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How Do Genetic Algorithms Work? [video]

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Genetic algorithms are in the class of evolutionary algorithms that build on the principle of “survival of the fittest”. By recombining the best solutions of a population and every now and then mutating them, one can solve remarkably difficult problems that would otherwise be hopelessly difficult to write programs for. 189 more words

Genetic and Genomic Testing for Cancer

Genetic and Genomic Testing for Cancer Treatment

The unfortunate reason why it seems that the only way to live after being diagnosed with late stage or terminal cancer is to visit a Cancer Treatment Center of America is because not all cancer centers or hospitals have access to the specific legislation and equipment needed to perform specific testing on  480 more words


MTHFR Genetic Polymorphism & What It Means To Me.

I have been trying to take the energy from my frustrations (over the staggering – lack of control over my life) and use that energy to… 1,085 more words


Rapid Change

You’ve seen the headlines.  “A new stage of evolution”, says one article.  “Warmest year on record”, says another.  Both of those are meaningless when it comes to evolution or climate change. 766 more words


the real threat.

I was talking to my husband about how I feel like we walk around with the looming threat of surgery over us all the time. 602 more words


the waiting game.

E loves the eye doctor. They have her watch shows, follow little moving toys, and look at spinning lights. She thinks it’s so much fun. 302 more words