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Sandwiches & Selfies

I did a sneaky snap. I did it by the Sydney Opera House. It’s one of my fave pics I’ve ever taken.

I have a real soft spot for elderly couples…I think most people do. 157 more words


The Millennial Generation: Solved

They call us the “Millennial Generation”. We’re so groundbreaking… such rebels… how on earth is the world going to cope when my generation saturates the workplace? 1,238 more words


I know something you don’t know

I don’t intend to anger anyone, but you may recognize yourself in this post. When it comes to technology, my fellow baby boomers need to quit hiding behind this femme fatale “ It’s too hard for me” mentality – and millennials should quit yucking it up over “my parents are so dumb” jokes and lend a hand instead. 485 more words


“Because past environmental destruction was the result of ignorance, we can easily forgive it. Today, we are better informed. Therefore, it’s essential that we make an ethical examination of what we have inherited, what we are responsible for, and what we will pass on to coming generations.” – Dalai Lama 3.24.2015

Society And The Environment

Forgotten Treasures

So, in our efforts to clean out the shed and make it into an office for ourselves I had to go through our old filing cabinet. 467 more words


LTTL: ¡Viva Familia!

It began when Entrepreneur decided in January that this wall portrait was a bit out of date. Circa 2002, I must admit it is a bit dated! 564 more words