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Genetically Engineered Food Safety- 3/5/15 Public Meeting National Academy of Sciences

Live Webcast of Meeting in Washington, DC:  The public meeting will focus on food safety. The committee will hear from speakers representing the Food and Drug Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the European Food Safety Authority. 34 more words

Genetically Engineered Food

EPA seeks public comment to framework to prevent corn rootworm resistance

EPA is seeking public comment on a proposed framework intended to delay the corn rootworm pest becoming resistant to corn genetically engineered to produce Bt pesticides.   446 more words


EU parliament approves new GM crops planting rules

legislature has approved by a big margin a new law giving EU member states the power to ban the cultivation of genetically modified crops even if they have been approved by the food safety authority of the 28-nation bloc. 60 more words



— “scientists behind the petition say the butterfly’s decline is linked to a rise in genetically engineered crops in the midwest”

read article: monarch butterflies considered for endangered species status


Endangered? Monarch butterflies may get federal protection

The once ubiquitous monarch butterfly may soon be placed on the endangered species list because its population has declined so dramatically in the past two decades. 408 more words


EU deal gives countries opt-out on growing approved GM crops

The European Union agreed a compromise on growing genetically modified crops on Thursday that gives nations the option to ban them, even if EU authorities have approved them for cultivation. 272 more words


Largest international study into safety of GM food launched by Russian NGO

A Russian group working with scientists is set to launch what they call the world’s largest and most comprehensive long-term health study on a GM… 927 more words