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Remembering a Giant

(4 Minute Read plus video)

A giant is usually capable of exerting remarkably great influence, either physically, mentally, or spiritually. The giant I am remembering today is a man who exerted prodigious influence — influence not only in his own day, but also influence on succeeding generations. 1,225 more words


A Heavenly Reminder

Quite a story about the rainbow, don’t you think?

I don’t mean the one about the pot of gold; I’m talking about the conversation with God after the Flood. 384 more words

Spiritual Contemplation

The Grand Canyon - from the Bottom - Part I

May 1993

A couple of years ago when I went white water rafting with some friends in the mountains of the state of Washington, I fell overboard and nearly drowned when I was caught in a whirlpool. 1,010 more words

Christian Nurse

Ice Age: Answers to Basic Questions

by Geoscience Research Institute
Was there an Ice Age?

Yes. There was a time when glaciers covered large areas of North America and northwestern Europe.1 Most scientists believe there were several ice ages, but some creationists suspect there was only one Ice Age, with fluctuations that produced the appearance of more than one. 385 more words


Are the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets old?

Old ages of Antarctica based on circular reasoning
by Michael J. Oard

We are constantly bombarded with processes and events claimed to take millions of years. 380 more words