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We now have a weapon that could wipe out one of the world’s biggest killers

The deadliest organism on the planet rides in mosquito bellies and kills more than 400,000 people every year. Though we’ve cut malaria deaths by half since 2000, there is a long way to go.  401 more words

FDA Approves Salmon the First GM Animal Safe to Eat, Doesn't Require Labels

After decades of indecision, the Food and Drug Administration has finally approved its first genetically modified animal as safe to eat. Welcome a fast-growing GM Atlantic Salmon to your plate.

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G.M.O's: Are They Really That Bad? You Bet They Are

We are what we eat. A clean body is a clean mind. These are sayings we all say, but how many actually believe it? I mean, really believe it? 1,632 more words

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What happens when 100+ Monsanto employees crash your presentation on GE crops and pesticides

By Ashley Lukens, PhD, Director, Hawaii Center for Food Safety.

On Oct 14th, I presented the findings of our Pesticides in Paradise report on the island of Moloka‘i. 110 more words


Can Supplemental Digestive Enzymes Cause Pain?

During the many years I have served as a health practitioner there have been some patients sensitive to supplementation. It has been my experience that these people have a hidden or silent condition that they may not recognize until they try to change their normal food habit.  928 more words


"Most EU Countries to Ban Cultivation of 8 GMOs Using New Rules"


More than half of the European Union’s 28 nations plan to prohibit the cultivation of a group of genetically modified crops awaiting EU regulatory approval, marking the first use by individual governments of a new right to go their own way on the planting of biotech foods.

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