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Introduction to the Old Testament Devotional

Unfortunately, I know many Christians who skip reading the Old Testament because…well, it’s old. They think that whatever is written there is no longer relevant, but they couldn’t be further from the truth! 265 more words


Genesis 7

A flood of emotions threatened to overwhelm me. I took myself away and hid. Holding back tears, I tried to focus on the good things happening in my life: my home was safe and secure, I was surrounded by friends, I had my health. 307 more words


The Beginning

The Beginning

Read: Genesis 1-3

For everyone, believer or non-believer, Genesis is where it all begins. Your past, present and future were defined in this very book, regardless of your stance on creation, God or life itself. 518 more words

Sometimes, we wonder, “Where is our life leading us?”

Genesis 5:18-32
Lord, help us to walk with You. Sometimes, we wonder, “Where is our life leading us?” That depends, Lord, on who’s doing the leading. 134 more words


Genesis 1

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” (English Standard Version, Genesis 1:1)

GOAL: Strengthen the Faith, Sharpen the Mind, Defend your belief, Read the word, Share the Gospel. 321 more words


The Fall - A Loss Of Innocence

Genesis 3 deals with what is simply known as “The Fall”.

I am sure most everyone knows this story.  The story of how God gave man the Garden of Eden. 684 more words


The Challenge is Urban

By Scott Armstrong

Last week I had the privilege of being in Panama where several leaders were gathered to brainstorm solutions for more effective ministry in three areas: 817 more words