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Czechoslovakia? No problem…

“I’m sorry. He won’t be back in the office until a week from Tuesday. Please call then.” A typical response. Professional. No complaints. We all understand that being out of the office means being unavailable for work-related matters and we don’t expect him to interrupt his golf game or his very important meeting in China to answer our questions. 425 more words

Charities In Israel

The Birth of CRISPR Inc

It was a tiny research community then—in 2012 only 126 papers were published on CRISPR, compared with 2155 last year—and this simple vision seemed healthy for the field: practical and intellectually turbocharged. 261 more words


Futurism |Biologists Plan to Bring the Woolly Mammoth Back to Life by 2019

In Brief
  • A team of researchers believe they could bring back the woolly mammoth from extinction within the next two years.
  • The project has two main goals: securing an alternative future for the endangered Asian elephant and helping to combat global warming.
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Genetic Hints about Male Baldness Patterns

New research about male patterns of baldness gives causes of male baldness. Parkinson’s disease and male pattern baldness strengthen with age.

Genetics, Social Pressure, and Sexuality

Throughout history, humans have constantly questioned their own existence and pushed to define and give names to all aspects of humanity. As time has progressed, many means of identification have come to be named and defined, which has forced us to push deeper into our own understanding of ourselves. 1,044 more words


'Apple-shaped' body could raise risk of diabetes

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

People who are genetically predisposed to storing belly fat, or having an apple-shaped body type, could face a higher risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease, researchers said Tuesday. 295 more words

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