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How to change someone's mind

This new video from Wellcome is so relevant to the GMO debate: ‘How to be convincing: 5 tips for the next time you’re trying to change someone’s mind’. 50 more words

Society's Perception

Recently Published Article – "Transgenic Pro-Vitamin A Biofortified Crops for Improving Vitamin A Deficiency and Their Challenges"

Journal: The Open Agriculture Journal

Author(s): Hyejin Lee


Vitamin A Deficiency (VAD) has been a public health problem among children in developing countries. To alleviate VAD, Vitamin A Supplementation (VAS), food fortification, biofortification and nutrition education have been implemented in various degrees of success with their own merits and limits. 166 more words

Bentham Open

2017 GMOs, Dirty dozen and clean 15

When trying to eat healthy, we all know that is best to stick with whole, fresh foods. But when it comes to buying these fresh produce, we get stuck between the labels. 543 more words

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GMO's and Pesticides

Oftentimes there are debates in the modern world if GMO’s and pesticides are good for you. There has been long term research going on about how these products affect human health but no conclusive studies yet. 721 more words


Assault on Midwest Women & Children on the Rise

Growing up in the Midwest isn’t as idyllic as it used to be. The family farm has been eclipsed by sprawling thousand-fold acre parcels of corn and soybeans. 735 more words

What Is Organic

Musings from the In-Between: My Coming to Terms with the GMO Industry

by Laura Barley

Monotony. Uniformity. Cataclysmic Tragedy, Subsequent Death. As a self-identified liberal attending an institution built on the premise of promoting social welfare through nutritional outcomes, this is how Laura Barley has historically described images of technologized agriculture. 856 more words


Frankenfoods: Genetically Modified For Your Consumption

Whether you were examining the labels on your food products out of interest in the ingredients or simply because you were bored, you may have noticed over the past several months or so that many food products now contain some form of the circled statement in the above image.  1,989 more words

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