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Personality, Genes, And Longevity

Some of my writer friends build their characters based on personality types. Whether they choose to set two characters on opposite ends of the Meyers-Briggs evaluation, or pit type A against type B. 199 more words

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New and improved prenatal screening: do expecting parents understand what these tests mean?

“It’s your pregnancy. Demand the accuracy of the MaterniT21 PLUS test.” “No confusion. Just simple, clear results.” So reads Sequenom Laboratories’ website, speaking to prospective parents and health care providers. 1,081 more words


The Genetics of White and Gold, Blue and Black: A Holler to 23andMe

The internet is currently losing its collective composure over the perception of colour in the following unremarkable photograph:

Buzzfeed’s explanation invokes the illusion of compensation; that a single shade can be perceived in multiple ways depending on the lighting context (see image below). 303 more words


Direct to Consumer Genetic Testing

On February 19, 2015, the US FDA authorized direct to consumer marketing of genetic testing for Bloom Syndrome by the company 23andMe.

Bloom syndrome is rare inherited autosomal recessive genetic disorder meaning both parents have passed on a comparable mutated gene to their child. 125 more words

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Young Love

Tom and Maddie were sitting on the grassy, overgrown slopes of Hampstead Heath, in the late afternoon sunshine, at the top of the hill near a ruined Kenwood House. 415 more words

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Genome Editing – The science behind ‘designer babies’.

A vote in the House of Commons last week has allowed the UK to become the first country to carry out mitochondrial DNA transfer in order to replace defective mitochondria in otherwise healthy women’s eggs. 573 more words

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