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Late Boomers look bad.

They don’t give what they were supposedly going to and they even acted like they would.



A lotta people out there are treating me like I’m some trashy Late Generation X girl in some program of life.


How can I be my ancestors wildest dreams, when my ancestors were the problem

Well, last week, I spoke with my granny and she’s like our family’s historian. She knows all of our family’s history, like everyone’s name, and how they came to this country. 208 more words

From generation to generation

Verses for The Great Fifty Days

Day 21 in Easter Psalm 145:4

One generation shall laud your works to another,
….and shall declare your mighty acts.

244 more words

Parenting People

Are Generation Z people asked to mother Late Boomers like Generation XY does?



Through the wind gusts
bumpy landing
here I am, to learn,
all that I never learned before
story time –
darkness through the generations,
both sides, 40 more words