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Diving in the Aegean: Seeing a New Underwater World

When Daniel and I travel, we’re always up for doing things a little out of the ordinary. In August, we journeyed to the island of Paros from Athens to do a little beaching and to enjoy the Aegean for a few days. 737 more words

Travel As Gen Y

You millennials need to man up!

Is all I seem to hear nowadays. ‘You bloody millennials are so sensitive! When I was your age we used to use racial slurs to humiliate people in the street and gays were beaten up with poles stop being so whiny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ 1,222 more words

Left Behind: Why Millennials Must Innovate To Save The World

We Heart It The world we’re experiencing is shouldering the effects of climate change, deforestation, student debt and the false promise of social security. And it doesn’t stop there. 21 more words


Career Evolution

In celebration of International Women’s Day this week, we wanted to present a piece highlighting what creative choices a woman from Generation X had when aspiring to be and finally becoming a creative in Yorkshire. 2,030 more words

Mercusuar (Kunto Aji)

🎶Dari yang sudah sudah
Cinta hanyalah bualan
Dari yang sudah sudah
Hanya rasa tanpa tujuan

Aku ingin berhenti
Lelah aku mengarungi
Aku ingin bersandar
Menikmati bintang berpijar…
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Generalisation Y?

Isn’t it strange how in this age of ever smaller micro niches of ‘targeting’, powered by digital ‘big data’ engines, and the promise of ever-more accurate psychographic profiling, that the use of the term ‘Millennial’ is still used with so much unthinking and carefree abandon. 708 more words


2017 the Year of My Rebirth

Well, here it is, the proverbial start of a new year post. I realize I’m about 2 months late but an awful lot has happened to me in such a short span of time and most of it not great. 530 more words