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The “Narcissism Epidemic” and the Usefulness of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder Diagnosis

In popular culture, the term “Generation Me” is used to describe young people today, and recently some academic attention is starting to focus on what is called the “narcissism epidemic”, a supposed prevalence of narcissistic personality traits, such as a feeling of entitlement, unwarranted high self-regard and arrogance (APA, 2013), amongst young people. 1,290 more words


Bad Decisions; or, The Modern Icarus

I am doing a half marathon.

I don’t know how it happened. It just crept up on me. I remember nodding vaguely when someone mentioned the upcoming Bristol Half, a 13.1 miles slog through the simmering city heat, making noncommital grunts when they suggested putting a team together, and then about a week later I found myself printing off training timetables and looking at protein shakes online. 515 more words

Marketing has love for you if you were born in the eighties

This is part of a script that I ghost-wrote for Nick Hewat (now the commercial lead at The Guardian) for a presentation about the spending power of the baby boomer generation.   1,868 more words

Baby Boomer

Liquid Leadership (book review)

In Liquid Leadership, Brad Szollose proposes to teach leadership principles for those who have younger employees, or for those who lead organizations that need to relate to a younger demographic. 171 more words

Why Generation Z Gives Me Hope

As I am getting older I am trying my best not to become one of those old geezers who hates the generation that comes after them. 1,119 more words


Generation X to Millennials: We feel your pain

I was born in 1977. Three years later, I’d have been a Millennial: I wish. I had no idea I was in Gen X until Gen Y (a.k.a. 461 more words


Generation of Debt

I wrote this article a while ago for Noir Magazine on Generation Y (Millennials) being the first generation to spend a lot on education but not getting the return back.  947 more words