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How to Prosper As a Millennial

A topic that is flooding news sites at the moment is how hard it is to be a member of the Millennials, or Generation Y. Putting the inflammatory comments about entitlement from the Boomers aside, the general victim mentality of the Y’s towards those who came before is bewildering. 1,033 more words

Live Smarter


I’ll need you when I’m fifty
Just as much as I did at fifteen
Whether times are good or bad
You are always there

We’ll be a techie 50’s generation… 78 more words



Favored (Nineteen)50’s – Flirting, Finding, Falling, Fulfilling Fantasy

Fluent Fifty – Looking like a Fox News Anchor :D, Bills paid, Top of Career, House built, Kids independent!   55 more words

Hitting The Reset Button

I turned 30 years old on August 3rd. I was terrified to turn 30. I was so unsure of what was going to happen and what would lie ahead. 731 more words


In laws

I swear somedays it really does seem like everything happens for a reason. Today I was having a conversation with my father in law about his parents. 196 more words

The Fate of a Story

“Each magnificent story ends in a wreckage. The only question – how should fate work for such stories? Should they end in debris before your time or, long after your time? 116 more words


Reason's the family unit is broken today!

Today’s society have ruined the frame work that was put into place that was called family.  The morals and values of yesteryear have been all but completely thrown out the window, between parents, who don’t want to be parents or don’t want to come together and co-parent, to children who have all been practically given the keys to freedom to do what they want… here is how the break down happened: 715 more words