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The Laughter of Generations - #sol15

You played games with me when I was little and

Now I look at yours;

I played games with them when they were little.

Now they look at mine; 40 more words

Slice Of Life Challenge 2015

“Make It Real” has been recorded in “GENERATION EX”, the second album of GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE.
And this song has been decided as the tie-up song of the new commercial of “OHYAMA METHOD BODY MAKE PAD PREMIUM Jr.”. 70 more words


Adult teenagers of this generation.

do you have an adult teenager?

Can’t they get a job?

Stay up all night and sleep all day?

Lays around the house every waking minute? 1,182 more words

The Simple Life Without Technology

Last weekend, there was an accident that knocked-out power to the majority of the town nearby. I was in the midst of getting groceries when the power went out. 945 more words

“We belong to a generation that has lost its way.”

-Walter Lippmann

Walter Lippmann may have said this during the Depression, but it is still true today. Now more than ever.


Generations in Love

Neoumanist  Association, together with the State University faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance, held a meeting with students and the elderly.

The meeting’s purpose was to bring together two generations in order to facilitate the sharing of experience, ideas,  and talents. 217 more words


Random Friday

By some blogging serendipity I found two similar posts that got me thinking. One is David Farland’s writing tips on resonance – but that felt to me like trying to write for the market. 346 more words