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The Problem With Kids These Days

Four months:

It has been four months since I posted.  In that four months, my daughter moved on to second grade, my son started kindergarten, and work is….work.  1,330 more words



Halfway through the journey
we make staying right here
our magnets get thinner
our compasses more square
our compartments cornered
our fantasies repaired
sheets tightly tucked under. 173 more words


Pokémon Generations 3 Audio Español ✔

Pokémon Generations 3 Audio Español

Pokémon Generations 3 Audio Español – AnimeYT
POKEMON GENERATIONS (2016) (Audio Latino) online todos los …
AnimeYT – Anime online en HD… 48 more words

Self Love Through Social Media

It’s no surprise that when people look upon society today all they see are narcissistic young adults who seem to be clinging onto their phones for dear life. 552 more words

The Friday Dose #125: Mutual Benefits

I hear friends over 40 concerned about reasonable things, I hear friends under 40 espousing reasonable things, and yet in the middle is the wisdom of both. 240 more words

Society And The Future


I know what you’re thinking, and you’d be right. I’ve been MIA for way too long. Without meaning to make excuses, the past few months have been like a whirlwind. 337 more words

Did Millennials Ruin Dating?

According to many Gen X and baby boomer journalists and media personalities, the only thing millennials are good at is ruining stuff.

We’ve ruined the… 416 more words

Author: Brett Pucino