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Who Created the White Race Pt.2 (God is a Magickian)

The pale People (white people) are relatively new people on the earth today and they do not have much of a history nor any ancient history. 1,157 more words


Rappaport On DNA-Altering Vaccines: My High Octane Speculations…

Source: GizaDeathStar.com
Dr. Joseph P. Farrell Ph.D.
February 26, 2017

I am increasingly alarmed at the amount of power people are willing to surrender to big corporations, and to the GMO-pharmaceutical complex. 1,238 more words


Creation of White Race Pt. 1 (An Experiment Gone Bad)

There was time that people on earth were homogeneous. Growing up in Western culture many of us are force-fed lies and distortions of history that are mainly told by the very people who conquered many parts of the world (including the west) and took it upon themselves to re-write history. 794 more words

Ancient History

Space Fall - Part Six

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The triplane started moving slowly at first, then as the engine drank in the open throttle it started picking up speed.  2,164 more words


Genetic Manipulation Of Humans: Jeff Rense and Jon Rappoport

Source: NoMoreFakeNews.com | JonRappoport.wordpress.com
Jon Rappoport
February 23, 2017

Listen to a brand new conversation between Jeff Rense and Jon Rappoport, on the subject of new vaccines that will permanently change the DNA of humans. 138 more words


! بس ده مش الموسم بتاعه

دايما من وإحنا صغيرين بيفهمونا إن فيه فاكهة بتطلع في الصيف وفاكهة بتطلع في الشتاء، او ان كل فاكهة ليها “موسم”، و مع الوقت بقت فاكهة الصيف موجودة في الشتاء، و فاكهة الشتا موجودة في الصيف !