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VIDEO The Ark Landed West of Mt. Ararat


ICR’s Column Project, which has been compiling stratigraphic data from across the globe, is currently examining Turkey’s geology, including the area around Mt. 694 more words

Ice Age: Answers to Basic Questions

by Geoscience Research Institute
Was there an Ice Age?

Yes. There was a time when glaciers covered large areas of North America and northwestern Europe.1 Most scientists believe there were several ice ages, but some creationists suspect there was only one Ice Age, with fluctuations that produced the appearance of more than one. 385 more words


Double Standards

Case 1: Mr John vs Mr Tobi.

Hello. My name is Mr Tobi.

Last week I was found guilty of stealing a sum of money from a co-worker, Mr John. 510 more words


Are the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets old?

Old ages of Antarctica based on circular reasoning
by Michael J. Oard

We are constantly bombarded with processes and events claimed to take millions of years. 380 more words


Where are all the human fossils?

What happened?
by Andrew A. Snelling

What happened to all the people who were not on board Noah’s Ark? If there were many millions of people populating the earth at the time of the Flood as creationists have suggested, wouldn’t many of those people have been buried in Flood sediments? 159 more words


When the Genesis Flood's Tsunamis Hit Norway and Svalbard, Terrestrial Dinosaurs were Power-Washed Out to Sea

When  the  Genesis  Flood’s  Tsunamis  Hit  Norway  and  Svalbard,   Terrestrial  Dinosaurs  were  Power-Washed  Out  to  Sea

Dr. James J. S. Johnson

They that go down to the sea [

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The Ice Age is Best Explained By the Book of Genesis

by Bill Nugent


There’s been a great deal of attention paid to the Ice Age in recent years. There’s been entertaining films for children and documentaries that appeal to students. 1,886 more words