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Our Trisomy 18 Journey: The Phone Call

It was around dinnertime and I was struggling to get food ready for the kids before the older one needed to head off to one of her activities. 717 more words

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Review

Plotline: –

Three years after the events of the previous film, the island of Isla Nublar where the Jurassic World theme park once existed, is threatened by its active volcano which can wipe out all its denizens. 623 more words

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Pawsitively Tuesday - Make up your mind

 “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

Abraham Lincoln

Today, researchers are confirming that assessment. Although some of your temperament is genetic, a large percentage is under your control.  8 more words

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Part I The Molecular Basis of Life

The Science of Biology
The Nature of Molecules and the Properties of Water
The Chemical Building Blocks of Life… 234 more words



Scheduled Release Date: November 2019

Word Count: 2500-6000k max
Theme-futuristic undead

The year is 2025. The planet has been riddled with radiation and in an effort to sustain life the world’s leading scientists have come up with a new procedure to keep humans and animals alive. 90 more words

A Sequel to the Syllogism: more thoughts on why God is the Creator of all life

In my earlier blog, I posited a syllogism, or logical formula, that deduces God’s existence from the information found in DNA. It went like this: 637 more words

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