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Thank you, Michael Piazza, for restoring my faith in church.

Dear Michael Piazza,*

Thank you for restoring my faith in church.

Oh, I don’t mean “a church”.  I have great confidence in the congregation I serve, after all, and I know there are other good faith communities out there, too.   936 more words


10 Things Other Generations Get Wrong About Millennials

Although every generation is degraded by those that came before, it seems like mine is particularly reviled. Just about everyone complains about Millennials.  No one has anything nice to say about us in the home, in the workplace, or in the greater social sphere.  1,445 more words

Are We Different From Our Parents?

I’ve always had a problem when people would say things like, “You marry someone JUST like your dad”, or “If you come from a divorced home, you will get divorced too”, or “You will have the same temperament/messiness/obsessiveness/ attitude etc. 1,056 more words


New Family Community

Last Sunday, a mixed age group of church friends and I are sitting around after service discussing where we and our elderly parents might live as we age. 1,578 more words


Ultimate Rainbowcy: Aquamarine 1.2

Madison: I can’t believe I have to get my own food.

Madison: I can’t believe I have to wash my own dishes.

Me: Shut up and make yourself useful, I’ll buy you an easel. 247 more words


Ultimate Rainbowcy: Aquamarine 1.1

Asher: Oh my sim god! I’m a sexy young beast again!

Asher: Thank you, sim god!

Asher: I look so good!

Me: You know, everyone else is young too, want to go find Erin and relive your lives again. 239 more words