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His touch makes me feel misunderstood
His glare gives me a sense of hope
He'll turn around and leave me stuck with his back
He gives me his tongue, which I cannot tote
I love his body

His mental captures me with every thought
His ideas thrust into my heart
I've fallen in love with someone's son
your intellect, it is my sun
Brighter days

I feel your words like bee stings
they hurt
but they keep me moist
beneath this skirt
I'm on top

I taste his passion with every bite
I take a dose of him everyday

Between me, hear he goes
its become so routine
I've become automatic, useless
on and off, I'm his machine
just something to do
to spare the time
sweat, we do
breathe, we chew
we finish on a dime

I'm clay
being molded to his desires
I'm desperate
who wants worn out tires? 62 more words

A Time to Talk...A Time to Write

In a household with adult children, who are working and paying bills but still sharing your home, it sometimes takes a willingness from all those under the roof to communicate if adjustments need to be made. 542 more words


Dear Millennials,

This letter is lovingly written to my daughter Hannah and all Millennials who stumble on this blog. For the past few years the word millennial has become a byword for your generation. 474 more words



My father-in-law of forty-two years died Wednesday after a seven year battle with Alzheimer’s; that dreaded disease of the brain which also kills the body. Ugly. 95 more words

Will Racism End When Old Bigots Die? - LEAH DONNELLA January 14, 2017 7:07 AM ET

Shelly Fields is a 46-year-old white woman living in Richton Park, a racially diverse Chicago suburb. She says she’s raised her four daughters, who are biracial, to see people of all races as equal, just as her parents raised her. 333 more words

Point Of Interest


My 8-year-old was telling me about a recent school lesson. The teacher was telling them (for some reason) about the use of the term P.S. Her explanation began “In the old times people didn’t have computers, so they had to write letters on paper…” 134 more words