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First Person: Mooting at the Lahore University of Management Sciences

By Daniyal Hassan, SUSI Alumnus

Mooting is something that I wasn’t familiar with before I started law school in 2012. Now that I am in my final year at the school and have participated in 5 moot court competitions, I think I know a little more about this skill. 577 more words

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Human rights defenders want to ban “killer robots”

If a human soldier commits a war crime, he has to face the consequences (at least in theory). The same goes for human operators of drones (again, in theory).  351 more words

Killing of journalists should be a war crime

The president and CEO of The Associated Press called on Monday for changes to international laws that would make it a war crime to kill journalists or take them hostage.  594 more words


The Bethnal Green Mercenaries - Sorry! Terrorists.

As an ex-military man, I am intrigued by the TV reporting of the people leaving to fight or live in a war torn region.  When I was serving in the Royal Air Force I got into a bar-brawl with a civilian who had just returned from fighting in Africa where he had served as a mercenary…not that I knew that beforehand, otherwise I might have backed away from the altercation.  1,219 more words


Hungary to repeal the restriction relating to arbitration in connection with so-called national assets

The Hungarian parliament repealed the controversial restriction on arbitration relating to so-called national assets. Two and a half years after the introduction of the restriction, and one and a half years after its much debated approval by the Hungarian Constitutional Court, Hungarian law will again permit arbitration in relation to contracts that relate to national assets. 881 more words


Raid Cross St. Louis -- Artillery

In the Artillery simulation, the Raid Cross participants play the role of soldiers in an artillery unit who are ordered to destroy all enemy military targets. 449 more words

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