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The Right Chemistry: Marketing genetically modified foods requires substantial testing

During a public lecture on genetic modification I described an experiment designed to enrich soybeans with the amino acid methionine. Soybeans are widely used to feed animals but are low in this essential amino acid, often necessitating the use of methionine supplements. 719 more words

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Way to switch on a gene in red blood cells discovered

Scientists from University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia have discovered a way to change a single base of DNA in human red blood cells (RBCs), triggering them to produce more oxygen-carrying haemoglobin. 356 more words


The Coming Collapse

Surviving Progress

Harold Crooks and Mathieu Roy (2011)

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Surviving Progress is based on Canadian Ronald Wright’s 2004 book A Short History of Progress… 435 more words


March Against Monsanto 2015

For immediate release:

WORLDWIDE – On May 23, 2015, hundreds of thousands of concerned individuals will gather across 38 countries and 428 cities to join in peaceful protest against the Monsanto Company as a part of the March Against Monsanto grassroots campaign. 305 more words

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The media release has been posted for the Brantford March Against Monsanto, May 23rd. Read for details and share widely!  

A new kill-switch to destroy genetically modified organisms

A paper published yesterday in Nature communications describes the development of a new kill-switch which could be used to control genetically modified organisms. Ensure they and their genes are not accidentally released into the environment.  325 more words

6 Shocking Feats Of Human Genetic Engineering That Have Already Happened

The sci-fi concept of mix man with animal or animal with other animals has been around for as long as humans have existed. The Satyr, the centaur, the mermaid, all of these reflect a fascination with “what ifs” that, at the time, were purely in the realm of fantasy. 1,225 more words

Developing Bioinsecticides: combining nature and technology

For our second lecture in the La Jolla Riford Library Lecture Series, Octavio Espinosa gave a fascinating look inside how a young, local start up company in the mid 80s, Mycogen Corporation, harnessed nature’s insecticidal protection and combined it with technology to commercialize safe and effective genetically modified bioinsecticides.   91 more words

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