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The Japan Adventure Continues! The Jay Dee Show 38

Only 1 booktube video this past week! But there are 5 videos to show you on 2 channels. The week features my return to the Japan Vlog series from our trip to Japan last month. 228 more words


It has been a minute...

It has been a very long time since I posted…I skipped June entirely.


I have started work in the corporate communications office of Bayer Crop Science Division in the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina and am pursuing my passion in Ag. 647 more words

The Truth About GMO's

SUMMARY: Scientists are just trying to help. But y’all are making it pretty hard? Want less pesticides, fine. Want more food to feed the world? Fine. 756 more words

30 Questions for You on the GMO Labeling Standard

 I remember with no measure of fondness the industry skirmishes that transpired after the GMO disclosure standard was enacted last July. It was a deal that no one on either side wanted. 618 more words

What Is Organic

Genetically Engineered Plants and Animals: The Ecology of Unknown Consequences

Imagine the primordial forest, a canopy dense with foliage, the floor strewn in dappled light. From the cool boreal woodlands to the tropical forests, trees have sustained complex ecosystems evolving over the millennia of time. 717 more words


How to change someone's mind

This new video from Wellcome is so relevant to the GMO debate: ‘How to be convincing: 5 tips for the next time you’re trying to change someone’s mind’. 50 more words

Society's Perception

Recently Published Article – "Transgenic Pro-Vitamin A Biofortified Crops for Improving Vitamin A Deficiency and Their Challenges"

Journal: The Open Agriculture Journal

Author(s): Hyejin Lee


Vitamin A Deficiency (VAD) has been a public health problem among children in developing countries. To alleviate VAD, Vitamin A Supplementation (VAS), food fortification, biofortification and nutrition education have been implemented in various degrees of success with their own merits and limits. 166 more words

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