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When the Genesis Flood's Tsunamis Hit Norway and Svalbard, Terrestrial Dinosaurs were Power-Washed Out to Sea

When  the  Genesis  Flood’s  Tsunamis  Hit  Norway  and  Svalbard,   Terrestrial  Dinosaurs  were  Power-Washed  Out  to  Sea

Dr. James J. S. Johnson

They that go down to the sea [

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The Ice Age is Best Explained By the Book of Genesis

by Bill Nugent


There’s been a great deal of attention paid to the Ice Age in recent years. There’s been entertaining films for children and documentaries that appeal to students. 1,886 more words


Geological Strata: They’re Everywhere

Evidence for the global flood
by Jonathan O’Brien

Sedimentologist Guy Berthault was one of a team who made an important discovery regarding how the world’s sedimentary layers were deposited.  360 more words


The Pitch for Noah’s Ark

Pitch is a black glue-like substance
by Dr. Tas Walker

Many geologists claim that Noah could not possibly have built the ark in the manner described in Genesis. 261 more words


Secular Scientists have a Difficult Time Explaining an Ice Age

More Problems with iconic Milankovitch Paper
by Jake Hebert

Secular scientists have a difficult time explaining an Ice Age, even though there is strong geological evidence that one occurred. 359 more words


Sons of God and Daughters of Men

I grew up in a time when comic books were very popular. Superheroes and super-villains abounded and battled in earth-shaking combat. The resurgence of Marvel movies and television shows indicates that I am not the only one who enjoyed the diversion of mutants and aliens duking it out on imaginary battlefields. 1,344 more words


The History of Astronomy

A magnificent confirmation of biblical authority
by Dr. Lisle

The development of astronomy throughout history is a magnificent confirmation of biblical authority. The Bible is God’s inerrant, propositional revelation to man. 565 more words