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Supporting the principle of genetic privacy at work

A Bill that would allow companies to require employees to undergo genetic testing and disclose the results to their employers, or risk having to make health insurance payments of thousands of dollars extra, was recently approved by the US House of Representatives Committee on Education and the Workforce, with all 22 Republicans supporting it and all 17 Democrats opposing. 159 more words


We'll probably have to genetically augment our bodies to survive Mars

When it comes to space travel, there’s no shortage of enthusiasm to get humans to Mars, with Space X’s Elon Musk saying his company could take passengers… 944 more words


Handed Down

I used to get hand me down clothes.

And that was the extent of what I believed was inherited.

Then I had kids.

Now they’re having kids. 58 more words

Life Chatter

Patients with certain KLK-6 mutations at risk for aggressive forms of prostate cancer

A newly published article in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute has suggested that men carrying a particular genetic mutation in the kallikrein 6 gene ( 307 more words


Guest Post: pregnancy with PKU, a dream come true

By | Amanda Cosburn

Becoming a mother has been a lifelong dream for me, and one that for a time I never thought would have been possible due to my health. 3,244 more words


New genetic modification techniques - Australia

The following is a quote from an email I received today regarding the approval of new GM tech in Australia:

Next week Dr Michael Antoniou, Reader in Molecular Genetics at King’s College London School of Life Sciences will be visiting Melbourne.

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My Soap Box

I want to use a different approach in this post. If we assume that the Bible is telling the truth – personally, I believe in the Bible only as an ancient book of history, but not as a revelation – we can prove that some intelligent extraterrestrial life interfered in the evolution of life on Earth. 2,965 more words