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#CoolDad #016

Mum: “Sarah, can you please stop texting whoever you’re texting, we’re eating now.”

Sarah: “I’m not texting anyone.”

Mum: “Well what’s with all that key-smashing, then?!” 66 more words

#CoolDad Lyfe

On the Generations of: A Pattern Usage in Scripture

In the 1990s I read Dr. Henry Morris’ The Genesis Record[1].  He postulated that the repeating phrase “These are the generations of . . 1,531 more words

"Team" Executive Decisions

“If you see a snake, just kill it – don’t appoint a committee on snakes.” ~ Ross Perot

There’s something to be said about making an “executive decision” and just moving on with the consequences of the decision.  198 more words


#RyPlays Monster Hunter Generations

Monster Hunter Generations, the 2016 addition to the (fairly) long running franchise by Capcom. Perhaps one of the few reasons I can forgive the company for their lackluster treatment of the Rockman franchise. 408 more words


Infinitus and Sentinel Prime - Transfomers: Titans Return - Voyager Class Wave 1

Hey, isn’t Sentinel that jerk from the Animated series? Not riding round as a truck in this version.

As the first Voyager Class figure in the Titans Return line, he is a big boy, and we still have Leader Class figures to look forward to. 413 more words


Blog #1101: Toy Review: Transformers: Generations: Titans Return Voyager Sentinel Prime & Infinitus

Transformers: Generations: Titans Return Voyager Sentinel Prime & Infinitus

There are a few things I need to say about the Titans Return line.

First off, the trading cards.  663 more words