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Chromosome analysis and MDS

The 14th July is the Leukaemia Foundation of Australia’s annual National MDS Day.

Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS) make up a group of diseases that have abnormal blood cell production. 391 more words

I Will Never Have a Perfect Smile!

by Alex Gaillard

I have ectodermal dysplasia, and for me, that meant that I would never have a perfect smile.

Since growing up, I’ve always known there was something off about my teeth. 644 more words

Family Conference

Our First Conference

By Randi Walker

I can still remember walking in to our first NFED Family Conference in Colorado Springs, Colo. Weston, our only child at the time, was three years old. 437 more words

Family Conference

The power of two: epigenetics and twins

This blog post was written by Jeff Craig

Special Epigenetics issue of Twin Research and Human Genetics

Twins are at the forefront of research into human health and disease.

631 more words
Biomedical Research

Similar, But Unique

My name is Aaron Aselage. My father, brother, and of course, myself, all have ectodermal dysplasia. To say we had it rough as children is an understatement. 240 more words

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