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ECO Member GE-Free New Zealand asks for your help

Claire Bleakley of GE Free New Zealand has been at the annual conference for the GM Free Alliance, a group of NGOs representing Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. 254 more words


On Rights and the Right to be Genetically Engineered

On Rights and the Right to Be Genetically Engineered: A Transhumanist Perspective

Imagine a scenario in which a mother could be given medicine to ensure that her child would be born without debilitating congenital illnesses. 6,287 more words


HKU Scientists Effectively Suppress Tumour Growth by Converting Salmonella into YB1 Anaerobe Bacterium

A research team lead by Professor Jiandong Huang at HKU engineered the Salmonella into an anaerobe bacterium named YB1 which only survive and thrive in hypoxic regions inside solid tumours. 144 more words


What's a GMO? Apparently not these magic mushrooms.

What’s a genetically modified organism? This isn’t just a question for twisty “whoa-brah” essays. It’s a tricky question whose answer determines what regulators scrutinize and what they ignore. 730 more words


Farmaceuticals Inc.

Late last year the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a chicken that had been genetically engineered to produce a drug in its eggs. The drug, Kanuma (sebelipase alfa), is a recombinant human enzyme marketed by Alexion Pharmaceuticals (ALXN). 450 more words


Acreage for Genetically Modified Crops Declined in 2015

The world’s farmers have increased their use of genetically modified crops steadily and sharply since the technology became broadly commercialized in 1996. Not anymore.

In 2015, for the first time, the acreage used for the crops declined, according to a nonprofit that tracks the plantings of biotech seeds. 127 more words


SP Universe Influnces-All hail the Corporate Royalty

Evolution, Natural Section, Breeding, Hybridization, Genetic Engineering.

All of this areas have same two themes running through them: Preserve DNA for another generation and why it changes for the betterment of its carrier or the to the detriment. 1,412 more words