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C++: genetic algorithm on images (Part II)


In the first post we went over the setup and the files needed for the application development. Now, let’s see what will the program structure be. 645 more words


Here's The Thing...

I started this awhile ago as an outlet of sorts. But here’s the thing… Like anything else I quit coming back and writing. Mostly because life got overwhelming. 704 more words


We all know that genetics determine our physical attributes, and hair is included in the multitude of characteristics that are predetermined. However, genetics are not to blame for short breaking hair, bad hair care practices are. 404 more words

Futurism |Controlling CRISPR: Researchers May Have Found An “Off-Switch” for Gene-Editing

In Brief
  • Researchers have uncovered two distinct anti-CRISPR proteins — AcrIIA2 and AcrIIA4 — that worked to inhibit the ability of SpyCas9 to target specific genomes in bacteria.
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May I introduce you to beautiful Leilani. She is 12 years old and was born with a genetic defect called cri-du-chat-syndrome. It is a rare genetic disorder due to a missing part (deletion) of chromosome 5. 59 more words


Genetic Research right into Migraines

In a 2004 record, the World Health Organization (WHO) called migraine headaches and also frustration problems a worldwide public health and wellness catastrophe. In the exact same record, the WHO placed migraine headache as one of the leading twenty problems in the globe to trigger years of healthy and balanced life shed due to special [ ] The post Genetic Research right into Migraines appeared first on TMJ Aid.