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Week 1: Tests, Tests, and More Tests

After I got my initial diagnosis, I was set up with a week’s worth of testing to make sure the cancer hadn’t spread further than the lymph node my surgeon described, which I later learned to be the sentinel lymph node (this is the first lymph node to which cancer cells are most likely to spread from a primary tumor). 575 more words

Breast Cancer

I have a child with autism, if I have another baby...

will my baby have autism?

  • If you have more than one child, do you have more than one child with autism?
  • What’s the likelihood that I will have a second child with autism, if my first child has autism?
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What if We all became "CRISPR babies"?

I suppose everyone had read or heard about the Chinese scientist who tried to prevent HIV during IVF by knocking down the CCR5 gene, I must admit that is really crazy and really cool at the same time! 179 more words

What about genetic testing for psych meds?

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Patients ask: “What about genetic testing to determine which psychiatric medications I need?”

Mark R. Ogle, M.D., Board-Certified Clinical Psychiatrist in Indianapolis, IN, answers. 616 more words


People with rare cancers can benefit from genomic profiling

New research has shown that many Australians with rare cancers can benefit from genomic profiling. The findings of the patient-driven trial are being presented today at the… 571 more words

Epigenetic Marks on a Stress-Related Gene Linked to Suicide Risk

Many people consider suicide to be taboo, and it’s a subject that is often avoided. However, the more we understand the reasoning behind why some people are pressed to commit suicide, the better equipped we may be to offer support and guidance for treatment. 641 more words

Biological Medicine

Veterinarians: Pets suffer from allergies, too

Pet Allergies from Miranda Reynolds on Vimeo.


by Miranda Reynolds
Delta Digital News Service

JONESBORO – The changing of the seasons mess with everyone’s allergies; for furry friends, this is no exception. 424 more words