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Heritability: a handy guide to what it means, what it doesn’t mean, and that giant meta-analysis of twin studies

by Jonathan M. Kaplan

Recently, Nature Genetics published a paper by Polderman et al. entitled “Meta-analysis of the heritability of human traits based on fifty years of twin studies,” [1]. 4,936 more words


The Downside of the Downside of Resilience: A New York Times Oped Ventures Into Dangerous Territory

Although we take seriously the threat of genetic discrimination, there aren’t a lot of examples you can offer. In my ethics class, I discuss the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad case — everyone discusses the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad case, not because it is such an interesting precedent but because it is all we’ve got. 733 more words

Laura Hercher


I’m realizing now that if I want to keep doing review like discussion posts about books and movies I probably shouldn’t spoil the whole story. So, I’m going to try talk about the movie Gattaca which I recommend you guys watching because it was interesting. 485 more words

The Extreme Warrior gene: a reality check

by Alondra Oubré

MAOA — Genetic culprit for violence?

Theories about inborn race-based aggression, violence, and criminality are back in the news [1]. In the ongoing search for genes underlying social behavior, none has sparked more curiosity, if not controversy, than the gene that codes for monoamine oxidase A — MAOA . 4,360 more words