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Understanding the kinship matrix

Coefficients to assess the genetic resemblance between individuals were presented in the last post. Among these, the coefficient of kinship, , is probably the most interesting. 143 more words


Day One: PhenoDB and GeneMatcher your new Genetics Database Go-Tos

Let’s start day one off by explaining what we are doing here. This is my attempt to read a paper a day for a year. Reading dense scientific papers can be rather daunting and exhausting, but can help you realize new techniques, better writing and cutting edge science.   316 more words


Human-Animal Hybrids and Chimeras: What’s in a Name?

Things on the website have been rather quiet of late, though not for lack of interesting science and tech news. But rather I have been tied up with work projects for the last while, and am endeavoring to find some time to take a more in depth look at some recent developments. 238 more words


Turns Out Birth Order Might Not Mean Much

In a curious turn of events, according to a new study by a University of Illinois study birth order actually has no significant effect on personality or intelligence between siblings. 417 more words


Genetics of KS / CHH update.

Dr Margaret Lippincott is one of the lead clinicians at the KS specialist clinic in Boston. She is happy to hear from patients if they have any concerns or questions. 350 more words

Kallmann Syndrome

Cystic Hallelujah

Cystic Fibrosis is an inherited genetic condition, where specialised cells called epithelial cells, found in the lining of vessels (like the lungs, the intestines, the reproductive ducts…) do not function correctly. 397 more words


Gene mixing promotes height and intelligence - but is this an evolutionary benefit?

A new international study of the genetic make up and physical characteristics of 350,000 people indicates that greater genetic diversity leads to an increase of height and cognitive skills. 573 more words