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Generation Z Considers Cost When Selecting a College - Research by Nitro College

Students from Generation Z are enrolling in college this fall semester, but does their outlook on college differ from students of past generations?

A study by… 219 more words

Understanding Gen Z

A Riots Rant

For once, being old is somewhat of an advantage. I have seen, and was once, unwillingly, involved where riots were going on…. more than I can count! 220 more words

A final summary...

The media landscape is always evolving, but recently with the rise of digital it seems that changes are coming faster than ever before.

Consumers will no longer accept pushy marketing campaigns telling them what to do or what to buy, and now hold a lot of power over brands; in contrast to previous decades. 303 more words

Shadow of Things to Come #15 August 15, 2017

In last week’s lesson the brothers of Joseph prepared to return to Egypt for more provisions, this time taking Benjamin with them.  When Joseph saw his younger brother, the scripture records that… 1,144 more words

Current Bible Study

I Feel Fine: John Lennon, rule breaker...

“That’s me completely. Including the electric guitar lick and the record with the first feedback anywhere. I defy anybody to find a record – unless it’s some old blues record in 1922 – that uses feedback that way.

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Our first Twixism!

Back in 2012 we started keeping track of some of the random things Peanut would say as a three and a half year old. You can read some of them… 138 more words


Generations: Banner Hulk & The Totally Awesome Hulk #1 (Marvel)

Rating: 5/5 – Past and Present Green Rage.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Adam Brunell

The first of 10 Generations one shots kicked off with the question “Who is the Strongest One There Is?” with not one but two Hulks. 410 more words