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Is there a gene for delusional?

Is this the greatest example of irony? Donald Trump considers his whining baby act evidence of his being a part of the master race? Sure …


Share and share alike.

“Dogs and kids, you can’t fool them when it comes to rotten.” – Reparation

This movie was filmed in my hometown in Indiana. It was written by some pretty amazing people, and put together over a long period of time. 46 more words


Monsanto licenses CRISPR technology to modify crops — with key restrictions

Agriculture giant Monsanto has licensed CRISPR-Cas9 genome-editing technology from the Broad Institute for use in seed development, the company announced on Thursday, a step that will likely accelerate and simplify the creation of crops that are resistant to drought or have consumer-pleasing properties such as soybean oil with fats as healthy as those in olive oil. 154 more words


New switch decides between genome repair, death of cells.

The genetic information of every cell is encoded in the sequence of the DNA double helix. Double strand breaks in the DNA, which can be induced by radiation, are a dangerous threat to the cells, and if not properly repaired can lead to cancer. 144 more words


To conceive the world’s first three-parent baby using a controversial new technique, scientists went to Mexico where “there are no rules"

An American scientist, two Jordanian parents, and an anonymous donor walked into a hospital in Mexico.

That’s not the premise of a joke; those are the characters and the setting for a striking innovation in in-vitro fertilization techniques.  648 more words

In conversation with the Nobel Prize Werner Arber.

In 1978, Werner Arber, Daniel Nathans and Hamilton O. Smith were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine “for the discovery of restriction enzymes and their application to problems of molecular genetics”. 627 more words


Genetic does do magic!

Anak berambut (masih) minimalis berbaju putih adalah anak saya.. (saya yang di tengah, ya.. *iyalaah ga usah dikasitau, yekaan*) 😆😄

Nah, yang di sebelah kiri ogut adalah keponakan juara satu alias keponakan pertama di keluarga alm. 368 more words

Family Comes First