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Another victory "Scotland to ban GMOs to protect citizens' health..."

“As reported by the UK’s Guardian newspaper:

Scottish ministers are planning to formally ban genetically modified crops from being grown in Scotland, widening a policy divide with the Conservative government in London.” 27 more words


Study Suggests Fear Can Be Passed On Through Genes

A newborn mouse pup, seemingly innocent to the workings of the world, may actually harbor generations’ worth of information passed down by its ancestors.

In the experiment, researchers taught male mice to fear the smell of cherry blossoms by associating the scent with mild foot shocks. 233 more words

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Fighting sin

Those who have been cleansed by the shed blood of Christ and have His Spirit within them still struggle with sin. Some Christians will battle certain sins’ temptations all of their lives, and there may even be a genetic link to such orientations, but we all have inherited an essentially fallen nature, and most of us will feel like we are perhaps fighting against our own selves at least during various seasons of our pilgrimages toward a deeper relationship with God. 266 more words


AI v homo sapiens

There is a lot of angst expressed about the development of AI with neural networks enabling increasing levels of ‘autonomous’ thought such as to rival, or even, replace, our human brain capabilities. 701 more words


"Gaze At This Single Picture And You’ll Never Eat GMOs Again"

“The declaration of the World Health Organization (WHO) that glyphosate is a ‘probable carcinogen’ has helped in making aware the biological warfare that biotech has unleashed on the planet, but we need more. 44 more words


Holocaust survivors pass the genetic damage of their trauma onto their children, researchers find


  • Children of survivors found to have increased chance of stress disorders
  • Study assessed the children of 32 concentration camp survivors

Children of Holocaust survivors may have been indirectly traumatised by the event due to genes passed from their parents, a remarkable new study has found. 865 more words

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