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Know Your Origin and Purpose

Know Where Are You Coming From…

Well we touched a little on pathways here, but if you don’t know where they are ending or where they start, paths are useless.

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Freaky Friday: (Don't) Want Your Body, (Don't) Need Your Body [20 PHOTOS]

Last week, we introduced you to Freaky Friday, a new weekly series that highlights genetic freaks, sideshow freaks, and the just plain freaky. We mainly kept the pics to chicks, but this week we broaden our horizons to include bodybuilders and body piercers with a couple other oddities thrown into the mix because… why the F*** not? 51 more words


Freaky Friday: Genetic Freaks & Sideshow Freaks [20 PHOTOS]

If you’re a guy who knows about girls and social media, you already know about #FriskyFriday – a great excuse for hot girls to post semi-nude photos of themselves on Twitter. 73 more words