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Genetic Comparison to Humans

Humans and baboons are very similar. In fact, humans share about 91% of their DNA with baboons and some are used to study human diseases. 334 more words


A Creative Heart

Like anyone, Jenny Unrein has her ups and downs. “I like to draw and make people happy,” she says, but “I don’t like people staring.” 813 more words

Special Needs

What causes bipolar disorder?

The causes of bipolar disorder aren’t really known, although after extensive studies, it’s believed that genetic, neurochemical and environmental factors probably interact or combine to play a considerable role in the onset and progression of bipolar disorder. 280 more words


Diabetes is no laughing matter

In America, we’ve desensitized the issue by poking fun at how nutritiously awful our foods are, but diabetes isn’t funny in any sense. Memes such as “diabeetus” and events like the Starbucks cup issue are a result of misinformation. 630 more words

Social Stuff

Breathe Deep It is a Gift.

Sukumar saxena, was brought to me by his mother, he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. He was 8yrs old.

While Shivakumar Iyer is 30yrs and is already under treatment for cystic fibrosis. 773 more words

Awareness Month


As this semester’s coming to an end, i’m really glad that i learned new definitions, terms, concepts, ideas, psychology theorists and many other things through out this course. 272 more words

"xY chromosome"

So many x’s

I have


Y would you

Break my heart

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