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When the "other" person is your partner's sibling...

It’s very hard to realize that maybe you’re not getting the full attention or intimacy of your partner, because they are fulfilling that role with someone else. 1,116 more words

Going vertical…

Was listening to the chatter box on the drive home last night when I caught the end of a conversation about people who are labeled “GSA.” I didn’t catch the earlier part of the broadcast and the story ended without redefining what the acronym meant. 822 more words


When Shame Dies

Is anything wrong in our culture besides saying that something is wrong? Let’s plunge into the Deeper Waters and find out.

Many of you are quite likely fathers of daughters and so when I present an article called “ 3,330 more words


18-year-old plans to marry long lost father

An 18-year-old woman from the Great Lakes region says that she has been in a romantic relationship with her biological father for two years.  The two wish to remain anonymous. 299 more words


The Bizarre Story Of A Girl Who Met Her Dad Through Facebook And Began Dating Him

There is a “thing” that can sometimes happen when family members are reunited after long separations. It is called genetic sexual attraction and it occurs when two members of the same family become sexually attracted to one another and begin dating and/or acting on that. 699 more words


The Benign Intentions of an Ignorant & Fanatical Society

Americans today live in what is a strange point in our nation’s history. Our society indulges in inaccuracy and lies, all the while assuring itself it follows only reason and objective thought. 1,544 more words


When You Find Out You Married Your Sister.

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You knew it had to happen sometime. A husband discovers that he and his wife have the same sperm donor father. (Both of them were raised by lesbian parents.) That means he married his half-sister, who is now the mother of their three children. 834 more words