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Our First Conference

By Randi Walker

I can still remember walking in to our first conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Weston, our only child at the time, was three years old. 433 more words

Family Conference

The power of two: epigenetics and twins

This blog post was written by Jeff Craig

Special Epigenetics issue of Twin Research and Human Genetics

Twins are at the forefront of research into human health and disease.

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Biomedical Research

Similar, But Unique

My name is Aaron Aselage. My father, brother, and of course, myself, all have ectodermal dysplasia. To say we had it rough as children is an understatement. 240 more words

Interesting Stories

Differences in gene defects causing Kallmann syndrome or CHH cases.

This diagram (with thanks to Prof Nelly Pitteloud, CHUV) shows the schematic layout of the causes of Kallmann syndrome or congenital hypogonadotropic hypogonadism with the migration of GnRH neurones and some of the gene defects that are linked to the two conditions. 503 more words

Kallmann Syndrome

Participatory definition of breeding objectives for sheep breeds under pastoral systems - Red Maasai and Dorper sheep in Kenya

Crossing local breeds with exotic breeds may be an option for increased livestock productivity. However, there is a risk for endangerment of the local breeds. One such case is in Kenya where the imported Dorper breed is used for crossbreeding with Red Maasai sheep. 237 more words


The Astonishing Creativity of Your Genes

The code that makes cells is more complex than it once seemed.

The millimeter-long roundworm Caenorhabditis elegans has about 20,000 genes—and so do you. Of course, only the human in this comparison is capable of creating either a circulatory system or a sonnet, a state of affairs that made this genetic equivalence one of the most confusing insights to come out of the Human Genome Project. 119 more words


Natural selection is obsolete and the compassionate society needs non-coercive eugenics

Natural selection is about being “good enough” and never about excellence. It has been sufficient to the purpose to cope with the slow change of prevailing environment. 885 more words