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The Offer

The Founder collected Tom, Maddie, Don and Jacqueline from Don’s flat and they all continued their slow progress up to the penthouse suite. Everyone was very quiet and slightly in awe. 504 more words

Science Fiction

Hemophilia: A Royal Disease

By: Kimberly Shen

Edited by: Arianna Winchester

On August 12, 1904, three hundred rounds of cannons were set off to announce the birth of the first son born to the current royal family in St. 825 more words


The Time-Machine

In fact, The Founder had a plan. He had realised long ago of the futility of space travel, due to the massive demand on resources that not even the Oodles conglomerate, with its almost total strangle-hold on the Earth, could afford. 389 more words

Science Fiction

Mitochondrial DNA: Sinking a Century-Old Myth

By: Kimberly Shen

Edited by: Arianna Winchester  

Though we may think we know everything about the destruction of the Titanic over a century ago, new scientific developments are enabling us to find out new information about what actually happened on that tragic night in 1912. 540 more words


Penguin Café

When Hodges, Hillsy, the McGills, Phil and the others had trooped off back down the escape stairs, Tom and Maddie looked around the living room. It had an old-fashioned sort of feel, with comfy furniture, thick carpets, a desk and office chair, and rows and rows of shelves. 678 more words

Science Fiction

Genetic Testing and Who Will It Benefit?

DNA is the code of life. More specifically, the codes to OUR lives. Recently, great strides have been made in the field of Genetics. The knowledge gained has empowered us with the ability to literally make ourselves a better species. 584 more words


The Firsts: the discovery of the telomerase (1985)

A telomere is a genetic sequence (TTAGGG for vertebrates) that is repeated at the end of the chromosomes many thousands of times and serves as a protective cap that keep the chromosome stable and protected from degradation. 221 more words