought.

Thank you for flipping my narrative on its head. Thank you for the craziness and the chaos that you seamlessly fold into the beauty of your country. 212 more words


More Things To Do In The Steel City

After spending Thanksgiving in Pittsburgh, I have a few more travel tips for ya. (Just in case you didn’t get your fill from this one… 309 more words


Generation Y - The 'Follow Your Passion' Generation

Have we created a problematic generation by encouraging our students to follow their passion? 448 more words

New Learninig

Stop Being Young, Be Yourself

Being young is great, taking everything on a whim and not worrying about a thing. But when does being young actually hinder our progress as a person? 635 more words

Why us young people now have it so damn hard!

I’ve recently seen many articles once again claiming that young people are the most spoilt, stupid, and just generally terrible people around. I wouldn’t expect anything else from middle-aged, privileged writers who seem to delight in being controversial. 786 more words


Responsibility and why I REALLY don’t want to be an adult.

I am in the throes of adulthood. In a few months I’ll be 30 years old. I’m teetering on the brink of infanthood gazing down at the valley of grown ups below and standing right on the edge. 1,211 more words


The Break Down: My Money Went Where?!

It was important to identify what I needed to pay out each week in order to stay ahead of bills, loans and everything else, and to ensure that when the budget was in full force, I wasn’t caught unawares. 423 more words