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It's All in The Genes

Fact: Tomatoes have more genes than humans.

We think of humans as the most complex and advanced of all living thing on this planet – so naturally you might think that we require the most genetic material to make such a complicated animal. 260 more words


Genetic Engineering Dislcosure and the helpful Wes Penre Forum

Thank you, everyone involved with this process is uniformly working towards disclosure (leading to actual closure instead of what we have now, the illusion) and the progress of this civilization and humanity towards higher awareness and self-control from within rather than a control system). 670 more words



I imagine sometimes
while trying to
what my father must’ve
looked like when he was
after his suicide

I imagine sometimes
involuntarily… 115 more words


On Being Rare

Believe me, I’ve become used to doctors being unsure about what’s going on with me. Whether it is an overly large tumor or simply not recovering from an infection, doctors of all backgrounds have often been confused when facing me on an examination table. 547 more words

The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy

The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy

Discover the strategies inside your DNA!
Find The solutions to your loved ones background secrets utilizing the many-cuttingedge instrument accessible. 30 more words

Exact Gene Editing in Plants

CRISPR offers a simple, correct approach to adjust qualities to make characteristics, for example, ailment resistance and dry spell resilience.

Another quality altering technique is giving an exact approach to change edits with expectations of making them yield more nourishment and oppose dry season and infection all the more successfully. 616 more words


The cost and the effectiveness of genomic testing for prostate cancer risk

As regular readers will be well aware, there are now several different tests available that can be used to assess risk for low- and very low-risk forms of prostate cancer at time of diagnosis (as opposed to clinically significant forms that need early treatment). 545 more words