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The Unfair Truth about Mental Illness

In psychology, we study a lot about the interaction between genetic makeups and environment to understand about the etiology of mental illnesses. The consensus remains that our genetic predisposition and the environment we live in influence one another. 422 more words

How to Cure Colour Blindness at Home

Color blindness is generally inherited but can also be acquired. Different types of inherited defects are broken up into three categories: monochromacy, dichromacy and anomalous trichromacy. 1,375 more words

23andMe Customers Hijacked! Big Time!

Did you ever pay money to see if you were adopted? What if you wanted to be sure you were 100% white? Mom’s savoir faire in recounting tales of college sounded unmistakably liberal? 815 more words


Cloud Computing Contributes to Individually Tailored Medical Treatments of the Future

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For Wu Feng, bridging medicine and computing seems natural. The award-winning Virginia Tech computer science professor who once pursued dual M.D. and Ph.D. degrees (but settled for only the latter) envisions a not-so-far-off future in which a secure cloud contains your genetic profile.

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Computer Science And Softwarematics

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom™ Review

Somewhere at the start of the film we see two people in a submersible enter the Mosasaurus lagoon via the ocean as the lagoon can magically teleport for some reason. 1,514 more words


Charlie Simpson & San Bushmen: Walking With The San | Singing In The Rainforest

D’après des chercheurs, nous descendrions tous d’un couple d’ancêtres, l’Eve mitochondriale et l’Adam Chromosome Y (plus d’infos ici, et ici également le Genographic Project… 90 more words


Food: The myth of non-GMO

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Do your bananas have seeds?

Is your orange juice sweet?

What color is your corn?

In the argument over whether genetically modified organisms are ethical or should have a place in our pantries, one simple fact seems overlooked: We are all eating GMO foods, all the time. 508 more words