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FDA Allows 23AndMe to Use Its Genetic Kits to Test for Bloom Syndrome

In a significant boost for 23andMe, the Food and Drug Administration has allowed the direct-to-consumer genetics Silicon Valley startup to use its kit to test for a serious genetic disorder known as Bloom Syndrome.

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Fears, Phobias and Facts

An article in the NY Times recently captured my attention, in which the author, a professor of medicine at NYU, divulges:“I have misophonia, a… 374 more words


Part 8: Is that it? Really?

After going to sleep early, Rosie and I were up by 6:30. We dressed quickly and for comfort, knowing the day would be long. By 6:50am, we were downstairs in the lobby waiting for our car to ANOVA. 1,288 more words

Question Marks

Ever had that feeling that the floor might fall out from under you at any moment? I have, sitting there listening to a new doctor (bot new at his job but new to me) talk, the dizziness held my attention. 168 more words

Hello world!

I’m a Mum of 2 soon to be 3. My beautiful daughter has a chromosome deletion 6q27 it isn’t a huge deletion but it has had a profound impact on her and our lives.

"Three-parent babies could risk the future of the human race, warn 55 Italian MPs"

“In a strongly worded letter to The Times, the Italian Mps wrote that the legislation of such a technique “could have uncontrollable and unforeseeable consequences, affecting future generations and modifying genetic heritage in an irreversible way, inevitably affecting the human species as a whole”.” 7 more words




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