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Why you?

The consultant and the breast nurse are in the room, with your notes open in front of them, as you perch on the edge of your plastic chair. 805 more words

Genetic Diversity and Erosion in Plants Case Histories

Genetic Diversity and Erosion in Plants Case Histories

Genetic erosion is the loss of genetic diversity within a species. It can happen very quickly, due to catastrophic events, or changes in land use leading to habitat loss. 56 more words



Proinflammatory myeloid cells: immune stimulation
-activate Tc cells

Intermediary from proinflammatory to antiinflammatory: PI3Kγ (prominent isoform of PI3Kinase in myeloid cells)
-effectors Akt1, mTor, S6Kinase… 100 more words


Walkin' & Talkin': Coming Out of My Shell

It has been said that communication is the best source of therapy, however, most Cystic Fibrosis patients tend to struggle with this theory. For as long as I can remember, I preferred to keep my CF life completely hidden.  1,138 more words


5 Ways Men Shape Their Children’s Health

Women are often told that what they eat, how much they drink and the choices they make can have a big impact on their children’s health and development, even long before they get pregnant. 645 more words

old growth

humanity’s death started as a fashion.

bodies stained dollar bill green,

and cells verdant with foreign genes

growing into us, as ivy grows

into old brick. 105 more words