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What I Learned About Generosity From the Eight Foot Bride

I still remember the feeling I had watching Amanda Palmer’s memorizing TED talk, as she described the gentle, intimate moment of handing a flower to a stranger while dressed as a silent, 8-foot bride, busking in Harvard Square. 665 more words


Day 141

Today I am grateful for a new computer.

I’ve spent the evening playing with my new laptop. I was blessed with a gently used MacBook Pro by a dear, dear wonderful, loving friend. 71 more words


Helping the Needy

All humanitarian deeds draw inspiration from the Gospel verses on the Final Judgment: Mt 25: 37-40 “Whereupon the just will answer, Lord, when was it that we saw thee hungry, and fed thee, or thirsty, and gave thee drink?  342 more words


Taking Steps down the Thoughtfully Sought Path of the Grounded Giver and his Sarcastic Wife

It is easier for me to see what I need to change about myself than it is for me to start the process. Thank God for the BHE. 1,403 more words


The Death of Courtesy

I’m beginning to wonder if basic human courtesy is the next victim of the pain and isolation that we are experiencing today. The economic destruction of the middle class continues to wreak havoc on our lives, what with job insecurity, living paycheck to paycheck, loss of medical benefits, and reductions in education. 855 more words

Human Nature