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Joseph part 2/3: Genesis 42-45

In chapter 42, Jacob sends his 10 oldest sons to Egypt to get grain because of the famine. When they arrive, they bow down to Joseph fulfilling the prophecy given to Joseph earlier in his life. 987 more words


Find of the Year

Last week the wife and I attended the Game On Expo in Phoenix. It was a great time as always. Making my way through the vendor space I came upon the… 230 more words


Sunday Rest and Recovery from "God's Curse"

“Genesis 3:18 Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field;”

Well THANKS for THAT, God… :(

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Day 7 Genesis 19-22

Click here to listen to Genesis 19-22.

Ch19~The Doom of Sodom
Ch20~Abraham’s Treachery
Ch21~Isaac is Born
Ch22~The Offering of Isaac


Genesis: Art

“Genesis links ancient creation stories and the human compulsion to make.”

Quote from the scuptor, Sharon Warman Agnor, Vancouver Washington about her scupture “Genesis”.

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Genesis 32, Jacob prepares to meet with Esau, struggles with God.

The angels of God are everywhere for those whose eyes are opened.

Jacob is trying to pacify Esau with gifts.

Jacob had his plans, but God….