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Grappling with GM Animals

Federal report recommends greater regulatory transparency when evaluating GM livestock

The House of Commons agriculture committee has recommended greater regulatory transparency when evaluating genetically modified animals for human consumption. 699 more words

Giant Transgenic Chinese Carp Could Leap from Lab to Dinner Table

Species still confined to the laboratory and researchers will need years of data from large-scale experiments, scientist says

Chinese researchers who created a rapidly growing “giant” … 472 more words

Are GMO Producers Engaged in a ‘Tobacco Science’-like Coverup?

One of the popular slogans of anti-GMO protesters has been that there is a “cover-up” going on by GMO seed companies about the actual harm of GMO crops, just like the kind of cover-up that Big Tobacco carried out for 40 years on the dangers of smoking. 1,745 more words

AquaBounty Salmon’s 20yr Odyssey Through Nets of Regulations

The early research focused on antifreeze protein genes to solve a far different problem than warming sea temperatures. Superchill, when the ocean water temperature falls below the freezing point of salmon blood (-0.7°C), was killing salmon farmed in Atlantic Canada. 1,905 more words

Transgenic Animals are Still Proving Tough to Swallow

Metro investigates whether we’re ready to eat genetically engineered animals as part of our regular diet.

Last year, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved… 491 more words

Wasps Have Genetically Modified Butterflies, Using Viruses

There are tens of thousands of wasp species that make their living by parasitizing other insects, like butterflies and moths. In a typical scenario, a parasitoid wasp stings a caterpillar, injecting eggs or larvae (depending on the species) into the small animal during the process. 736 more words