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Social Media in the Workplace

Changing Times

More and more organisations around the globe are incorporating social media networks into their daily business lives. The line between personal social media and business social media is starting to blur and this can cause problems in the workplace. 673 more words

This to this: Hair dryers

Every generation desires the perfect hair. From curls to straight, beehives and pin curls, you can bet a hair dryer helped achieve perfection. Can you guess when the first hair dryer was invented? 252 more words

To My Fellow Millennials,

As quickly as we had our growth spurts, the world became smaller and more connected than ever in history. Where has the time gone, eh? 362 more words


Things I Never Imagined I'd Have to Say to my Children, but Have...

Things I never imagined I’d have to say to my children, but have…

Sometimes I get the feeling that the current generation raising children really thinks that the previous generation doesn’t have a clue about what raising children today is like. 820 more words

My Beef With Generational and Cultural Diversity

There is a problem that plagues our society that has remained unaddressed at its core: segregation. Not just the kind of segregation that resulted in the Suffragette movement of the 20s and the racial divide that led to the abolishment of slavery, and shaped the Civil Rights movement but rather the underlying cause of this social symptom. 2,069 more words

Mrs Enginerd

5 things to know about the 'global' generation now entering the workforce

One of the biggest questions on the minds of everyone in human capital management is: How will we prepare for the arrival of the next generation of employees? 497 more words

Human Capital Management

"What Is Necessary for Happiness?" | II |

Last week we explored a millennial perspective of happiness; now we will explore another generation view of happiness. This post will look at someone who is from generation-x (1965 to 1980). 639 more words