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Why is the gene-editing technology used for babies unforgivable?

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On November 26, 2018, a Chinese biologist at Southern University of Science and Technology, He Jiankui, in an interview with the Associated Press in Hong Kong, claimed that his laboratory had used a genetic editing technique to modify a gene called CCR5 of fertilized eggs of at least seven couples. 711 more words


Delhi doctor used electric shock to ‘treat’ homosexuals, called it ‘genetic mental disorder’

Though Dr P K Gupta was debarred by the Delhi Medical Council (DMC), he was still indulging in this bizarre practice

A doctor, who terms homosexuality as “genetic mental disorder” and uses electric shock to treat gay and lesbian people, has been summoned by a Delhi court as an accused for violating norms. 2,045 more words

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Flat? Round? Both? The Overlayed Construct (Matrix)

Through the use of quantum engineering, mind control and temporal technology, the dark faction literally spliced the true timeline with an artificial dimension where these… 166 more words

I See...And It Shall Set Me Free

Genetic Counselor Interview

Please tell us about yourself

Shobana Kubendran loves human genes — understanding them, how they work, even how they carry disorders. And she loves the ability to talk and advise families on the potential medical problems that children can inherit from their parents or other family members. 914 more words


New Applications of Genetic Testing in Diseases and Athletics

     Approximately 80% of rare diseases are genetic. A variety of genetic testing can be used to check for these diseases with a 40% success rate in helping a patient find a diagnosis. 295 more words


Week 1: Tests, Tests, and More Tests

After I got my initial diagnosis, I was set up with a week’s worth of testing to make sure the cancer hadn’t spread further than the lymph node my surgeon described, which I later learned to be the sentinel lymph node (this is the first lymph node to which cancer cells are most likely to spread from a primary tumor). 575 more words

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