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Genetics, technology, security and justice: the social life of DNA

Dr Matthias Wienroth is researcher and knowledge broker at the interface of the sociology of science and technology, public and policy engagement, ethics, and governance studies. 865 more words


The Founder Principle: A Wonderful Idea from Biology

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We’ve all been taught natural selection; the mechanism by which species evolve through differential reproductive success. Most of us are familiar with the idea that random mutations in DNA cause variances in offspring, some of which survive more frequently than others. 1,237 more words

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Almost Half of What’s In a Chromosome Is Still a Mystery.

While it’s true that every chromosome contains some of 25,000 genes, it now turns out to be the case that this is only a little more than half the story. 64 more words


Genetic research claims to trace mysterious origins of Israel’s Druze

Researchers may have unraveled part of the mystery of the enigmatic Druze religion’s history and ancestry.

A study of Israeli Druze genetics published last week in Scientific Reports of Nature may help shed light on the secretive religious sect’s history and ancestry. 682 more words

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I will fight for HER right!

As I write this I am tired and emotional. My head is full of rubbish and my eyes sting from my tears.

I am the mother of a little girl with SEN. 416 more words

Chromosome Deletion

It's All in The Genes

Fact: Tomatoes have more genes than humans.

We think of humans as the most complex and advanced of all living thing on this planet – so naturally you might think that we require the most genetic material to make such a complicated animal. 260 more words


Genetic Engineering Dislcosure and the helpful Wes Penre Forum

Thank you, everyone involved with this process is uniformly working towards disclosure (leading to actual closure instead of what we have now, the illusion) and the progress of this civilization and humanity towards higher awareness and self-control from within rather than a control system). 670 more words