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DNA Origins - Your Genetic Tree

For the past couples of years I have been Studying my genetic family tree, which in principle is our second family tree, our first being our Genealogical tree which includes the names of all of our ancestors. 782 more words


Multidrug resistant genetic factors in malaria parasites

(Source: www.science.nus.edu.sg)

Multidrug resistant genetic factors in malaria parasites

3 Jan 2018. NUS scientists in collaboration with researchers from Novartis have discovered two genetic markers in Plasmodium falciparum, the deadliest malaria parasite that can cause it to develop resistance against a new antimalarial drug. 492 more words

Current Affairs


If I have your attention, I hope it’s because you’ve heard a bit about MTHFR, and not because you thought I was using a bad bad word. 422 more words

Food As Medicine

7 science stories in 2017 that made us go, "Whoa, that’s awesome"

(Source: www.vox.com)

Science is inherently optimistic. Why else would researchers spend countless hours on frustrating experiments that so often fail? They toil in labs, wade through massive data sets, and point their instruments at the sky because they believe answers to their pressing critical questions exist — if they only search hard enough for them. 2,297 more words


Rowan's EIEE1

Today we had a neurology appt, it was thrown on yesterday, so it was a bit on a surprise. We went over all the questions that I had about he particular case and whether or not there was a syndrome name for his case, what to look for, what to do, etc. 495 more words


AncestryDNA: Genetic Testing - DNA Ancestry Test Kit


What’s included in the kit?
The kit includes easy-to-follow instructions, a saliva collection tube with an activation code, and a pre-paid return mailer. 412 more words


A simple guide to CRISPR, one of the biggest science stories of the decade

(Source: www.vox.com)

One of the biggest and most important science stories of the last few years will probably also be one of the biggest science stories of the next few years. 2,627 more words