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How Generations Get Their Names

Dozens of seniors each summer and fall write their college essays at Writopia. None of our essay writers is not English speaker like some of essay writing services do. 524 more words


How we became ultra race haters

Before the attack of 9/11 back in 2001, Terrorism was never really a big issue. It was known about, but never really made the News or worried people. 654 more words

​what corrupted us,

was our idealism of perfection

make up and photoshop
grown are the kids

gone are those days.

whats left is a picture of lipkissed events… 11 more words

Beneath The Stars

Emo Trump

You old fart Baby Bers and Gen Xers probably won’t enjoy this as much as you young fart Millennials and Gen Yers will but, nonetheless, in my estimation it should be enjoyable to some degree to everyone with a funny bone…


Donald Trump

The fan box

Many years ago, I bought a box of antique fans at an estate sale. My mom gave me the dime being asked for them.

Before I found the box of fans, I’d complained about being dragged along to sales with my mom. 203 more words


The Day I Met Faith

As He restores and heals me one step at a time… He keeps unveiling His word He has hidden in my heart, for moments like these. 312 more words

Small Town Economics

As I spend more time in a small town and compare it to my experience(s) in cities and even just regions closer to larger population centers, I am starting to learn one of the primary problems in small towns: lack of competition. 749 more words

U.S. Culture