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Biotech Company Claims To Have Successfully Used Gene Therapy In Attempt To Reverse Aging

In what they are claiming is a world first, biotech company BioViva hasannounced that they have used gene therapy to lengthen the caps on the end of DNA known as telomeres in the CEO of their company, Elizabeth Parrish. 13 more words


Nature, Nurture, Murder?

It has been found in many studies that male children who abused or experience violence are more likely to be violent when they grow up – but not all male children who experience violence whilst growing up turn out to be violent people. 1,406 more words


Huntington's Disease: Good Health Wouldn't Guarantee you Anything

“Doug, do you have a clue what Huntington’s Disease is? Its a curse passed from generation to generation. One day you will be forced to realize that.”Anonymous…

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Flower in the Brain

I have always found organic imagery fascinating.

The microscopic photos of tears and germs, illnesses and synapses…I am constantly reminded of flowers and mycelium, of trees and fruit. 36 more words


Two thirds of cancers caused by random genetic mistakes - US study

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

CHICAGO (REUTERS) – About two thirds of cancers are caused by random typos in DNA that occur as normal cells make copies of themselves, a finding that helps explain why healthy individuals who do everything they can to avoid cancer are still stricken with the disease, US researchers said on Thursday (March 23). 351 more words

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A House committee thinks your boss should be able to see your genetic information - The Verge

We can’t let party loyalty blind us, wrong is wrong… Call your House Representatives to oppose HR 1313.

Studies on genetic variability in maize (Zea mays L.) under stress and non-stress environmental conditions - IJAAR

U.U. Umar, S.G. Ado, D.A. Aba, S.M. Bugaje

Department of Plant Science, Institute for Agricultural Research/ Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria

Key words: Genetic, Variability, Non-stress, Stress, Genotypes. 267 more words