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Test Your Genes to Find Your Best Diet

Your genes can help tell you what to eat and influence how diet affects your health.

Variants in some of our genes determine how we metabolize and utilize nutrients, a field of study known as nutrigenomics. 1,423 more words

Interaction of ACTN3 gene polymorphism and muscle imbalance effects on kinematic efficiency in combat sports athletes.

The purpose of this study was to determine the interaction of ACTN3 gene polymorphism and muscle imbalance effects on kinematic efficiency changes in combat sports athletes. 332 more words

PGS Results

We had 10 remaining embryos on ice, and after our last loss, we decided to have them all PGS tested.*

Before our embryos could be tested, they’d need to be thawed, biopsied, and re-frozen. 301 more words


Deciding to Get Tested: Important Questions

If you’re a young person considering genetic testing, someone you know may have already tried to talk you out of it. Maybe you’ve read through countless blog & Reddit posts in which many relatively older BRCA+ women comment a similar sentiment: “I was devastated by my results at my age – I can’t imagine dealing with this so young!”  Maybe you’ve been frightened by stories of other people in their young twenties getting their breasts preventatively removed, and while you respect their decisions, are positively shared shitless by that being presented to you as your next step. 1,004 more words

Lack of Diversity in Gene Samples May Cause False HCM Diagnosis

A recent study published in The New England Journal of Medicine concluded that individuals of African descent found to carry genes previously identified with HCM did not, in fact, have the disease.   136 more words


Why You Should Consider Genetic Testing for Cancer

Genetic Testing Video from DunnRite Productions on Vimeo.

Dr. Kowalski and her team at Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care perform hysterectomies for both women who voluntarily want the surgery, and for women who were diagnosed with certain cancers. 458 more words

Do I Get a Refund?

In an attempt to identify why I developed breast cancer at such a young age, I met with a genetic counselor and decided to undergo what is commonly known as the… 521 more words

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