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Why I chose to forgive my dad...

Today marks the day, fourteen years later, when the news came of my father’s passing. It was an odd, shocking, numbing feeling; one which I still cannot frame in words. 975 more words

Sexual Abuse & Violence

Family day

Family day never comes around that I don’t think of the day that Phil fell off the side of Lady MacDonald – I think at age 15! 98 more words


What's In It For Me?

This is a question that drives almost every decision we make. Those words are subconscious messages from the naughty little voices that we sometimes hear chattering in the back of our minds. 660 more words


Us Against the World, Complete Thought

This is an example of a full report that will be done at the end of each research endeavor. There will be infographics, there will be interviews, there will be references and quoting of other articles and books. Very in depth.


Lone Parents: Then and Now

Back in the 1970’s households that were headed by a lone parent were just 8%; however statistics show that in 2011 it had nearly tripled to 22%. 997 more words


Brilliance Rises...In the Shadows of the Broken

I see your brilliance…
A rising sun….
You permeate…
A Mother’s love…
Giving rise to each new day…
Giving rise to what comes your way…. 98 more words

Fertility trends and the myth of Millennials

The other day I showed trends in employment and marriage rates, and made the argument that the generational term “Millennial” and others are not useful: they are imposed before analyzing data and then trends are shoe-horned into the categories. 406 more words

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