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I recently watched this video by AronRa.  Sometimes, to entertain myself, I sit down and watch his videos pertaining to evolution.  I’ve always found palaeontology fascinating, and not just because I like dinosaurs.   1,257 more words

The Nine Empires

What does the March for Science say about GMOs?

The March for Science bills itself as a celebration of science. It warns of “an alarming trend toward discrediting scientific consensus.” “Policies that ignore scientific evidence,” the group says, “endanger both human life and the future of our world.” 429 more words

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Raist!  He shook his head slowly as his eyes focused on some light coming down from the trees above him.

He shook his head, thinking about that girl – spilled out on some planet in his past, serving her fatalistic destiny without complaint.  969 more words

Human Cloning - The Duplication of a Living, Breathing Being

Cloning is the process of creating an exact replica of something or, in the case of human cloning, somebody. There are many ethical concerns about the cloning of humans, and there have been laws passed in several countries declaring it illegal. 396 more words

David Vissers

NSAI Welcomes EPO Ruling on Biotechnology Patents

Plants or animals exclusively obtained by means of an essential biological process patents will not be granted by EPO. The EPO’s new ruling offers clarity on product and further defines “the new variety” developed through breeding, which is an essential biological process. 161 more words

IP Happening

Remaking photosynthesis for increasing crop yield

Feature article in Nature, Vol. 544, Issue 7651, pp. S11-S13, “Solar upgrade”

Summary of article: Crop production could be severely impacted by rising carbon dioxide concentration in the air as well as global warming. 153 more words

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It’s only a movie of superb quality that contains elements full of surprises. Nice plot, reasonable scenes and acts, wonderful characterizations, and also human touch, they all play important role in creating a cinema work of magnificent quality. 534 more words