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Genetic Testing

Wow, so I have at least ten draft topics for ALL OF THE WRITING I wanted to do here, and, well, I guess things just got a little away from me! 2,266 more words

Genetic Testing

Geneticists Offer Position Statement on NIPTs

Non-invasive prenatal tests (NIPTs) are advanced screenings for genetic diseases. The key word being screenings. They can tell you that your baby might have a problem, but false alarms are still possible. 444 more words


Jolie's Overies Taken after she Fails Test

Well, not just any test, but arguably one more important than any math test you’ve taken. Ever. Since cancer is very prevalent in Jolie’s family (three female relatives died due to cancer), she decided to take preventative measures and have a test run to reveal her current chances of developing cancer. 710 more words

Hitler Reincarnated by Melinda Anderson

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It began with the ‘Sodomite Suppression Act’ and $200 dollars. Everyone thought it was a joke and no one believed it would pass. 479 more words


The personal choice - genetic testing and cancer prevention

I am sure many people heard that today the actress Angelina Jolie Pitt made her surgery public that removed her ovaries and fallopian tubes as a preventive measure to prevent ovarian cancer. 712 more words


Too Fast, Too Furious; Huntington's Disease

What is Huntington’s Disease?

Chances are, someone you know has been affected in some way by Huntington’s Disease. Affecting about 1 in 10,000 people, Huntington’s disease is a hereditary neuro-degenerative disease that causes progressive death of nerve cells within the brain. 889 more words