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Genesis 35, The birth of Benjamin and Rachel's death, Altar at Bethel, Jacob's sons.

1 John 5:21  Dear children, keep yourselves from idols.

From Wikipedia:  After an attack on Joseph’s Tomb and its subsequent takeover by Arabs ceded to the Palestinian Authority after the Oslo accord, hundreds of residents of Bethlehem and the… 183 more words


Day 9 Genesis 26-18

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Ch26~Isaac Settles in Gerar
Ch27~Jacob’s Deception
Ch28~Jacob is Sent Away

Old Testament

Genesis 33 Peace With Esau, And The Land Claimed For The LORD.

Genesis 33 Peace With Esau, And The Land Claimed For The LORD.

Despite wrestling with the God-Man, Jacob still continued with his plan of meeting Esau in stages, the last to go from him being Rachel and Joseph. 531 more words


And Lot Went With Him

“And Lot went with him…”

These words are almost a footnote in Genesis 12:4. Abraham did exactly as the Lord had commanded him and, oh by the way, he… 1,290 more words


LATEST: Classic Stage List - Sonic the Hedgehog

I’ve been thinking of doing a list like this for awhile, but never been quite sure how to present it. Ranking every Sonic stage together at once seemed a daunting task and one that couldn’t possibly represent truthfully the quality (or flaws) of each stage. 1,184 more words

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Love That Goes Beyond Justice

Summer in the Psalms is a sermon and written reflection series from the Revised Common Lectionary.


Psalm 67

Genesis 45:1-15


Psalm 67 tells us that one of God’s central concerns is justice is for the whole earth. 400 more words


Rot of Envy

“A healthy heart the life of the flesh, but envy is the rottenness of the bones” (Proverbs 14:30; underlining mine).

Recall the story of the Dog in the Manger:

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