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Why purchasing a generator can be a great deal in terms of convenience.

A home electronic generator can provide electrical energy needed during a power outage so your life does not have to be interrupted. If you buy a portable or stationary generator, they are easy to use and safe to operate. 472 more words


Automatic Super Bowl Pool Generator

Excel Builder Here


If you’re reading this, chances are you’re like me and needed to make a Super Bowl grid. Rather than cutting up little pieces of paper and picking out of a hat (which, trust me, takes forever!) I made a little Excel thing that generates it automatically. 183 more words

Viral Listenaufbau System, Ein Autoresponder & Viral-friend Generator!

Tell A Friend Script – Gratis Besucher Durch Viral Marketing, Vollautomatisch Traffic, Egal Ob Von Facebook Oder WordPress. Eine Flut An Besuchern Auf Ihre Webseite Leiten Und Das Absolut Kostenlos! 11 more words

Portable Generator~ don't just wish you had one.

 Reliable backup power is more important than ever. It seems to me so many more weather related disasters are happening lately and without power it can leave terrible results. 325 more words


Jeneratör periyodik bakım

Çağımız yaşam standartlarının belirleyicisi olan elektrik enerjisi, vazgeçilmez rolüyle yaşamlarımızın kalitesinin de belirlenmesini sağlar. Yaşantımızı kolaylaştıran her türlü teknolojik unsurun ihtiyaç duyduğu enerji kaynağı olan elektrik, çeşitli nedenlere dayalı olarak geçici veya kalıcı olarak olmadığında, yaşamların sürdürülebilirliği de olanaksız bir hale gelir. 398 more words

Async Tour in JS - Part 1

[ Pre-requisite: Idea about callback, promise, generator will help. This post do not cover callback / promise / generator / async-await concepts in detail. This post is an informative article about asynchronous programming in a synchronous style in Javascript. 1,571 more words