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Generation “Yners”

Researchers have documented the general classification that Generation Y folks were born between 1980-2000.

This blog only reflects a small percentage of those born within those dates, so more than likely if you are reading this I am… 847 more words


Females in music (and what it's like to love metal)

The social position of women is changing- fast. Feminism (in its most non-radical definition) is becoming a hip, modern thing that most Generation Y’ers are jumping on board with. 231 more words


Leonore Annenberg Fellow McKenzie Chinn Launches Hatchfund Campaign for Chicago Indie Film OLYMPIA

(Read more here and watch the trailer to OLYMPIA)

Leonore Annenberg Fellow McKenzie Chinn Launches Hatchfund Campaign for Chicago Indie Film OLYMPIA

“The recession came along right when people in my age bracket were just starting to gear up,” says McKenzie Chinn, Lead Actor, Writer and Producer of  … 159 more words


In a world of technology, Tinder and one night stands, I’m the idiot still waiting for a fairy-tale.

I’m not the kind of girl to go home with a stranger at the end of a drunken night.  I had my time at college, don’t get me wrong, but you soon realise that although it might be sex that you crave, it’s intimacy and emotions that you crave more.  744 more words



A millennial is defined as someone who was born from the early 1980s to the late 2000s and are described as “generation me”.  We are addicted to technology, our appearances, material things, and attention, or at least that’s what we catch so much crap over. 868 more words


An open letter to Generation XY who think they've got the world by the balls

Dear Generation XY,

Have you ever wondered what transpires to make such a big difference in people’s lives?  On a beautiful late spring afternoon, much like today, two young women graduated from the same college.  761 more words

This generation is constantly failing because we are lazy.
We’re failing at finding love, finding happiness, and finding purpose, not because it’s “dead” but because we don’t want to work for it, we want it handed to us. 11 more words

Life Is What You Make It♥