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A Little More Efficacy Please

One of the frontiers opening up in genetics has to do with an individual person’s response to drug therapy. It’s called pharmacogenetics. Cancer therapy leads the pack in this area already and has for a long time. 281 more words

Genetic Testing

Subject: Being a Test Subject

So I finally tested with 23 and me, the genetic genealogy company that looks at all kinds of individual characteristics and yes, connects you with cousins! 462 more words


When TV and genetics meet: Reflections on Grey's Anatomy and BRCA

Guest Blogger, Allison Grant, reflects on the difficult decisions patients face following the identification of a BRCA mutation. 

In the middle of January I began watching, or as I will shamelessly admit, re-watching, the television series, Grey’s Anatomy. 553 more words

Program For Jewish Genetic Health

23andMe Says Being A Morning Person Is In Your DNA

Not really a morning person? Turns out, part of that may be baked into your DNA, according to new research by genetic analytics company 23andMe… 365 more words



Am I asking WTF the Phil Dunphy way, as in Why The Face?

NO, I’m asking WTF the pissed off way, as in What The F*&^! 658 more words

How Genes Can Change Everything: My BRCA-2 Status


⇐ In NYC, where I took my first MRI that serves as a baseline for future use to detect any changes in my breast tissue. 334 more words

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Top Trends in Preventative Health Care 2016- Personalized Medicine

2016-Science and Technology Increasingly Converge
Part 2

In my previous blog, I have been discussing some of the technological and scientific opportunities in preventative health care. 442 more words

Family Physician Dr. Vivien Brown