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The Anatolian Hybrids

Ilgun Toker, a multi-billionaire, considered himself the greatest animal-lover as well as hunter in Izmir.

The ship-owner was an important figure on the business scene of Turkey’s second largest port, only outdone by Istanbul. 2,283 more words


Circadian rhythms (In Our Time)

Broadcaster: BBC Radio 4                                            

Year: 2015

Genre: Discussion

URL: http://bobnational.net/record/340248

Review by Emma Sterling

“Circadian rhythms are a biological version of a clock inside humans and all other animals, plants and quite possibly in almost every living cell…These rhythms are a response to the most predictable condition of life on earth, that is, dark at night and bright during the day.” … 380 more words


Discussing cattle breeding priorities with Nicaraguan dual purpose cattle farmers

As part of the “More milk and meat through better breeds” project, seeking to increase the productivity of dual-purpose cattle in Nicaragua through the use of appropriate breed types and the application of best husbandry practices, the Livestock and Fish team held focus group discussions in the action sites of Matiguas and Camoapa (Nicaragua). 407 more words


Political correctness is based on fear and a lack of values

Offense is ultimately in the minds of those who take offense.

A female (but far from androgynous) MP in the UK wants passports and driving licences to exclude the gender of the holder. 619 more words


Family Secrets: Genetics in the Persian Community

Every so often my office will receive a call from a Persian mother or father seeking anonymous genetic counseling over the phone. They state that their son or daughter is dating someone who has a family member with a health problem, and they want to find out if the disorder might be passed on to their future grandchildren. 350 more words


New genetic theory might pave way to understanding human intelligence - Tim Radford  Monday 21 December 2015 11.27 EST

New genetic theory might pave way to understanding human intelligenceScientists from Imperial College believe that intelligence may be influenced by two networks of genes, possibly controlled by a master regulatory system… 150 more words