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Backyard gene editing risks creating a monster | New Scientist

While we were all being distracted by cat videos and meaningless tweets by celebrities and politicians:

“Biohackers have already signalled their intention to use CRISPR, which poses a big problem for the authorities.”  Source: … 104 more words


CA Court: State of CA cleared to label Monsanto's Glyphosate a carcinogen

This is a story that is relevant to: (1) the need for government regulation, specifically because big business does NOT normally act in the public interest and the “market” is not a protection.  534 more words

"Gray Card" Surprise!

Greetings, everyone! I’m excited to report that the Department of Homeworld Security series is now entirely in my hands (queue lightning and maniacal laughter). I’m going Indie with this series, which means more novellas coming your way :D… 230 more words


Superweeds Emerge & Target GMOs

Source: GizaDeathStar.com
Dr. Joseph P. Farrell Ph.D.
March 10, 2017

Remember the glorious promise of agribusiness in the 1950s? Or even more importantly, the glorious and breathtakingly exciting days of the Administration of George Herbert Walker Bush, when the doctrine of “substantial equivalence” signaled the glorious end to human hunger, vastly expanded crop yields, and other boons to human health? 682 more words


Scientists Are About To Make The First Synthetic Lifeform

How often do you think about yeast? Maybe we have some bakers in the audience, but otherwise, we bet you don’t often linger on the little fungus. 252 more words

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