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Genetically Modified Organisms

We live in a right now, I cannot wait kind of world. To make a long story short the majority of people do not like the waiting process- they have zero patience. 469 more words

August 23, 2015 | Dream Journal

I did not bother to voice record or think much about my dreams from last night, and so I can not remember much except for a few random dream fragments. 316 more words

Dream Journal

Benefits of Organic Agriculture

Have you ever found yourself standing in the grocery store aisle looking at conventional food and organic food wondering, “What’s the difference between the two?” 359 more words

Will the DARK ACT get past the Senate?

Apart from enjoying his music for nigh on 50 years I have been so impressed with Neil Young’s environmental work and contribution to ‘Farm Aid’ over many years that one day recently I was inspired to write; 765 more words

Information & Opinion

GMO Plants Why All The Fuss?

After years of growing GMO crops, can we trust what is working? Why is it GMOs continue to create such a big scare? As we get a better understanding of genetic science, the ignorance seems to be in the hands of the uneducated public. 144 more words

Genetically Modified Organism

Chipotle Says No to GMOs

Ignorance; that is what agribusiness is using as its biggest tool to continuously pump GMOs into our food system. The less people know, the better. In recent news, however, health friendly quick service restaurant Chipotle has announced that it will be making it’s produce line GMO free, effective May of 2015. 198 more words

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