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Today’s review is for Dragonsdawn by Anne McCaffrey. This is the story of how humans came to the planet of Pern and how the dragons that protect them came to be. 325 more words


This Weird Organism’s Genes Could Make Us Superhuman

The Tardigrade, or water bear, is one of the most curious organisms on the planet. The octopedal micro-animal is found all over the Earth in bodies of water and is close to unkillable. 80 more words

Genetic Engineering

The Dark Side of CRISPR

By Kathryn Ziden

The Tsarnaev brothers, who carried out the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, built their pressure cooker bombs using instructions found in al Qaeda’s English-language, online magazine… 804 more words

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Alone in the Universe?

Many reputable intelligent people believe in the existence of extraterrestrial beings. In fact, the subject of aliens, specifically ancient aliens, is currently being over-explored on the History Channel as are many “end of days” and apoplectic shows.  2,810 more words


When Evolution Fights Back Against Genetic Engineering

Brooke Borel writes for The Atlantic:

In a crowded auditorium at New York’s Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in August, Philipp Messer, a population geneticist at Cornell University, took the stage to discuss a powerful and controversial new application for genetic engineering: gene drives. 270 more words

Science & Technology

Everything You Wanted to Know About Genetic Engineering in One Chirpy Video

This chirpy video about genetic engineering explains the complex present and speculative future quite well although it probably takes too optimistic a view of how the new technology will be used. 23 more words

Science & Technology

Medical Fact of the Day


These viruses like all virus cannot replicate without your cellular machinery.  While prokaryotes,  are pretty easy to trick comparatively, retroviruses have to really trick a eukaryotic highly regulated cell. 488 more words