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Switching off insatiable hunger: A new drug to help young patients with genetic obesity

Researchers have successfully treated patients whose obesity is caused by a genetic defect. Aside from its beneficial effects on the patients, the researchers also provided insights into the fundamental signaling pathways regulating satiety of the new drug. 16 more words

Studies And Research

I'd rather be home

I’ve been deeply depressed for a while now. It’s frustrating to not be getting any better after nearly 2 years. I HATE going anywhere. I’ve always been a homebody, but not like this. 647 more words

Mental Illness

BOG Fracture-Risk Score Combines DNA Info with Physiological Factors

This post comes from Fred Nelson, MD, an orthopaedic surgeon in the Department of Orthopedics at Henry Ford Hospital and a clinical associate professor at Wayne State Medical School. 391 more words


Another shocking genetic heritage

It is written in a book that we inherit so many different effective aspects of our personality through genes. It seems totally fine with me for inherit small boobs or shiny bald head or getting either high or low IQ. 491 more words

A university essay: schizophrenia as an inherited disorder

Critically discuss the evidence that schizophrenia is inherited 

Genetics is a branch of biology that concerns the transmission of inherited factors from both parents that determines an individual’s emotional and physical characteristics, however the field of psychiatric genetics concerns the perpetual question, “are behavioural and psychological conditions and deviations inherited” (Maier, 2003).   2,366 more words

Psychology At University

Outside Looking In

In our a family it’s a running joke that Dad has no friends. It doesn’t particularly upset me, but it does make me think I may be different. 529 more words


The Unfair Truth about Mental Illness

In psychology, we study a lot about the interaction between genetic makeups and environment to understand about the etiology of mental illnesses. The consensus remains that our genetic predisposition and the environment we live in influence one another. 422 more words