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My 40 Acts, 23

Act 23: Boost.

Whoops, I’m a day late posting this update.

I couldn’t think of, and didn’t see anyone, I could easily give a Boost to today. 54 more words


Unleashing Compassion

My heart has been touched by compassion once again. Tonight we tipped a pizza delivery girl $6,684 for delivering an extra large pepperoni pizza. When I say we, I mean about 1,600 of God’s people gathered at Southwest Church in Palm Desert for the Thrive Conference. 634 more words

Bill's Blog

Collaboration: What You Do, Not What You Say

There’s a great deal of talk about collaboration: software to facilitate it, leaders who enable it, innovation as a result of it. But collaboration is an output from a system, not an instruction to it. 93 more words


Works of Mercy opportunity

Not many of us often get the opportunity to perform “burying the dead,” but I think this comes close, and it also probably counts as “visiting the sick.” Not to mention giving alms to the poor, etc. 147 more words

Preventing Prodigals

by Mike Strathdee

“A man had two sons. When the younger told his father, ‘I want my share of your estate now, instead of waiting until you die!’ his father agreed to divide his wealth between his sons. 612 more words


MoK: Humble Kindness

Today, in the first day of our final week in the March of Kindness, we tune our awareness radar to those who might be inclined to feel “beneath” us. 705 more words

Society And The Future

Persimmon Visits Again: The Power of a Warm Nap

Early this morning Persimmon visited. He wasn’t so much hungry as he was lonely. I fed him per our usual routine, then rubbed the top of his head. 323 more words

A Year Of Inspiration