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Everyone really loves Apple

”Millennials are addicted to Facebook . Boomers love GE, and recent grads worship Buffett,” Evelyn Cheng reports for CNBC. “Most of all, everybody loves Apple.” 139 more words


05.21.2015: Generations in the Workplace (#Ronologue)

The greatest diversity currently experienced in the workplace is generational.  With four, and soon to be five generations in the workplace, being aware of how to positively engage and develop every member of your team matters.  46 more words


Why write my memoir?

I started writing Four Score and More: My memoir, history, and family legacy at age 85, after a near fatal automobile accident and a message from God that I had been left here for a reason. 406 more words



Gathered around the dining room table, supper every night–

Disconnect from the world-connect to each other

Radio shows and space heaters.

played outside with neighborhood children until the sun…went..down. 165 more words


Generations shaped by history, not stereotypes

While there are plenty of negative stereotypes facing Millennials, Generation X and the Baby Boomers themselves aren’t left unscathed. Negative expectations for any generation are hardly new, but many Millennials may not be aware of the harmful beliefs held for older coworkers. 459 more words


Dear Future Generations: Sorry #PoeticallyInspiring

A great message from Prince Ea. Listen clearly to what he has to say and feel his passion.

Stay safe, Stay blessed.
God bless. 9 more words


Beauty even after the petals have withered and fallen

It’s getting to the end of the Spring bulb season. The tulips that were so fresh and vibrant just two weeks ago here at Ladybird Lane are now, at least from a distance, decrepit and ugly. 52 more words