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An Introduction to Genetic Algorithms Jenna Carr May 16, 2014 Abstract Genetic algorithms are a type of optimization algorithm, meaning they are used to Our genetic algorithm will be sequences of 0’s and 1’s with a length of 5 bits, and have a range from 0 (00000) to 31 (11111). 459 more words


Hawking, dengan ALS hidup sampai usia 76

ALS singkatan dari Ayotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, penyakit degeneratif yang berakibat pada penurunan fungsi otot polos. Otot polos adalah otot yang bergerak secara tidak sadar seperti otot untuk bernafas, otot bicara dan mengunyah, gerakan peristaltik kerongkongan, gerakan jonjot otot pada usus besar atau pada lambung. 353 more words

A Diagnoses

I was diagnosed with having a genetic mutation in the CDH1 gene when I was about 21 years old. I wasn’t even out of college yet. 258 more words


Do You Have Emotional Intelligence? It Could Be in Your Genes

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Do you have high–or low–emotional intelligence? It may be due to your parents. Not only because of the way they raised you, but because of the genes they passed on to you before you were born. 563 more words

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The ability to feel empathy—or not—is shaped by your genes

Parents are used to getting the blame for their children’s emotional defects. When it comes to empathy, it turns out they are partly responsible. Scientists studied the empathy of 46,861 people who analyzed their DNA through the personalized genetics company 23andMe and found that genetics explains a significant chunk of differences in abilities to understand others’ emotions. 472 more words

Genetic Evidence Suggests Iron is Linked to Alzheimer's Disease

According to a recent study, people with a rare variant in the HFE gene are three times less likely to develop dementia than the general population. 508 more words