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My Participation Award.

Millennials are spoiled. They’re lazy. They’re entitled. They expect awards just for showing up.

I count as a Millennial. I also count as Generation Y. And I’m so tired of this generational bullshit. 298 more words


Family Violin: Heritage


This fiddle is part of a living heritage: My father learned to play it (though not for long); one of my siblings got to Grade 8 on it – and I took it over when I started to learn many years ago. 128 more words

Creative Writing

Titans Return Wave 4: Quake

I never owned G1 Quake.  In fact, he kinda slipped off my “known character radar” entirely.  Where as Krok has IDW to boost his popularity, Quake remained relatively “who now?” status. 228 more words


Leading those who led us: GenX managers and Baby Boomer employees

I was 29 when I landed my first director-level position. I had been at my previous employer since I graduated college and now was in a new organization in an industry I knew nothing about. 716 more words

Generation X

The Fourth Turning by William Strauss and Neil Howe

The Fourth Turning by William Strauss and Neil Howe

The Fourth Turning by William Strauss and Neil Howe was published in 1997 and after it was recently mentioned in the press as a book that Steve Bannon was enthralled with I had to check it out. 263 more words

Against All Odds

Most people on this planet have heard the name Steve Jobs, and generally associate him as being a wealthy and big time technology entrepreneur. What you may not know is that he never graduated college, in fact he dropped out of it. 184 more words


Millennials, let's learn how to communicate again

The 21st century is known, amongst other things as the “rise of communication” century, more specifically digital communication. Do we really communicate more or better than before? 392 more words