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When You Want to Quit

You can probably attribute the urge to (at least) one of many reasons.

You may have been raised in a home where you lacked nothing. “The world” may have been at your fingertips throughout your childhood and early adolescence. 663 more words


Marketing To Young Buyers

There are 93 million millennials – otherwise known as Generation Y – in the US.  That group now represents the largest segment of the American workforce.   264 more words

Trade Tips

Ladies, two words: Solo Travel

Solo travel is  a fascinating thing to experience. I think  every girl should experience travelling alone at least once. And I have got to try it finally on my recent… 556 more words


Twenty Four

It’s funny to think about where you thought you’d be at certain ages growing up. When I was in the Fourth Grade, I planned out my entire life by age, with a very specific timeline: 18 – graduate high school. 398 more words


Generation ME

Before writing what is probably going to be a tedious stream of consciousness, I decided to replenish my expertise on the subject of Millennials. So, undoubtedly, I took The Guardian’s “hugely scientific” quiz… 707 more words


Generation "Another brick in the wall"

I always wondered how my generation would stand out from all others. Besides the facts, that we grew up in a new millennial and we came to be the digital natives, there had to be else. 617 more words


Review: Richie Norton and `advocacy of Millennials`

Today was published amazing article by Richie Norton “The 14 most destructive Millennial myths debunked by data”. So optimistic article! So controversial.

I`m Millennial. I`m not completely agree. 519 more words

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