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We finally took a vacation!

Mark it on the record books, it happened. And what’s even crazier, it was successful!

The Roughneck’s cousin/best friend was getting married in New York last week and he was in the wedding party, so we used it as an excuse to get away. 643 more words


Hello everybody !

Today’s interview is by Ryuto and Ryota !


Hope you will like it ^^ 126 more words



Connected through generations

our lives are woven together like

the vines that wrap around ancient fig trees

standing proud in her homeland

Born when dreams of reprieve from la miserie… 129 more words


Joy On Friday: That Tree (By Donna VanderGriend)

A few people who do not know each other will be gathering at our home Friday evening, so I asked a friend for ice-breaker ideas. “A tree story,” she suggested. 755 more words


Illustration for a comic book concept I never got to make, but the illustration is a piece of work and a story in itself, I think.


A Traditional Jewish Wedding Created A Family’s Magical Wedding Ring

In traditional Jewish weddings, the marriage ring has to be completely round, made of gold with no embellishments. No diamonds or stones; just a plain gold ring. 831 more words


A Moment in Time

There are moments in time when everything changes, moments that are impossible to measure, but which create great impact. Some of those moments are moments that we dream about or which bring great joy – falling in love, a first kiss, the realization that you have created a new life, the decision to follow one path over another. 539 more words