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A Moment in Time

There are moments in time when everything changes, moments that are impossible to measure, but which create great impact. Some of those moments are moments that we dream about or which bring great joy – falling in love, a first kiss, the realization that you have created a new life, the decision to follow one path over another. 539 more words

Fibromyalgia Fun and Pain, A Haiku

Yesterday was fun.
Physical therapy fun.
This morning, great pain.

Colorado Spring, A Haiku

Sun was shining bright.
Flowers and trees bloom. 245 more words



In the rainforest,
life and death
at the same time,
in various stages of
green to brown
and in between.

What is the gravity… 111 more words

Life Advice for Millennials Reaches Historic Levels of Smugness and Condescension

Don’t trust anyone under 30. That’s the message coming from the world’s many, many articles, blog posts, books, letters and editorials  geared towards giving life advice to 20something Millennials. 556 more words

The Five Generations

The Five Generations, eh? It’s a hot topic for those of us in the work place field, though is still taking many unawares. So, in a very small nutshell: we are at the dawn of a new age where five generations will be working side by side in the work place. 728 more words

Work Space

In Sweden, homeschooling families are fined

(Picture below:)  Lovisa with her grandmother in the kitchen in our Christian community in the Maranatha Church in Stockholm, Sweden, where also I live. She is one of the children that are homeschooled by her parents. 226 more words


REVIEW & VIEW: new TV Land series "Younger" and its source material

About three weeks ago, I stumbled upon a commercial for TV Land’s new sitcom Younger.  I immediately found the premise intriguing, with great potential for shenanigans and hilarity – a 40-year old recently divorced woman pretending to be 26 in order to get a job after being out of the workforce. 1,548 more words