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Mini Skirts in India

There I was, wearing my white mini skirt and amber blue cropped top, in the middle of the street, in India. Did I feel unsafe? Did I feel stranger eyes peering at me? 2,118 more words


The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (1962)

Directed by Tony Richardson

Colin Smith (Tom Courtenay) grows more rebellious after his father passes away, and an eventual robbery lands him in a juvenile detention center that doubles as an all-boys boarding school.   565 more words

5 Episodes of the Twilight Zone That Accurately Predicted the Future

Here are the 5 Episodes that predicted life in 2018:

  1. The President Who Could Only Hear White People (Season 1, Episode 7) – A malevolent being twists the wishes of the president so that he can only hear the concerns of white citizens.
  2. 138 more words

In Defense Of Millennials

I hear people who are cynical to the core when the word “millennial” is spoken. Ask yourself, are we not a product of the generation that raised us? 590 more words

Solving Generational Puzzle

Menurut Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia, GENERASI adalah: “sekalian orang yang kira-kira sama waktu hidupnya”.

Banyak teori tentang cara pembagian generasi. Ada teori yang membagi generasi berdasarkan kurun waktu tahun kelahiran; ada juga yang membagi berdasarkan peristiwa-peristiwa historis yang terjadi. 178 more words

Baby Boomer