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Natural Acne Cure?

Like a large portion of the population, I suffer with acne. I am pretty sure mine is genetic, and I have mild cystic acne, which is never fun. 139 more words


Game Mutants: Genetic Gladiators v17.116.141051 Apk

DescriptionBECOME THE ULTIMATE PSY CAPTAIN!As a newly recruited Psy Captain, use your unique Psychic Skills to control and lead a selection of genetic gladiators, train and cross breed them to unlock new attacks and discover new species of mutant.Assemble a powerful team that will vanquish your opponents in worldwide competitions and multiplayer arenas, fight your way to the top and become the ultimate Psy Captain.  95 more words

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Mapping the Genome and Modern Genetics: Eugenics Repackaged for Modern Times

From Health Impact News, Jul 2015

Will the Modern Genetics Movement Preserve Life or Threaten Life?

by John P. Thomas
Health Impact News

This is part II of a series on the relationship between the eugenics movement and modern genetics. 8,712 more words


Causes of Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is something we all feel from time to time. As a human being, it is almost impossible for you not to feel anxious, nervous or even scared sometimes. 356 more words

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Movie Review: Jurassic World

I’m sure many of you have seen it. I only got to watch it last night – that’s what happens when they release a blockbuster during the mid-year exams; I have to wait an extra two weeks. 1,041 more words


Facts about Hair

The hair cycle…
Each hair is attached to the scalp via a follicle. There are between 100,000 and 350,000 hair follicles on the human scalp. Each follicle grows its hair for an average of 1000 days (three years) and then rests for a period of around 100 days (three months) before being shed and a new hair begins to grow. 465 more words

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