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Apa itu Ageloc Y-Span ?

Apa itu Ageloc Y-Span ?
AgeLOC Y-SPAN™ adalah supplement herbal berbasis teknologi GENETIC yang mampu membuat kita terlihat tetap muda, ber-stamina dengan  kesehatan yang tetap prima, walaupun usia kita bertambah. 246 more words


Patient - Part 1

I’ve been sick my whole life. Born with a genetic disorder that leaves me separated from the rest of the world. My DNA is constantly morphing, changing and dispersing and yet somehow not altering my appearance. 575 more words

Short Story

Fresh Eggs By The Dozens!

Our donor’s egg retrieval was yesterday and I got the update call this morning. They retrieved 29 eggs, 19 of which were mature enough to inject sperm into, and 17 fertilized properly and are now zygotes! 668 more words

Scientists just made the world's smallest diode out of DNA Electronics on the molecular scale.

Researchers have shrunk down one of the fundamental components of modern electronics, creating the world’s smallest diodeout of a single molecule of DNA. In fact, it’s so tiny, you  502 more words


Genetic Evidence

Phenotypes and Genotypes in Cystinuria

H. Harris, U. Mittwoch, E.B. Robson, and F.L. Warren

At the time, identification of cystinuria relied only on the abnormal levels of cystine excreted in the urine, but it was known that other basic amino acids (i.e. 363 more words


Cushing's disease associated with USP8 mutations

April 04, 2016

Oral Session: Pituitary Patients and Outcomes

Cushing’s disease associated with USP8 mutations

RR Correa, FR Faucz, A Angelousi, N Settas, P Chittiboina, MB Lodish, CA Stratakis… 263 more words


Creating a healthier attitude - a solution framework for genetic obesity

When it comes to changing people’s mindset, attitude is the key to success. It provides guidance for the behavior that is the catalyst of change and it consequently affects the evaluation of new information provided to the subject (Siegrist, 2010). 883 more words