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I know these tests have become popular for discovering ethnicity. Heck- I wanted to do it myself. I even ordered the kit. BUT you need to read the fine print and understand that in order to get your results, you are signing away your rights to your DNA sample forever. 57 more words

Ellis Nelson

These former Google and Twitter engineers want to bring genetic testing for cancer to the masses

Techies love tackling health. The medical industry offers a heap of intractable issues, big market potential and the always desirable scale.

Among the wave of Silicon Valley biotech newcomers is Color Genomics, a company founded by two software veterans that provides affordable genetic testing on hereditary health risk. 507 more words


Phone calls to everywhere

Let me tell you guys something about living in Poland. It is HARD. Most of the time its not so hard, and then sometimes, its UBER hard. 438 more words


23 &Me ♢ Lupus Research Without A Third Boob

Ok, first off-I’m not 23, obvi. And this post has nothing to do with my ex fiance who cheated with the nanny…. this isn’t the make a wish foundation and we don’t give those people attention, we give them pity and therapy. 419 more words

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The Diagnosis

Well if you have stayed with me thus far, I truly appreciate you reading and hope you find what you may be looking for in my blog whether it be advice, comradery or simply awareness on a subject not often discussed and considered taboo. 1,825 more words

DNA - Your Insurance Policy

We are continuously asked the following questions in the DNA department.
“How many more genetic defect tests will be developed?”
“How can I best protect my herd if something comes up down the road?” 576 more words


Marni Soupcoff: What my DNA had to say about me

The time to find out whether I am a carrier of Tay-Sachs disease was probably before having three children. Given my Ashkenazi Jewish heritage, I have a greater than average chance of possessing a copy of the mutated gene that causes the devastating genetic disorder. 675 more words

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