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Editing Embryos’ Genes to Cure Disease – Recent Advances and Ethical Dilemmas

Management of congenital genetic diseases have always been tricky; all that can be done in most instances is treatment of the symptoms. But science is trying to address this issue. 956 more words


Social Darwinism

Papa! Is this rice?

Yeah! It is…

Aaah! Actually babe… it’s called rice but…!!?

We believe our Earth originated from the sun in accordance with ‘ 505 more words


Genetic Modification: Can we Scan?

Genetic Modification: the basics

Genetic modification, sometimes referred to as genetic engineering, is defined as the use of biotechnology to alter the genome of a specific organism.  815 more words

Water availability is not the single biggest constraint on yield in African agriculture. Surprising, right? Nutrient limitation is the chief antagonist across large swathes of the continent (Mueller et al., 2012). 1,319 more words


The Jurassic Chronicles, edited by Samuel Peralta (2017)

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Journey back to the most incredible adventure of all, back through the gates of the Jurassic era, back to a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth. 838 more words


Science is inching closer to bringing species back from extinction — but the rise of necrofauna has risks

The gastric brooding frog is no regular frog. Like some horror story of ancient myth, it gives birth out of its mouth. After incubating fertilized eggs in its stomach, it literally vomits up its offspring at the moment of birth, having cleverly used its stomach as a temporary uterus. 1,473 more words