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“At first, some States, such as China, rejected this Western intrusion and tried to ban Oodles completely. But the demands of “the People”, underground movements, and the like, soon forced them to provide their own rival system called “Yiqiè”. 830 more words

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Dominant Curly Hair

I love to study genetics. Okay, I love it to a point. It can be hard to follow all the single nucleotide polymorphisms on such and such gene, leading to a certain particular allele. 548 more words


Genetic Espionage

All forecasts predicted a bumper corn crop for Iowa and its neighbors. But those with inside information of what was going on in biogenetics were predicting an agricultural revolution for the coming harvest of 2035. 3,334 more words


The Ordinaries

It was lunch-time. Jane sat in a coffee-shop in the High Street, lost in a daydream, “wittering” to all her friends about her recent activities, mainly purchases, and listening to theirs. 508 more words

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Since writing this, “Oodles” have anounced that they have been taken over by themselves under the new brand name “AtoZee”.  This is mainly to redirect funding to their more obscure projects, such as Space Travel, Time Machines, Age Control, Mind Engineering Nanobots, and Total Culture Recall, removing them from public gaze until they are fully developed.  914 more words

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We've Modified Our Behavior So We Can #Text and Walk - #Anthropology - SciAm Blog

They’re less likely to trip because they shorten their step length, reduce step frequency, lengthen the time during which both feet are in contact with the ground, and increase obstacle clearance height. 113 more words