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Why did David Cameron's £1.3 billion Troubled Families Programme Fail?

The £1.3 billion Troubled Families programme was launched after the riots in 2011 to give intensive support to 120,000 of Britain’s most challenging families.  But it has had no measurable impact on cutting crime or changing their lives for the better, an official assessment reveals. 635 more words

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The Warrior Gene

Monoamine oxidase (MAOA), otherwise known as the “warrior gene”, has been an assisting factor in two court cases in Italy and has resulted in reduced sentences for the guilty assailants as decided by the ruling judge. 828 more words

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Richard Dawkins on "genetic determinism"

Some time ago, a year or so back, evolutionary psychology was established as a separate subject at the University of Turku. This immediately raised controversy, at least from a few people trying to shout loudly. 2,295 more words