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Every Tongue Confess

by Kristen C. Strocchia

“These are the clans of Noah’s sons, according to their lines of descent, within their nations. From these the nations spread out over the earth after the flood. 373 more words

She Tells Us Her Creation Story

A flush of abundance that trickles into vacancy,
Rushing my ideals back and forth in empty wheelbarrows-

This man here, chose the wealth of forbidden fruit… 94 more words



She’s surprisingly optimistic.

Sponsored by METAL 1,094 more words


Male And Female

Genesis 2:20

“a helper suitable for him”

Man was sharing God’s creation with the animals. Now, God was about to do something very special, something that would make the world a very different place. 187 more words


Adding To The Word Of God

In Genesis 2:16-17, God tells Adam that he is free to eat from every tree in the Garden of Eden except for the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. 695 more words


Dogs, cats or other pets we all love.

Good morning! I pray this post brings you excitement. Today I want to talk about pets. We all have them. Most of the times they are more than a four legged or no legged animal to us. 759 more words


Just as the hybridization of certain species of animals and plants produces sterility, spiritually hybridized relationships can also produce spiritual fruitlessness.  The Apostle Paul cautions us. 172 more words

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